I knew it would only be a matter of time but yes, the latest decrees, prophecies and declarations have started coming out for 2010. Paula White did this two years ago with her First Fruit Scam.

But first, lets see what Michael McCain said would happen in 2009 where it was ‘the year of birthing and power to recover it all’

Note how he plucks out 1 Sam 30:1-8 and then twists it to make a point about ‘pursuing and overtaking without fail’. Then he goes on to say that these things will happen in 2009:

  • We will recover that which has been lost
  • We will birth prosperity, wealth, health, healing and deliverance
  • We will recover scattered pieces of our mind, life, body and ministry
  • We will hear more apostolic teaching and see more signs and wonders
  • We will see prophetic endtime promises fulfilled. (Note that he doesnt mention exactly what)
  • See prophecies over personal lives coming to pass
  • He also goes on to say that 9 is the number of  reproduction and reproductive fulfillment
  • 2009 will be a year of breakthrough and revelation
  • It will be a year of aceess and divine recovery
  • It will be a year of spiritual vision and wisdom
  • It will be a year of divine maturaity
  • It will be a year of completion and fulfillment
  • It will be a year of fresh anointing and impartation
  • It will be a year of spiritual growth and maturity in Christ
  • It will be a year of divine completion
  • It will be a year of favor, blessings, increase and financial increase
  • It will be a year of suffering and persecution. Oops sorry, that was a typo

Now watch his new video below where apparently, 2010 is going to be the year of ‘Nothing Wanting’

So here are some of the points that he made and some of my comments in bold

  • This year, every sickness, every habit, every  physical need, every spiritual battle, financial losses will all be dealt with in 2010.

We know that this is not true because different christians are at different levels in their walk. You dont have to be einstein to know that not everyone  will be healed physically. Some of us will die because we are all depraved and born into sin and therefore, our wages is death

  • The battle over our mind, our ministry, our family, emotional pain, our financial losses will be dealt with in 2010

So are you trying to tell me that for every christian, this will be the case? C’mon, you have got be kidding me. So does that mean that in 2011, it wont happen? And what happened to all of those similar prophecies that came from other people in 2009? Did they not come to pass or did God forget?

  • 10 means its whole. the cycle is complete.

Again we can see an abuse of biblical numerolgy

  • A year of wholeness
  • The year that completes the shift

Err, what exactly does that mean?

  • Nothing wanting

So all of a sudden in 2010, Christians all over the world will not be in want for anything? I dont think so somehow

  • Church is not ‘usual’ and it is changing.
  • We will have a new paradigm and new mindsets.
  • Bring in fresh revelation and wisdom
  • No longer will we stay to the letter of things…but he’s giving revelations.

This is one of the most dangerous things that was said. Where new revelations are increasingly having more authority than scripture alone. We do not need any fresh revelations for everything that we need to know has been revealed to us in his writen word

  • Certain shifts only happen over 30 year periods

And your scriptural proof for that is………?

  • Shifts include the ‘way they do church’
  • The 2010 experience fresh revelation and new vision
  • Activation of lost dreams
  • Your dream will come alive and your dream is not dead
  • 2010 is the year of a fresh start
  • Healing of the land will take place in 2010. The land locationally where they live, state by state and the land of your heart.

Again using scripture out of context

  • Conquering of negative circumstances and old habits
  • Reclaiming all that the enemy has stolen from us
  • People in high places will drop dead.

We will all drop dead sometime. That includes people in low places and wealthy christians

Another Pastor has said that 2010 is the Year of Divine Order and one person’s facebook status read:

“2010! Numerically 10 stands for Law & Order… Think about it… Prime Minister’s Office… No.10 Downing Street? “Power will exchange hands…”

This makes no sense at all because Barack Obama lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. So what does that mean? Christian, do not leave your brain at the door. What saddens me is that so many people are going on the word of ONE man, yet noone is going by scripture or even questioning it. Biblical numerolgy is constantly abused as you can see in these two declarations and you can make a number say anything you want it to.

Here is a question that I would like to ask. Are these things for the body of Christ at large or just for a few people? If the former, then why do the persecuted church never seem to benefit? If the latter, then anyone can ‘prophesy’ that a few people will be blessed this year. In fact, many pagans will also get ‘blessed’ this year because that is life. We have good times and we have bad times. You do not need some special revelation to know this. Can you see how general these man centered ‘declarations’ are and how they are all about YOU? They normally appeal to the flesh as you can see in the promises. The things that they promise are normally what is not is promised in scripture but the things that are promised such as suffer and persecution are normally not promised. People will be blinded and deceived by these false promises. This gives people false hope and false promises that may not necessarily come true setting them up for a fall and grave disappointment when these promises do not come to pass.

But As Tonic said on Cross Movements first album, bring your declarations,decress, prophecies etc to the table and ‘Lets test it’. If what you say does not come to pass, then you are a false prophet and I am not talking about general prophecies like ‘I prophesy that someone in this room of 5000 people has a bad back’. DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP IN THESE YEARLY DECLARATIONS which are becoming the norm now. The new testamant apostles never did it. The sad thing is that many people will read this and totally ignore what I say and defend the preacher first and not scripture.

If you want to know what God is saying in 2010. Pick up your bible and read it. You will have more than enough information to go on

It is for this reason that from tomorrow, I will be doing a mini series on the persecuted church. Lets see if all these declarations, decrees and prophecies will work for them

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