A testimony of Dr Daniel Wong, a professor at The Master’s College, who faced persecutions as a Christian first hand from Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution in China.

I am absolutely 100% convinced that the weakness of the church in America, the superficiality of the church, the shallowness of the church, the hypocrisy of the church is directly related to the absence of any cost or any price to be paid to be a Christian. If you dont have to pay a price, heh, just jump on the bandwagon. If persecution came to America, you see a very different kind of Christianity. A whole lot of people who are really good to talk about Jesus wont be talking about Jesus any more. Who profess to know Jesus and to be part of the church, they will stop talking very fast if the price was as high as it is for some people – John MacArthur

  1. Dave says:

    I believe that there are different types of persecution. Now, I’m not saying that physical persecution isn’t horrible, because it is. In parts of the world where Christians are being imprisoned, tortured, torn apart and even killed for their faith; this is the worst kind of persecution. But we also need to realize that it is in these area’s that people are being persecuted and abused anyway, whether they are Christians or not. There are many abuses going on all across the world to non-Christians as well, is what I’m trying to say.

    But as a Born again Christian in America, I face a different kind of persecution every day. I am “labeled” by my community as an “activist”, “fundamentalist”, “conservativist”, and even a “radical” or “extremest.”

    Which I’m not. Just because I read the Bible and take most of it literally where it is obviously supposed to be taken literally, and because I am convicted by Scripture or God’s Word to lead my life according to the truth contained in it, I am seen by others as being “superstitious” and basically stupid for not being a more post modern, neo orthodox and or liberal Christian.

    I won’t go into to much about exactly what I’m talking about, but what I’m trying to say here is that I’m persecuted by others around me, every day, because I believe, preach and am a constant witness to the righteousness of God.

    When I talk about things like “sanctification”, “sin”, “holiness”, “repentance”, “edification”, “mortification”, and so on, people’s eye’s glaze over and they automatically start to inwardly ostracize me.

    Yes, let me repeat that…… Many people in my church, in my neighborhood and in my general community, ostracize me because I preach the Gospel of Christ and lead my life in accordance with the Bible.

    This is a very real and hard type of persecution to deal with on a day by day bases. When my pastor’s don’t want to have anything to do with me, when people don’t want me in their Bible studies or small groups, when my children’s teachers and school faculty don’t like me, when my employer’s and many fellow co-worker’s don’t like me, it’s very hard to not be depressed.

    So what is the answer? Should I conform to the world? Is it me? Am I being too “serious”, am I mis-interpreting Scripture and taking it too literally? I’m I the one who is in the wrong?

    Not according to Christ’s words. Jesus tells me that if I pick up my own cross and follow after Him, that I should expect to face persecution and I do.

    Not physical persecution, but very much, mental, emotional and psychological persecution.

    On a different note.

    I do agree with MacArthur. I do think that most of our mainstream modern evangelical churches are so watered down because they have totally lost their focus on Christian persecution and mission’s.

    I’ve approached my own church many times about being more active and serious with their World’s Missions focus. I’ve also tried to get a strong Christian persecution awareness and ministry going in my church.

    I’m talking about spending, literally, years doing this. Not just one or two attempts, but over and over again in the last 8 or 9 years.

    This is just one of them any reason’s why my pastor’s and my church’s leadership doesn’t like me anymore. Because no-one want’s to put any focus on World’s Missions and or helping the persecuted church.

    Just one clear witness to the fact that many in my church would in fact “fall away” if indeed they were to suffer in the name of Christ.

    In His Grace,


  2. Alan Higgins says:

    Dave, I know that this is not the only type of persecution as I receive some of what you have said. I have been told by a member of my old church that I have lost the plot because I dont want to swallow everything that is spoken on the pulpit. All i can say is remain faithful and God will reward you, if not in this life, in the next

  3. Matilda says:

    Dats jst d truth of dis matter, but we shuddering always no dat, as Christians we shudnt expect tins 2b easy, n we shud b strong 2 stand firm on wateva we bliv, thanx sir,u’re ryt

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