The Comfort of the Fire Truck

ListenPerhaps you don’t have an “out-going” personality. Perhaps you are shy, and you like to keep to yourself. A firefighter may have the type of personality that likes to stay alone in the comfort of a fire truck and read books, but if he wants to do what he knows he should, he must change that attitude. So, step out of the truck. Make an effort today to greet at least two complete strangers. When you walk into the grocery store, the gas station, school, or work, practice being friendly with people you don’t know. Make yourself say, “Hi. How are you doing?” Try it and you will see that it really isn’t difficult at all. Then be bold. Offer them a Gospel tract, and run if you must. Better to give it and run than not give it at all. There goes another minute. Gone forever. Go share your faith while you still have time.

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  1. j.d. stegall says:

    i like this thought for i love to practice sharing with people in the drive thru windo or at a gas pump. the Way of the Master is correct b/c we will never get that minute back for Christ if we dont just smile and open our mouths and share. nice point to this blog.

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