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I have previously touched on The Gospel of Inclusion in my previous post about the marks of false christian teaching and teachers. As stated in that post, here are a few things that taught in this false doctrine

  • Hell doesn’t exist in the way the church has taught and that all people will eventually be reunited with god.
  • The whole world is redeemed but we are just not aware
  • God will have to send some people to hell, but he will not leave them there
  • Hell is not a destination but a detour; a long-way-round road some people must take before they will reach God
  • Here  are the videos with Lexi interviewing Carlton Pearson. Look out for when Jamal Harrison Bryant has his turn to speak asking the crowd to pray for Carlton and just watch Lexis’s expression. Maybe its just me but I thought he was just so insensitive and its this backwards thinking that puts me off some black churches (not that it only happens in the black church but that has been my background). Also take note how Bishop Van Gayton’s intellectual speaking is belittled which is also a problem in a lot of churches in that they leave their brains at the door and just talk about ‘the anointing’.

    Part 1 Clip 1

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    Part 2 Clip 1

    Part 2 Clip 2

    Part 2 Clip 3

    Part 3 Clip 1

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    Part 3 Clip 3

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