The vast majority of us will not be able to go to these countries and help the persecuted church on the front line. So what can we do?

  1. We can support ministries such as Voice of the Martyrs, The Barnabas Fund and Open Doors financially. Maybe setup a standing order and give £5 a month or whatever you can afford to give. Every little helps. Here is an example of how financial help has helped those in Orissa, India
  2. Make your church aware of the Persecuted Church. In my last church, they were so busy ‘getting their praise on’ or doing ‘whatever’ to get their blessings that there was never any mention about the Persecuted Church.
  3. Write to the Prisoners. Click here to receive advice on how to do this and also
  4. Write to Government Officials. Again, the websites should be able to give you advice on this depending on the situation
  5. Put a link on your website to make others aware. Most of these websites have information on how to do this
  6. PRAY – I, for example, get a weekly email advising me on what to pray for specifically. I will be doing a post in a few days which will address this in more detail
  1. God bless you for writing and making people aware of the suffering of the Persecuted Church! I fully support VOM and plan to be a representative in my area. It is an honor to write to those who are in prisons all over the world for standing for Jesus Christ. I pray that God will strengthen those who right now are suffering for Christ and whose families are in pain and torment for their beliefs.

  2. j.d. stegall says:

    i am also a supporter monthly of VOM. that magazine is something that has changed my life for Christ all the more. i also love that scripture, that we should examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith. so many christians don’t do a thing for Christ and have no intention on witnessing to get anyone saved–i nkow b/c i use to be undercover for 27 years. but the LORD found me and i have followed him ever since.

  3. Akanbi Luke says:

    Friend out there,
    I am one of the very casualty of persecuted in my area,Ilorin in Kwara state, losing my wife and daughter not to mention spiritual attacks still going on.Now an opportunity has opened up through the grace of God to bring Christianity to my home stead,Pakata area of ilorin.
    I am well known to the kwara state christian body and has been publishing a christian magazine for about 17years now but due to the spiritual and emotional attacks the work is still not what I want it to be and the Lord has not ask me to leave the town
    Finally if you consider that my ministry needs a help please go ahead and support.I am currently trying to dig a borehole in my area as an opportunity to reach the place for Christ.
    Also if you can send in materials (books and christian literature),food relief materials and finance,that will help and you are invited to have a personal view of what is on the ground
    Akanbi Luke

  4. Alan Higgins says:

    Akanbi, I would advise you to contact Voice of the Martyrs via or The Barnabas Fund via

  5. Prisca Cook says:

    Hey! i didn’t know it was possible to write to the persecuted christians, and I think that if I was in that situation then a letter would be very encouraging. I tried to find like, a list or something of people to write, but I couldn’t. I went on the link provided to the voice of the martyrs website, and there is a page that says why it’s a good think to do, but I didn’t find any info on how to actually get the adresses and whatever.

  6. Alan Higgins says:

    Prisca, you can write via

  7. Emily says: have a great list of suffering believers to write to.

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