If you have been a follower of my blog, one of the things that you know that I talk about is false teachers and I am not afraid to name names because I believe that it is biblical to do so. I am not talking about naming people for the sake of naming them but in the clear light of scripture and not with a malicious attitude.

Another person who calls out false teachers is Justin Peters who exposes them and the false teaching of the Word of Faith Movement. To see his video for a call for discernment, see my previous post here.

This week Justin Peters appeared on Revelation TV which is a christian television channel based here in the UK. On Justin’s facebook status he stated

….I was interviewed on Rev TV and was told beforehand by several I could name names. Well, I did and turns out that the manager was absolutely livid (they air Hinn etc.). She attacked me this morning on the program R Mornings….

Watch the video below


How sad is this? What I dont understand is if a person poisoned their family member and I knew who administrered the poison that caused the illness/death, it would actually be unloving of me NOT to point out that person. And that just has natural consequences. How much more should we warn about those those who deceive the flock with their false teaching or who perform spiritual abuse which a lot of times have eternal consequences?

UPDATE : I saw this video and thought it would help you to understand why I think it is right that we do name names of those who are CONSTANTLY preaching false doctrine and peddling the gospel

If you would like to make a complaint to Revelation TV, please do so by contacting them via this link

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  1. I thought that revelation TV was more discerning than this. What a deep shame.

  2. Shawna K. says:

    Hey there.. I’m going to comment on this only because i would like people to consider the people who have been rescued from this “false teaching fog”. There are so many..start interviewing them..you may change your tune. In fact i guarantee it.
    And instead of condemnation for those who are bold in speaking the message God gave them to speak, you would encourage and pray for him.
    I thank God i was saved by his grace from the mouths of these wolves.
    Thank you Justin for carrying the light into darkness so people might be set free by the true Gospel of Jesus Christ!

    • nina says:

      I absolutley agree with what you said shawna, as I to have been there. Im grateful to these brothers like Justin who expose them after all it is biblical. as Iv said Iv emailed doug harris and will share his reply.May be we should all continue to email Rev Tv and doug at his site Reachouttrust.as he knows that wof are false including B/hinn etc.so why does he compromise? Nina

  3. caroline clift says:

    Would you tell me how I can see your updates and blogs via facebook, I’m not too good at this, did try but I can’t seem to find it on facebook. Well done on highlighting Justin Peters, a true man of the Word.

  4. Man thats sad. Seems from the video they are willing to let false teachers on their program for the sake of numbers or people watching. Justin is doing a great job! Keep it up Justin.

  5. Paula says:

    Thank you for posting this and spreading the word, exposing these wolves and enablers of wolves, in sheeps’ clothing.

  6. Alan:

    Do you have any footage of the Justin Peters interview that is referred to? Also, I linked to you at my microblog.

  7. Alan Higgins says:

    No I dont Nathan but if I find it, I’ll let you know

  8. Paula says:

    I can’t believe how people will show up on Justin’s fb wall and trash him too for ‘exposing error’ because apparently we are supposed to only preach the gospel. Nooooo Justin never preaches the gospel, you know… (that’s a little sarcasm for those who can’t tell) 🙂

  9. One of the greatest film lines ever: “Follow the money, honey” (Left Behind)

    Seems pretty apt in light of this nonsense.

  10. Teddy says:

    Just sent an email saying ……”How blessed of God you were to have someone like Justin Peters on your programming to issue a timely warning about false teachers. Please stay in tune with God moving in this way as it will surely result in a greater harvest of truly redeemed saints. “

  11. Barbara says:


    Awesome idea. I just did the same thing.

  12. Barbara says:


    Three names, immortalized in Scripture as false teachers:


  13. Andy says:

    The woman on Revelation TV seems more concerned about what non-believers will think rather than what the truth is. It’s not difficult to see that these ‘healers’ are nothing more than money-grabbing charlatans.

  14. Gordon says:

    This particular tv station has a long history of looking both ways ont he word of faith issue.
    I have some information about how they have handled it in this article:

    Genesis and Revelation TV

    Scroll down and look for the Word of Faith teaching section.

  15. Sally Richardson says:




    In Him,


    Dear Friends,

    I know a lot of you watched Live@Nine on Genesis TV last Wednesday, presented by Doug Harris with Justin Peters as the Guest Speaker.

    I know, too, that some of you who were able to watch it considered it very good indeed; Justin exposed the erroneous teachings of the proponents of the Faith Prosperity proponents, and went on to name them on air – though very graciously, in my opinion, having given examples of their teaching, and proving conclusively from the Word why this was so.

    About five minutes before the scheduled end of the programme, it suddenly disappeared from the screen. I wondered why – it was as though the plug had been deliberately pulled. If you check the link below, you will realise that it probably was!


    This also explains why the programme was not repeated, which again, at the time, I could not understand.

    Having done a “Google” when I was first told by a friend about this affair, I subsequently found the link below:


    Now, I certainly don’t agree with everything this blogger says, but he DOES raise some salient points and makes some valid observations.

    I personally feel – and you may disagree with me – very unhappy about how Genesis/Revelation TV have handled /reacted to this. The Word of God is uncompromising where false teaching is concerned, and to take any other view is to collude, indeed, even PROMOTE, those who teach such error.

    Does not the Word say, “A little leaven leavens the whole lump” (Galatians 5:9)? Friends, I rest my case!

    And just to remind you – Justin is speaking at my own Fellowship, Bridge Lane Christian Fellowship (www.bridgelane.org.uk) this Sunday evening, February 21st – where the plug will certainly not be pulled!

    In Jesus, our Lord,


    • Alan Higgins says:

      Sally, thanks for your comments. I still live in the Lewisham area and Simeon was indeed a godly man who was very faithful even though he may not have seen the immediate fruit. It definitely lasted in my lif and I know in the lives of others. Your comments hit everything on the head

  16. As a fellow apologist of my good friend Justin Peters I am often challenged about my own practice of ‘naming names’ -in response I usually direct folks to the article ‘When Tolerance is Sin’ posted on our ministry web site on this link

    I take great encouragement from its contents and trust that other faithful contenders will do likewise.

    • Alan Higgins says:

      Cecil, that link does not work

      • For Alan Higgins

        Dear Alan,

        I’ve just used the link quoted and it took me safely to the article. Can you please try again on


        and let me know if you access the article

        • Alan Higgins says:

          Nope still cant get it. I get the follwing message

          Sorry, there has been a page error
          The server could not complete your request.
          The script or file you are trying to call may be incorrectly written.
          The host may be having a problem currently.
          If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.
          Open the takeheed.net home page, and then look for links to the information you want.
          Click Here to try another link.

          I can however get to the takeheed.net site

      • Dear Alan,

        My web master has been doing some technical work on the web site [the understanding of which is way beyond me] so although I can access the article on the link previously supplied there appears to be a more recent link of


        so perhaps you could try this one and let me know if you successfully access the article.

        Thank you for your patience

        • Alan Higgins says:

          That link works fine. Thanks

          • Sally Richardson says:

            Alan, thanks for getting back to me, and thank you for your encouragement. You are a blessing.

            I see some of my friends have been publishing posts. I actually want to post another myself, but, before I do, I’d like to correct one or two grammatical errors in my previous, and then re-post it. Is this possible, please?

            Keep up the good work, dear brother. I thank God He led me to your blog.

            In Him, now and always,


            • Alan Higgins says:

              Sally, you wont be able to edit it yourself but post it again and I’ll edit it for you

              • Sally Richardson says:

                Dear Friends,

                I know a lot of you watched Live@Nine on Genesis TV last Wednesday, presented by Doug Harris with Justin Peters as the Guest Speaker.

                I know, too, that some of you who were able to watch it considered it very good indeed; Justin exposed the erroneous teachings of the proponents of the Faith Prosperity movement, and went on to name them on air – though very graciously, in my opinion, having given examples of their teaching, and proving conclusively from the Word why this was so.

                About five minutes before the scheduled end of the programme, it suddenly disappeared from the screen. I wondered why – it was as though the plug had been deliberately pulled. If you check the link below, you will realise that it probably was!


                This also explains why the programme was not repeated, which again, at the time, I could not understand.

                Having done a “Google” when I was first told by a friend about this affair, I subsequently found the link below:


                Now, I certainly don’t agree with everything this blogger says, but he DOES raise some salient points and makes some valid observations.

                I personally feel – and you may disagree with me – very unhappy about how Genesis/Revelation TV have handled /reacted to this. The Word of God is uncompromising where false teaching is concerned, and to take any other view is to collude with, indeed, even PROMOTE, those who teach such error.

                Does not the Word say, “A little leaven leavens the whole lump” (Galatians 5:9)? Friends, I rest my case!

                And just to remind you – Justin is speaking at my own Fellowship, Bridge Lane Christian Fellowship (www.bridgelane.org.uk) this Sunday evening, February 21st – where the plug will certainly not be pulled!

                In Jesus, our Lord,


  17. Bud Press says:

    First, Justin Peters is one of the nicest, most humble men I have ever known. He is considered by many as the resident expert on the Word of Faith movement.

    Second, imagine witnessing a major crime, knowing the name of the person who committed it, then telling the police, “I can’t name his name because I don’t want to offend anybody.”

    DUH! and double DUH! Nay, triple DUH!

    Third, take a look at Revelation TV’s “Links” page at http://www.revelationtv.com/links.php .

    Moriel Ministries and Way of the Master (Todd Friel, WotM Radio) are very outspoken against Benny Hinn and others, and they name names.

    Compromise is the name of the game, and the game where the players compromise can’t be financially maintained without popular wolves like Benny Hinn.

    Revelation TV, your compromising will return to haunt you.

    Justin Peters, God bless you, and keep up the good fight for the faith.

    Bud Press

  18. Dave Mwaniki says:

    I have just checked out Justins website and its brilliant.

    Here’s a link to his website:


    If you click on Wretched with todd friel.

    You can see for yourself how humble and gentle Justin is . Plus they also show clips of some of the WoF teachers riddiculas claims.


  19. Hi Alan,

    I’ve added a further reply to your earlier comment so you might want to try on the new link of


    Apologies for the hassle

    • Alan Higgins says:

      I read it Cecil. Thanks. Very good article

      • nina says:

        Hey Alan thanks for this site its encouraging reading through the comments.it was through a dear sister in the lord sally that I recieved this site last night regards the unjust treatment of Justin. What are your thoughts on the response from Doug harris? God bless Nina

  20. nina says:

    I to feel as the same as many of you do how rev tv treated Justin,he is humble man of God and is doing a good job of exposeing these wolves.I myself was a follower of wof and B/hinn for years myself and family were deceived even over salvation,but the grace of God open my eyes started with the True Gospel using the way of the master Ray comfort,Praise God for his Mercy. That was just over two years ago,so im grateful for brothers like Justin that speak the truth in love.iv emailed Doug Harris with a COPY OF THE EMAIL HE SENT ME IN 2005 telling me B/hinn was false teacher so i challenged him over it, he has replied, im happy to share it if anyone can make sense of it,or could help me to respond back may be?
    In His Love Nina

    • anon says:

      Nina, please share it with us. Thanks.

    • Alan Higgins says:

      Nina can you share whatthe reply was if its appropriate

      • nina says:

        Hi, here is the reply I had from Doug Harris at revelation tv:


        There is nothing to be bemused about. It is simply that there are different rules governing television where we are not allowed to criticise people who are not there to defend themselves. We could and should have talked in general terms about the Word Faith Movement but unless representatives were there from certain groups not mentioned the names.

        Yes we have people in Revelation TV with different views but these views on doctrine can and are aired. I have on several occasions said on air, and will continue to do so, my concerns over the teachings of WF. We are also looking to have a studio debate on the subject next year; these are all positives and are reasons for me to be involved with Revelation TV.

        The gospel is being preached and lives are being saved.

        Doug Harris
        Genesis-Revelation TV”

    • Alan Higgins says:

      I think Doug’s response is ‘safe’. At the end of the day, if they say that the bible is the final authority, then in this case, you do not always have to have the other person there to defend themselves. These guys have been preaching theri falsehood for years and decades. So the question is, is it biblical to name names and the answer is a resounding yes. I am going to add a video to this post

      • anon says:

        Genesis/Revelation has been in trouble with Ofcom (the UK broadcasting regulator) before and they obviously want to avoid this again. The relevant rules seem to be http://www.ofcom.org.uk/tv/ifi/codes/bcode/fairness/ , which are a bit vague – on one hand they seem to suggest that people should be given a right to reply, but on the other they seem to suggest that if a topic is treated fairly then you don’t have to include an alternative view. But the station will probably take a cautious approach.

        Genesis & Revelation definitely feature far less WoF preachers that other Christian TV stations, but nevertheless the fact that they transmit some people who are, in the words of John MacArthur, “shameless frauds” does concern me. These people are significantly outside the boundaries of Biblical christianity and they do immense harm, and anyone who is willing to broadcast them is an accomplice to their crimes.

  21. Dave Mwaniki says:

    I have posted a comment on Raptureready.com on this issue and have has great responses back. here’s the link:



  22. Gordon says:

    Interesting that Revelation TV have had that video removed from Youtube. I sense an attempt at concealement rather than an attempt at transparency. Its interesting how often Christian “ministries” resport to copyright law to prevent their material being brought to the attention of people outside their normal audience.

  23. Jimmie Krack Korn says:

    I don’t get it. So many people, pastors especially are scared to go as far as to actually tell their congregants who to stay away from. They talk in vague terms about tares amongst the wheat, or false teachers leading people a stray but very very few will actually say, Todd Bentley is a heretic….as is his new python spirit channelling wife… As is Rick Joyner his new handler..the Knight of Malta member. Or Benny Hinn talks to and recieved info from THE DEAD! Or Micheal Murdock tells his viewers they can never come before God in prayer or request without a gift offering in thier hand, and send it to him.
    I recently wrote a hard hitting piece on TBN and its family (La Familia) of mixed-truth doctrinaires. Some were shocked that I would name names. I believe people bow at the feet of millionaires. They give them passes even though they with their sphere of influence they can do more harm then anyone else.
    What I believe is… it is late in the game…and there are “leaders” leading people a stray by teaching them to accept and tolerate a mixture. Then when the AC comes on the scene…he will have an evangelical audience that has been taught to never test the spirits, never check it against the word…and accept whatever mixture Paul and Jan tell you to.
    It is hard to get beat up by fellow Christians…even if they do not have the nerve to expose the fruitless deeds of darkness…as Eph. 5:11 tells us to do.

  24. John Shipton, as ever reporting while he is able. says:

    As a journalist and a christian I do encourage Justin Peters to expose those at the helm of the Word of Faith Movement. Others need to do the same. They are nothing but charlatans and have been making money out of the gullible to quite a number of years.
    A few days after Justin spoke about his medical condition, I telephoned the Genesis Revelation tv channel about the Word of Faith Movement and shared my concerns live on tv. I also mentioned that folk belonging and supporting this movement prayed about my medical problems too. Because I was not healed by Almighty God, it was claimed that I had a spiritual problem which was affecting my medical condition. The response about my medical condition, given to me by Almighty God, going back a number of years, was that “My Grace is sufficient.” It has been that way since. A similar situation occurred with Justin who suffers from celebral palsy.
    That week, the tv channel did mention about this movement, and how with so many following the prosperity teaching, including its church leaders, had gone away from biblical teaching about the matter, and of other matters of concern. For these people use certain scriptures which reminds me of what JWs, other cults, and sects do.
    What is disturbing is how Genesis Revelation tv is back tracking about the Word of Faith Movement. Justin mentioned church leaders involved. The last fews minutes in doing so, the programme on which he was speaking, was blacked out with a statement. Within the statement the tv channel used a phrase called the “broad church.” Their statement included different strands of christendom. Well, does this include the RC Church which is the biggest cult on the world? It also mentions about debating issues in a debating environment. This is what politicians do at Westminster. The offending piece, which Justin talked about, was posted on You Tube. The tv channel had this removed.
    I am beginning to wonder who sponsors this christian tv channel and why so called church leaders in man made organisations cannot be named. It appears that I will not be invited to share anything on any of their tv programmes without being edited, sensored, not allowed to name names, and forbidden to share my background and reasons for doing so. Is this how they treat members of the Body of Christ?
    The christian church in the United Kingdom lives in fear. It is timid to say anything in public which may offend other religions. It has become insular and while saying it sends and sponsors missionaries abroad, where are the missionaries in in their own area and communities? One cannot preach the Gospel Message behind four walls of a church building. The Lord Jesus gave the Commission to go out into the world to preach and share the Good News. But alas, this is lacking in city centres and towns of the UK. There is little witness, very few share the Faith, no testimonies, no joyful singing, and no praying for those in need.
    If this is what christianity is about for the 21st century, no wonder there is judgement taking place in the House of the Lord!

  25. Peter Liever says:

    Was has been said about the Word of faith Movement has been too late and too little. Perhaps Doug Harris, who is the director of Reachout Trust, would like to indicate if the Roman Catholic Church is a cult or not? For the RC Church has idolatry in its structure of worship. Mary is worshipped and prayed to. Its Mass is an abonination to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Pope is wooing Islam.
    But then, the Archbishop of Canterbury who is the leader of the Church of England, is a Druid which is part of paganism.
    Does not Reachout Trust have a ministry to those involved in cults and the occult? I suspect it choses whether or not to expose what a cult is, similar to what occult practices are which have been adopted by certain christian leaders who declare that they are inspired by the Holy Spirit. Hmm…something is going pear shaped somewhere!

  26. Jas, not yet in prison for the Faith says:

    When you view Morris Cerullo, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, and a host of others on programmes on christian tv channels of America, sowing seeds using other peoples money has become the norm. They themselves are not subject to persecution because they claim God has blessed them abundantly, and especially living luxurious lifestyles with people would envy. They target African and Asian countries with claims tens of thousands, if not millions, are coming to know the Lord, who by the way are looking for a way to escape poverty.
    I believe that their followers are being hood winked in relinguishing money to these so called church leaders. The Word of Faith Movement, Restorationists, Dominionists, the Charismatic Movement and the Latter Rain Movement, have deceived many who call themselves christians to the extent even the elect have or are being deceived.
    If Genesis Revelation TV wish to preach and teach the Gospel message, to instruct people of biblical doctrine, and to encourage folk to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then the TV channel should allow true shepherds on their programmes, not just a hand picked few, and those in the ministry employed as paid hirelings. There are real christians out there such as Justin Peters who will not run and hide in tough times, hide under a cloak, or are wolves masquerading in sheeps clothing.
    These are the Last Days and will get worse rather than better. This TV channel should wake up and stand up and be counted if calling themselves bible believing christians. Just a thought while we can discuss these matters before we have the Mark of the Beast forced upon us.

  27. Steve Pullman says:

    Having seen these false teachers and prophets everyday on Inspiration TV and Daystar TV this shows who sponsors whom with finance coming from easily deceived followers who themselves want to be rich and without facing persecution. They can pay their way out of awkward circumstances.
    Having spoken to brethren who saw what happened to Justin Peters where the plug was pulled in the last few minutes of the TV programme, I am beginning to wonder who can be trusted to speak about biblical matters on christian tv channels without distortion, deception, and preaching another gospel.
    As already which has been said in previous comments, I would ask the question too about Roman Catholicism being an distorted version of christianity similar to Mormonism, JWs, etc. etc. If either Revelation TV channel or Reachout will not or refuses to answer this important question, then I would suggest that they are hiding something and are not honest with those asking questions.
    I would suggest that brethren ask another pertinent question concerning whether they warn christians in steering away from the likes of Benny Hinn (and company) who by the way is being divorced by his long standing wife. It appears that divorce is acceptable with christian couples in the word of faith movement.
    If this TV channel does not name the false teachers and prophets how would people know about them. At lease Justin Peters has the guts to do this in telling the truth what they are upto and do.

  28. Wayne Minter says:

    Has Revelation tv channel become another God channel sponsored by rich and famous christian celebrities and their organisations and churches they support? I am suspecting this after looking at the many comments being made on this website and elsewhere.
    The explanation in blocking out Justin Peters is poor and indefensible. They should invite him back and discuss on tv the leadership of the Word of Faith Movement and false teaching and false prophecies they are proclaiming. Morris Cerullo is a typical example as well as Benny Hinn. Benny Hinn was recently at the large gathering in Orlando orgainsed by Morris Cerullo and other speakers included Reinard Bonke.
    I would ask that Genesis/Revelation tv channel answer the questions that have been raised. Or do they fear man rather than God? Failing to do so will only further discredit their vision and ministry!

  29. Wayne Minter says:

    Further to my previous comment, Revelation tv channel are not responding to the comments made by viewers who believe that Justin Peters was biblically correct in naming names of false teachers and prophets of the word of faith movement.
    Their explanation is that they have not the time and staff concerning correspondence.
    This below is what is written on their web site for comments made…

    “Add your comment now
    The comment section of this page is intended for comments that relate to this news article specifically. Due to time constraints, Genesis – Revelation TV may not respond to anything you post. Comments containing vulgar or unrelated content will not be posted.”

    Also they claim that they took such action due to calls being received from “concerned viewers” over what he shared and said.

    Well, I am a concerned viewer and my question, and questions raised by other christians, need to be answered, so please would they avoid making excuses by doing so. If they find this awkward and not that important, then they themselves cannot be trusted to speak what is deemed to be the Truth.

    I their actions outstanding and disturbing!

  30. Sally Richardson says:

    I agree with all the preceding comments, and find it very sad that Genesis/ Revelation TV have compromised themselves as they have.
    We were privileged, at my Fellowship in NW London, to have Justin speak to us last Sunday evening.
    He spoke as he did on Genesis TV on February 10th, and we were all very grateful for his excellent teaching on the whole issue of the WoF false teachers and prophets (whom he did not hesitate in naming, providing the evidence of their numerous false teachings) and taking a question and answer session afterwards.
    We all found him to be a loving, gentle, compassionate man, very wise and very caring, with a deep and wide-ranging knowledge of the Word.
    Several of us there that night had been victims (word deliberately chosen) of the WoF teachers, or knew people who had. One brother knew a sister still in, and deceived, by the whole movement, and asked Justin how he might speak to her concerning this. Justin gave a reply full of wisdom and grace, though mentioned, too, the strong hold that WoF teaching exerts on its followers, and how it can therefore be very difficult to come into truth and come out.
    It CAN be done though, as I well know, having myself come out of “Toronto” 15 years ago.
    I was very badly affected and damaged by my involvement in Toronto, and know the same is true for those I know who were in WoF. Without exception, we all needed much prayer and Biblical counsel.
    It seems to me that Genesis/Revelation is going the same way as the other so-called “Christian” channels, which is nothing short of a tragedy, as it could have had real potential.
    I used to support them financially before the Justin Peters fiasco, but no more – last Friday, I went to the bank to cancel my direct debit.
    I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that, to watch sound Christian teaching, you must watch videos online.
    I fear that, because of how Justin was treated, good Bible teachers may refuse to go on Genesis.
    Though, if I were in their shoes, this is what I myself would choose to do.
    In much sadness and disillusion,

  31. Peter Liever says:

    Perhaps Sally your minister and elders of your fellowship, and others who are concerned about Justin Peters being censored, write, e-mail and telephone Genesis Revelation TV channel for a request that a special TV programme be set up in discussing the false teachings and prophecies of the WoF movement. The time is now and not next year which Doug Harris has said in their response. The WoF movement is damaging peoples lives without any accountability and accepting responsibilty for what they declare, say, or do. Justin should be invited as well. The WoF movement is doing as it pleases in the sight of our Heavenly Father and christians, including the christian church, should be informed. If watchmen are forwarding the dangers coming from this religious sect ( that is just what it has become) using non biblical practices and false teachings and doctrines, Genesis Revelation TV should take heed of the warnings. If they fail to do so, then the blood is upon their shoulders. I, for one, will publically warn christians to stay clear because they do not practice what they preach. But then, who listens to Voice of Almighty God anymore?

  32. Doug Harris says:

    In response to

  33. Andrew Smith says:

    My view is that Christian TV is a business, not a ministry. It exists to make the station owners rich. They are not concerned about the message being presented, just the money that comes in. The Justin Peters affair suggests that Genesis/Revelation are ultimately no different to God TV, TBN, CBN, Daystar, or any of the other stations.

    Here’s some questions to consider:

    (1) If there was a choice for Genesis/Revelation TV to either broadcast WoF preachers or go bust, which would you choose?

    (2) Should Christians (i) watch, (ii) support and (iii) appear on a TV channel that broadcasts WoF preachers?

    (3) Should sound Christian ministries broadcast their programs on a TV channel that also broadcasts WoF preachers?

    Give detailed reasons for your answers, including Biblical justification if appropriate.

  34. Wayne Minter says:

    Just to let everyone know who reads this web site, details held by Revelation TV channel had information for the Live @ Nine programme which was broadcasted tonight, 2/3/10, between the hours of 21.00 – 22.00.
    For they had invited viewers to join guest international Bible teacher Justin Peters as he was to share his life and minstry. The live broadcast was replaced by another speaker on the topic of revival. At the same time on Inspiration tv channel and Daystar tv channel, it showed the same tv envangelist preaching the infamous prosperity doctrine in sowing financial seeds called dollars – money.
    The leaders of the WoF Movement are influencing which is called christian and are sponsoring tv and radio channels. Perhaps this is what Revelation tv did because Justin had the guts to speak out about false teaching and prophecies, and was prepared to name names.
    The christian church has been infiltrated and used for other purposes big time!

  35. One of the few watchmen still looking out of the tower says:

    Having been on the web site of Genesis Revelation tv channel, all references to the programme and Justin Peters have been removed.
    So who is running whom on this tv channel. Its appears that it has joined the ranks of other so called tv channels and radio stations sponsored by the Word of Faith Movement.
    Come ye out from amongst them to avoid deception and contamination together with the acceptance of preaching another gospel!!!!!!!

  36. John S says:

    I originally sent my comments via using the Genesis Revelation web site. Received no reply.
    So I sent further correspondence to this tv channel yesterday morning followed up by a telephone call to them in the afternoon. They said that they would respond. This is what was sent yesterday, dated 3/3/2010…

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    I am a Journalist, as well as a Christian, and have watched the programme on which Justin Peters exposed the false teachings and prophecies of the Word of Faith Movement.

    I saw the moment when Genesis/Revelation Christian tv channel blacked out the last few minutes of the programme when he began to name some of the leaders involved. I was astonished later, to read your statement and the reasons why it happened.

    I am not happy about the tv channel’s explanation of the affair. In watching other programmes on the tv channel, presenters have said many things regarding the Word of Faith Movement, which include viewers who ring in. Reachout Trust has written about the WoF Movement and its leadership. Questions and expositions have been raised about this movement compared with Biblical Scripture and the Word of God.

    Their prophecies are not Biblical and are never fulfilled in relation to the prophets of God mentioned in the bible. They play with Scripture, trying to make their teachings plausible and acceptable, one of which is the prosperity doctrine which has done so much damage in African and Asian countries. They adapt and adopt occult practices with explanations as though inspired by the Holy Ghost. This has been seen with the Toronto Blessing. And yet, the leaders who are involved support one another in what they do, practice, and preach.

    During the course of last night, I turned my television on again to view Inspiration tv and Daystar tv Christian channels. The reason for this is that, during the afternoon, each were broadcasting the same tele evangelist who was promoting the prosperity teaching in sowing financial seeds called dollars (money). I switched off due to this. But, lo and behold last night, the same guy was preaching sowing money seeds AGAIN, but using different stories.

    However, I was prompted to tune in to view and listen to Genesis/Revelation tv channel because it advertised on Free Satellite and on the tv station’s information guide that Justin Peters was speaking on the Live@Nine programme between the hours of 21.00 and 22.00 (2/3/10). The information gave details that the programme had invited viewers to join guest international Bible teacher Justin Peters as he was to share his life and ministry.

    This did not happen, as Justin was replaced by another speaker whose topic was about Revival.

    There are many viewers who are perturbed about the treatment of Justin, for they have contacted me regarding last night’s cancelled programme. Also, they too, had watched his last appearance which was considered by the tv channel to be offensive.

    This leads me to questions which need to be answered by Genesis/Revelation Christian tv channel…

    1) Why does your channel disallow the names of those at the helm of the WoF Movement to be mentioned, as seen with the action taken with Justin Peters?

    2) Why are you trying to remove all traces of the programme mentioned? See message below, received from a brother-in-Christ. He is one of many who contacted me about what happened.

    3) Why are you hiding under a smokescreen regarding the matter of the WoF Movement?

    4) Will Justin Peters be allowed back onto your tv channel?

    5) Are you allowing other brethren onto your tv channel to speak about the MoF Movement?

    6) You have mentioned somewhere on your website about a debate concerning the WoF Movement to be organised for next year (2011). As this is now an important matter of which details have been shown on Christian websites, I would suggest that the matter of the WoF Movement be discussed sooner rather than later, as many Christians believe that its leaders are being allowed to spread the poison which is now affecting the Christian church. I am concerned that the situation is being covered up, and, if this is correct, it is leading to what is called in Christian circles, deception.

    6) Tony Pearce, who is a trusted brother in Christ, is willing to appear on one of your programmes talking about the WoF Movement. Jacob Prasch (Moriel Ministries) who also shares the Word of God on your tv channel, has been exposing charlatans, false teachers and false prophets for some time. Perhaps you will invite him to discuss the matter alongside Tony? Please see Tony’s article, which I enclose for yourselves to read and take note.

    Now, having watched other tv channels who call themselves Christian, they have many leaders of the WoF Movement on their programmes. These are the God Channel, TBN, CBN, Daystar TV, and Inspiration TV. Now the question arising from this, is…

    7) Are you, or will you, invite any the contentious leaders of the WOF Movement onto your tv channel?

    One other question…

    8) Do you find what I have shared with you incorrect, and could it be considered as offensive to those in the Christian church? You did this to Justin.

    And one final question…

    9) Will you take on board what I have said, which is in Christian love, and respond to me likewise, while giving a courteous reply to Tony Pearce, as to whether or not he will be invited onto your tv channel? His e-mail address is at the end of his article.

    With love in Jesus, who is coming again soon.

    John Shipton

    • Alan Higgins says:

      Excellent letter. It would be interesting to know what their reply reply is….assuming that they do reply

  37. John S says:

    This is mentioned article by Tony Pearce…

    Faith in God or the Faith Movement?

    Recently I received an email from Andrew Strom entitled WORLDWIDE CRISIS in THE CHURCH. What he wrote confirmed what others are saying about the exporting from the West, mainly America, of the prosperity gospel via ‘Christian’ TV and evangelists like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar.

    Andrew wrote: ���I only began to truly understand the magnitude of this crisis on my recent trip to Uganda. I have ministered in Nigeria many times, but I had always thought Nigeria was a special case – that the awful poison I saw there had not spread so far in other places. Uganda opened my eyes. The whole of Africa is being infected. And I mean on an epidemic scale. An utter destruction of truth, a complete undermining of the words of Jesus, a total loss of the pure milk of the word. Greed and corruption and ‘prosperity’ lies are laying waste to it all on a vast scale.’

    ‘It is so difficult to put into words the horror of what is happening in the Third World. These are Revival countries – where God has been moving in great power. They are nations full of the simple and the poor – who often make the most devoted followers of Jesus. And now I feel like we are seeing the ‘rape’ of these precious Third World Christians by a vast army of corrupted charlatans who call themselves ‘God’s preachers�����. Leaders by the thousand have been utterly ruined by the greed-inducing lies of Western Christian media. And now they are ravaging God’s precious sheep.’

    ‘This is not a small problem – it is enormous. Right across the continents of Africa and Asia and South America – where God has been moving the most – we find this gospel of greed beginning to utterly dominate the church – particularly in the big cities. In many places it is difficult to find pastors or leaders who are not gorging themselves with it. We are talking about corruption and sickness on such a scale that I do not believe the like of it has been seen since the days of Constantine. This is a crisis unlike almost any other that the church has known.’

    At the root of this problem is a total distortion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, known as the ‘Faith and Prosperity Gospel’ or ‘Health and Wealth.’ Put briefly this is what this Gospel offers. God wants you to be rich and healthy. Since there are very few people on earth who prefer poverty to wealth and sickness to health, it is obviously an attractive offer. One text used for this is 3 John 2: ‘Beloved I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.’ This is said then to be a general statement that God wills prosperity and health to all Christians. In the context however we note that this is a personal letter to a man called Gaius. John is simply saying to his friend that he prays and hopes that things go well for him and he is in good health. It would be a bit odd if he sent a letter to a friend saying I pray that robbers have come and taken all your possessions and killed your wife and children and that you are sick and dying.

    According to the Faith and Prosperity teachers you receive this blessing of health and wealth by confessing your faith. ‘I possess what I confess.’ A scripture which is used for this is Mark 11.24 ‘Whatever things you ask for when you pray believe that you receive them and you will have them.’ A website supporting this view had these words on it. ‘Therefore if I confess that with His stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53: 5) I possess healing. If I confess that my God shall supply all of my needs (Philippians 4:19); I will lack for nothing since I possess God’s abundantly supply.’ What you must never do is make a negative confession ��� ‘I don’t feel very well.’ ‘I am worried about whether I will keep my job.’ If this sounds a little bit like the Christian Science concept of mind over matter, it is. You can trace the origins of the teaching of the faith movement to the same root as the Christian Science teaching of Mary Baker Eddy.

    According to the Faith teachers a believer in Jesus becomes as a little god and ‘When we use the spiritual laws that God has set up, God must obey what we request.’ (Kenneth Copeland Praise the Lord, TBN, 2/5/86) Creflo Dollar agrees with Copeland: ‘He is only obligated to do what you say with your mouth, and if you don’t say it he’s not obligated to do it. But if you say it then the apostle and the high priest of our profession is obligated to carry out what you said.’ (10/5/99). In effect this means that God must obey our will, a total reversal of the teaching of scripture. This puts man on a higher level than God. It is also similar to the New Age / witchcraft idea that you can create your own reality by the words you speak out.

    Isaiah 53.5 / 1 Peter 2.24 ‘By his stripes we are healed’ is used to justify blanket coverage for the physical healing of every Christian who has enough faith. ‘…it is the plan of our Father God in His great love and His great mercy that no believer should ever be sick, that every believer should live his life full span down here on earth and that every believer should finally just fall asleep in Jesus’ (Hagin, Seven Things You Should Know About Divine Healing, p. 21). Hagin also denies having a headache for forty-five years, labeling such as ‘simply symptoms rather than any indication of a headache’ (In the Name of Jesus, p. 44). In the context both Isaiah and 1 Peter are describing spiritual healing of afflictions which are available to those who trust in Jesus as the Messiah.

    A central tenet of the prosperity gospel is that God wills the financial prosperity of every Christian. If a believer lives in poverty, he/she is living outside God’s intended will. ‘You must realize that it is God’s will for you to prosper’ (Copeland, Laws of Prosperity, p. 51). Kenneth Hagin says that God not only wants to deliver believers from poverty, ‘He [also] wants His children to eat the best, He wants them to wear the best clothing, He wants them to drive the best cars, and He wants them to have the best of everything.’ (Quoted by D.L. McConnell a different Gospel p.175).

    The way to release prosperity for yourself is to give to the ministry that is revealing this truth to you. You may be poor and in debt but if you give in faith God will reward you with financial blessings up to 100 fold of what you give. Prosperity teacher Gloria Copeland once described this as a ‘very good deal.’ It is of course ‘a good deal’ for the person who receives the money, who can use the money given to provide themselves with luxurious mansions, expensive cars and even private jets. Not so for the poor who are fleeced of their money by these smooth talking con men and women and often end up more in debt or poverty.

    The faith teaching of preachers like Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn is based on a view of the nature of man and of the Lord Jesus Christ which is seriously in error. They teach that God gave humans dominion over the earth, but Adam turned this dominion over to Satan when he disobeyed God in the garden. God created man in ‘God’s class’ (or, as ‘little gods’), with the potential to exercise the ‘God kind of faith’ in calling things into existence and living in prosperity and success as sovereign beings. We forfeited this opportunity, however, by rebelling against God in the Garden and taking upon ourselves Satan’s nature. To correct this situation, Jesus Christ became a man, died spiritually (thus taking upon Himself Satan’s nature), went to Hell, was ‘born again,’ rose from the dead with God’s nature again, and then sent the Holy Spirit so that the Incarnation could be duplicated in believers, thus fulfilling their calling to be little gods. Since we are called to experience this kind of life now, we should be successful in every area of our lives. To be in debt, then, or be sick, or (as is often taught) be left by one’s spouse, and not to have these problems solved by ‘claiming’ God��s promises, shows a lack of faith.
    The idea that we are ‘little gods’ is a complete distortion of the scripture. True Christians are sinners saved by the grace of God through repentance and faith in the once and for all sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. Even after salvation we are still subject to corruption and mortality as far as our bodies are concerned. The most obvious reason not to believe that we are little gods is that one day we will die unless the Lord comes first. Our hope of resurrection from the dead is not our own power or goodness or ‘godhood’, it is the grace of God by which we are saved when we come to the cross where Jesus paid the price for our sins, was buried and then rose again on the third day.
    When it comes to the cross we find that the faith teachers have the most bizarre and unbiblical doctrine – that Jesus’ death on the cross was not enough to atone for sin and that following his death on the cross he was taken down to hell to be tormented by Satan. From this ‘spiritual death’ Jesus was reborn in hell and rose out of hell to be the firstborn from the dead. It was here that he finally defeated Satan. But the Bible teaches that Jesus’ blood shed for us at the cross was sufficient to pay the price of our sins (Colossians 1.19-20), that He finished the work of redemption on the cross (John 19.30) and then surrendered His spirit to the Father not to Satan (Luke 23.46). He told the repentant thief ‘today you will be with me in Paradise’, not hell. (Luke 23.43).
    While there is not a word in the epistles of the New Testament which backs up the false view that Jesus failed to atone for sin at the cross and had to descend into hell to defeat Satan there, there is a passage which describes those who teach this: ‘But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them and bring on themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their destructive ways because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed. By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgement has not been idle and their destruction does not slumber.’ 2 Peter 2.1-3. These preachers are bringing in destructive heresies, and deny the ‘Lord who bought them’ through His sacrifice on the cross. Many people are following them and because of their deceptions the Gospel is being mocked and rejected by those who can see through the promises they give to people and the claims they make for themselves. They are exploiting people with promises of health and wealth which they cannot possibly deliver on. But they get very rich in the process.

    What does the Bible say about health and wealth.

    On the subject of health and wealth we find that the Bible has quite a lot to say about this but it does not line up with the teaching of the faith teachers. The Gospels and the Book of Acts do record the miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ and those done by the Apostles following His resurrection, ascension to heaven and sending of the Gift of the Holy Spirit. In the days that He was on earth the Lord Jesus demonstrated that He is God with power over sickness, demons, nature and death. In His compassion He healed the sick, raised the dead and cast out demons. He healed everyone who came to Him: ‘He cast out the spirits with a word and healed all who were sick that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet saying ‘He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses.’ Matthew 8.16-17, see also Matthew 4.24. Whenever people came to Jesus for healing He healed them. There were no failures, no shouting and screaming at sick people to be healed and then leaving them on the floor to be carried home no better than when they came, as happens at healing meetings today.

    The same power to heal the sick and deliver from evil spirits was manifested in the Apostles. Unlike the modern healing movement there was no connection between receiving healing and giving money: ‘Peter said (to the lame man), ‘Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give unto you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.’ Acts 3.6. The man was immediately totally healed – walking and leaping and praising God. In Acts 5.16 we read, ‘Also a multitude gathered from the surrounding cities to Jerusalem, bringing sick people and those who were tormented by unclean spirits and they were all healed.’ The power to do miracles was passed on to those for whom the Apostles prayed – Stephen and Philip are recorded as doing ‘great wonders and signs’ and miracles (Acts 6.8, Acts 8.6-7).

    Paul who describes himself as an apostle ‘born out of due time’ (1 Corinthians 15.8) also performed great miracles: ‘Truly the signs of an apostle were accomplished among you with all perseverance in signs and wonders and mighty deeds.’ 2 Corinthians 12. It seems from the text that Paul’s status as an apostle was in question as he was not an eye witness of the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus (see Acts 1.21-22 which implies that this is the qualification for being an apostle). The great miracles which took place through the ministry of Paul recorded in Acts are the Lord’s confirmation that he is truly an apostle, even though he was ‘born out of due time’ through his encounter with the risen Lord on the road to Damascus (Acts 9).

    However when we read the Gospels and the Book of Acts we have to consider what is descriptive and what is prescriptive. In other words, ‘Is this passage telling us what happened at the time (descriptive) or is it telling us what should happen for all time (prescriptive)?’ For example in Matthew 10.5-10 when Jesus told the disciples to go out and preach he said they should not go to the Gentiles and they should not carry any money or bags with them. We obviously have a problem if we make this instruction ‘prescriptive’. In this case evangelists today should only go to Jews and should not carry any money or bags with them. If it is descriptive – Matthew recording what happened when Jesus gave an instruction to the disciples for that time – there is no problem.

    If we apply the same principle to the parts of Acts which record the miracles done by the Apostles in Jesus’ name, we have to ask the same question, �����Is this descriptive of what happened in the early church?’ Or is it prescriptive of how the church should be throughout the Christian era? What is interesting is that when we come to the later chapters of Acts and the later epistles of Paul we find less evidence of the miracle working power than we find in the early chapters of Acts and the earlier epistles. Philippians 2.27 tells us of Epaphroditus who was sick almost unto death. Paul advises Timothy to ‘use a little wine for your stomach’s sake and your frequent infirmities. (1 Timothy 5.23) In 2 Timothy 4.20 Paul writes ‘Trophimus I have left in Miletus sick.’ According to Acts 19.11 Paul even sent aprons to people ‘from his body to the sick and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them.’ Why did he not do the same for Timothy and Trophimus? It seems that towards the end of the Apostolic period the miracles were no longer happening in the same manner as at the beginning. Certainly early church history shows a marked decline in the miraculous following the Apostolic period.

    Now some would say that this is because of a lack of faith although Paul certainly gives no sign that his faith is weakening in 2 Timothy. Others would say it is because the charismatic gifts ceased with the end of the Apostolic era. What is certain is that miracles can only happen if God causes them to happen. The idea that we can make God do our will by ‘naming and claiming’ health or wealth in Jesus’ name is entirely contrary to scripture. God want us to do His will, as we submit our lives to Him and allow Him to sanctify us by the Holy Spirit.

    The idea that every Christian is always healed of every disease is not born out by scripture. Nor can it be said, as many of the faith preachers say, that salvation and healing are equally promised in the atonement. They often go onto say that if you are not healed there must be a question about whether you are saved. This leaves the sick person who is not healed with a double problem. Not only does he still have his sickness but also now doubts his salvation. However the scripture tells us that ‘whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’ If we ask God to forgive us our sins on the basis of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross we know that He will always hear that prayer and forgive us as we truly repent and believe.

    We cannot say the same about healing. Every church I have ever been in has sick people in it who are not healed of their diseases. The faith preachers themselves get sick and die. John Wimber of ‘Power Evangelism’ ended his days in wheelchair and died at a relatively young age. I once met a group of people passing out leaflets from a church which was very much influenced by Wimber. The leaflets said on them ‘Jesus heals’ and listed a number of illnesses from the common cold to cancer and offered to pray for people suffering from any such illnesses. I said, ‘If you could deliver on this you and really heal every disease listed here, you would not be able to move in this street for the crush of people coming to be prayed for.’ The problem for Christian witness today is that many preachers are making massive claims of what has happened or is about to happen, but investigation of these claims shows that the claims are false. Nothing like what is claimed to have happened has really happened and prophecies of great things about to happen don’t come to pass either. In this case they make people more sceptical in the long run of the true claims of Jesus Christ, that in Him we can know forgiveness of sins and eternal life. There is also the rather basic matter that Christians are supposed to tell the truth.

    Recently at our fellowship we had a visit from Justin Peters who is suffering from cerebral palsy and speaks on this subject. He said he had been to many Benny Hinn rallies and seen what does not get recorded on the cameras. Hundreds of people who have been prayed for, are lying on the floor, not healed and disappointed, wondering if it is God’s failure or their lack of faith that they have not been healed. I remember hearing of a driver who had been taking people in wheelchairs to the Lakeland ‘revival’ meetings in Florida in the expectation that they would be healed. They were on the way to the meetings and there was a buzz of excited conversations taking place. ‘They’re talking a lot now, but they will be quiet on the way home, when they are still in their wheel chairs,’ he said. In reality the evidence of genuine lasting healings taking place at such meetings is virtually nil. Since the preachers also say that the reason people do not get healed is their lack of faith it leaves the sick person feeling even more condemned.

    In 1999 Benny Hinn gave this ‘prophecy���: ‘But here’s first what I see for TBN. You’re going to have people raised from the dead watching this network. You’re going to have people raised from the dead watching TBN. I’m telling you, I see this in the Spirit. It’s going to be so awesome. Jesus, I give you praise for this, that people around the world, maybe not so much in America, people around the world who will lose loved ones, will say to undertakers, ‘Not yet. I want to take my dead loved one and place him in front of that TV set for 24 hours.’ I see rows of caskets lining up in front of this TV set and I see them bringing them closer to the TV set and as people are coming closer I see loved ones picking up the hands of the dead and letting them touch the screen and people are getting raised as their hands are touching that screen.’ BENNY HINN, Praise The Lord, TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network, October 19, 1999

    Have you noticed that happening? Nor did I. In 1989 Benny Hinn gave another prophecy that Fidel Castro would die a horrible death in the 1990s and that did not happen either. One can only conclude that these are the words of a false prophet who is leading people astray with promises he cannot possibly deliver on while at the same time raking in the money from gullible people who believe that if they give to the ministry they will get back from God what they ask for.

    As to the promise of prosperity, one has to say that only a church that is corrupted by the materialism of the west could come up with such a ridiculous doctrine. It is an insult to the suffering persecuted churches of countries where the common experience of Christians is ‘the plundering of your goods, knowing that you have a better and an enduring possession for yourselves in heaven.’ Hebrews 10.34. Paul wrote to Timothy, ‘Now godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world and it is certain that we can carry nothing out. And having food and clothing with these we should be content. But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.��� 1 Timothy 6.6-10. Note Paul does not say that ‘money is the root of all evil.’ Money in itself is simply a means of exchange which we all need to use. It is the love of money which is a root of evil and for so called Christian preachers to flaunt their hugely expensive life style in front of poor people is a disgrace. Even more disgraceful is for them to persuade the poor to give to their ministries with the result that they become even richer and the poor become poorer.

    Paul went on to say, ‘Command those who are rich in this present age, not to be haughty, nor to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God who gives us all things richly to enjoy. Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share, storing up for themselves a good foundation for the time to come, that they may lay hold of eternal life.’ 1 Timothy 6.17-19.

    We live in a time of ‘uncertain riches’ with the whole world economic system being shaken by financial crises. We may lose what wealth we have in a moment and if that is where our treasure is and our faith is we may lose our faith as well. We also live in mortal and corruptible bodies which are aging and wearing out. One day, if the Lord does not come first, we will all die. No one can guarantee that in the process from birth to death they will never get sick. A simple investigation into the lives of the faith healers themselves will soon turn up the fact that they are as subject to the frailties of life as every one else. And their churches remain full of people with ailments of all kinds, minor and serious. God wants our faith to be in Him and in the eternal life He has given us through Jesus our Saviour. ‘Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. For our light affliction which is but for a moment is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.’ 2 Corinthians 4.16-18.

    In his letter James has a warning to those who accumulate riches at the expense of others. Interestingly this passage has an application to the last days of this age also. ‘Come now you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you. Your riches are corrupted and your garments are moth eaten. Your gold and silver are corroded and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days. Indeed the wages of the labourers who mowed your fields cry out and the cries of the reapers have reached the Lord of Sabaoth. You have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury; you have fattened your hearts in a day slaughter. You have condemned, you have murdered the just; he does not resist you. Therefore be patient brethren until the coming of the Lord. … Establish your hearts for the coming of the Lord is at hand.’ James 5.1-8.

    Tony Pearce

    Light for the Last Days

  38. Jill says:

    Greeetings to Cecil and Sally and thanks to all for the strong contending for the faith (real faith) as in the King James Bible!

    I complained when Kenneth Copeland was given airtime on the channel which is supposed to be funded by those who watch it – Genesis. The answer received was …..I like him…. I stopped watching regularly.

    I put a response on the Genesis-Revelation website after dear, gentle and biblcally correct Justin was shunned by Doug Harris and the produder for the evening switched to Benny Hinn during the programme! I could not view any comments on the site so I sent an email to the usual address which was returned undelivered.

    I sent a link for Lesley to see, in love. Again no response.

    I noticed that a programme due for tonight has been replaced. This lady has a watchman ministry.

    Tonight I have removed our standing order to the Revelation Foundation. I pray that something will shake them before they drift too far away from the pure Word of God.

  39. anon says:

    Jill, if the “real faith” is in the King James Bible, what did people do for the 1600 years before it was produced? And what about speakers of languages other than English, to this very day? Do they have to learn English before they can learn what the “real faith” is? I completely agree with you about Genesis/Revelation TV and the Word of Faith movement, but exalting the KJV above all other translations is just irrational. Also remember that we have much better Greek and Hebrew manuscripts than existed 400 years ago. I actually believe that it’s a religious spirit that causes people to favour the KJV above a good modern translation. The antiquated language of the KJV doesn’t help Christians or non-Christians alike to understand what the Bible says.

  40. John Shipton, a journalist and a christian, using words that people understand... says:

    Hey brethren, please don’t split hairs on selective Bible translations. Witnesssing christians at the teachers training college which I attended as a student, used the Living Bible in sharing the Word of God with me. It was members of the christian union there that led me to the Lord. This spoke to me rather than the King James Version of the Bible.
    My mum is from the East End of London and has a cockney accent while my Dad has a Somerset accent. I had the best of both worlds in understanding dialects and language.
    I have been using the Good News Bible for most of my christian life which speaks to me, and which I understand better.
    Now, I am a retired Civil Servant using my bus pass to speak to folk as and when about the christian faith. However, having been involved in journalism in the past, I am now using my talent unpaid and with every opportunity available write and inform those willing to listen and take note. So listen carefully and I will only say this once in this posting…be prepared, take heed, and not be deceived by those wishing to tickled your ears with their false teachings and prophecies, and who also want your money in the process.

  41. Alan Higgins says:

    Can we please keep to the topic and not go on to discussing bible translations. Thanks for your co-operation

  42. Jill says:

    Happily, Alan. Thanks.

  43. Gordon says:

    So here is an update:

    Various viewers posted comments on the Revelation TV Facebook page asking why the Justin Peters issue had been handled the way it had been. There was no response. Instead the comments were deleted.

    Then some of the same people asked where their comments had gone. You can view a screen capture of part of this thread here. Yesterday all of those posts were also deleted. I wonder is anyone is going to ask what happened to those comments?

    Its a really bad attempt to control the fallout from the incident. In a situation like this its much better to just say you made a mistake and could have handled it better. People are usually quite forgiving in situations like that, but denial and cover up never really works.

    Its interesting that they used a copyright complaint to remove the video of their rebuke of Justin Peters from Youtube but they have not used the same mechanism to remove any of the videos of hoax phone calls made to their programmes. They are just using copyright law when it suits them to try and cover up what happened.

    • There is a caviat in law called FAIR USE. This permits the use of copyrighted materials! YouTube take no notice of FairUsage and often remove videos even cancelling people’s accounts when the transgressors cry “Breach of Copyright!”

  44. Alan Higgins says:


    You are so right about the copyright law. they should be consistent. Block all YouTube videos or none. They cant pick and choose what is copyright

    Something really stinks about this whole situation and they should respond as their statement is not enough. As I always say, the question is, was Justin biblical? It is sometimes OK to offend believers without remorse


  45. John Shipton says:

    Since Genesis Revelation pulled the plug on Justin Peters on the matter of the leaders of the Word of Faith Movement, nothing is forthcoming from the tv channel on questions that have been raised. It appears that the tv channel has not the courtesy to reply to members of the Body of Christ.

    What happened to Justin is appearing on christian web sites. Comments are being made known by brethren as to why there is no response from the tv channel. Christians are withdrawing financial support and no longer watching the tv station because what the tv channel did to Justin who is a renown and respected Bible teacher.

    One question is emerging is this…who is accountable at the tv station for the action taken? And another question…who takes responsibilty in not replying to the correspondence sent?

    Begging the question is what goes on at Westminster. This should not be happening in the christian church. The Word of God should not be watered down or altered to suit certain doctrine and practice. False teaching and prophecy should be exposed and not hidden or covered up. If such is allowed, then, no wonder there is judgement taking place in the House of the Lord.

    I would suggest that brethren read the following sent by a brother in the Lord. Please be alert to what is being shared.

    John, as ever reporting and being watchful while he is able.

    -by Andrew Strom.

    Some Christians claim that any correction or questioning of ministries
    should always be done PRIVATELY – and only to the leaders
    concerned – never in public. (It is important to note that many such
    approaches have indeed been made to Prophetic/ Apostolic leaders
    over the years. They have basically been ignored). But either way,
    I am afraid I cannot agree that public deception is only to be
    opposed behind closed doors. It seems to me that false teaching
    would thrive in such an environment. In Scripture we see clearly
    that there are occasions when private correction is appropriate,
    and other occasions when a more public airing is necessary.
    There is the quiet “Matthew 18” approach, and then there are
    others. After all, shouldn’t we have the love and care of the
    precious sheep uppermost in our minds? Are we just supposed
    to say nothing and let the “leaven” spread and spread?

    We must not forget that in the New Testament the elders were
    commanded to correct severely (Titus 1:13) and to rebuke for sin
    publicly (1 Tim 5:20), though in 2 Tim 2:24-26 they were instructed
    to correct with ‘meekness’. Remember, the apostle Paul rebuked
    Peter publicly in Galatians 2 for his hypocrisy, Jesus rebuked Peter
    openly in Matthew, and He even whipped the sellers out of the
    temple publicly in Mark (for making God’s house a ‘den of thieves’).
    In extreme cases the apostle Paul actually wrote to everyone that
    he was turning people over to Satan for correction (see 1 Cor 5
    and 1 Tim 1:20). The Bible is very clear that one of our major tasks
    is to “expose” the deeds of darkness (Eph 5:11). In 1 Cor 4:21
    Paul asks the people, “Shall I come to you with a rod, or in love?”
    The same apostle used ‘boldness’ in 2 Cor 10:1 and said that he
    would not spare anyone in 2 Cor 13:1-2.

    Many Christians insist on applying Matt 18:15-17 to every situation.
    But what about false teachers? The above passage in Matt 18
    says that if my brother “sins against me” then I should go to him
    privately about it – then with one or two witnesses – and then to the
    whole church if he does not repent. This is a very important process
    for resolving issues where a brother has sinned against me personally.
    But what about FALSE TEACHING of a serious nature? What if it is
    spreading or starting to infect entire sections of the body of Christ?
    Is it still just a “private matter”?

    My understanding is that in the New Testament we NEVER see
    Jesus or the apostles treating false teaching as a “Matt 18” scenario.
    We see them publicly rebuking and correcting – trying to arrest the
    ‘cancer’ before it spreads any further. This is an act of LOVE towards
    the body. It is trying to stop the damage before too many precious
    sheep are harmed. False teaching and false prophets are never
    treated “nicely” or “sweetly” in the New Testament! (By the way, I
    am not advocating today’s “heresy hunters”, whom I believe often
    go about things with entirely the wrong spirit. But I am just laying
    down a few biblical guidelines here).

    This is certainly an important issue in these Last Days, when we
    are told that false prophets and false teachers will ‘abound’, and
    that the deception will become so great that “if possible it would
    deceive the very elect”. It is vital that we get a grasp of what is at
    stake here. The false teachers and false prophets in Acts were
    rebuked very bluntly, and Paul even “named names” in some of
    his letters to the churches. So surely we cannot continue to claim
    that this is all a “Matt 18” situation? Surely it is more serious than
    that – and requires a more drastic response?

    Of course, we must always be “speaking the truth in love” – and
    have the protection of Christ’s precious sheep uppermost. But
    surely we must speak out if we see real danger to the Body?

    Comments, anyone?

    God bless you all!

    Andrew Strom.

    YES! – You have permission to post these emails to friends
    or other groups, boards, etc – unless there is something
    different written in the Copyright notice above.

    To subscribe, please send a ‘subscribe’ email to-

    See our website and discussion board-

    To unsubscribe, send ANY message to: anzac-unsubscribe@welovegod.org

    To send material for consideration for publication, send to-

    Andrew Strom.

  46. Sally Richardson says:

    I have just received this from a brother in Manchester, and thought it was worth posting (below)…

    From: http://www.puritanfellowship.com/2010/03/praise-lord-for-justin-peters-waxing.html

    Praise the Lord for Justin Peters waxing bold and naming names Of Word Faith heretics on Revelation/Genesis TV.

    Justin Peters appeared on Revelation/Genesis TV in the U.K. and named names of heretical false teachers like Benny Hinn. The TV channel bosses then showed which Kingdom they belong to by not airing the re-run of the show and giving this apology here. No surprise really, since the channel gives airtime to Benny Hinn. I thank the Lord for Justin Peters.

    If you’ve not seen Justin Peters’ excellent 30 min video, “A Call For Discernment”, which exposes the false teaching of the Word Faith movement (Benny Hinn, Copeland, Joyce Meyer, etc) then you can watch it here: http://www.puritanfellowship.com/2010/03/praise-lord-for-justin-peters-waxing.html

    Kevin Williams x 1 Corinthians 9:16

    An uncompromising Biblical church seeking to live Godly lives, in a compromising & ungodly age.
    “How long will you falter between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.”-1 Kings 18:21
    Roy Hargrave: “Reach out to lost people. Give them the truth. Be bold about it. Don’t be sheepish or apologetic about it. What we do is the measure of what we really believe. The rest is just religious talk. Faith without works is dead.”

  47. Praise the Lord that this has happened.

    For a long time now Revelationtv and Genesistv have been promoting false teachers and charlatans, sadly most of their team are preaching another Gospel.

    One example of this I noticed when an elderly gentleman who’s name escapes me quite boldly claimed on more than one occasion that God told him why He had created us, the reason God the creator and sustainer of life created us from dust according to this gentleman (who was allowed to present a show on Genesis),was because He was lonely.
    Can you imagine it ? the creator of the universe has another attribute according to this man, God is not only righteous and just, He is also lonely.

    Doug Harris claims that the Gospel is being preached on Revelation and Genesistv and that “lives are being saved”

    Perhaps from time to time someone genuine is given the airtime and manages to speak some truth on these unGodly channels, and maybe God will save people from their sins, however, just as with the false teachers that see people genuinely saved at their “crusades” the end does not justify the means.

    I would challenge anyone that claims to love the truth involved with RTV and GTV to seperate themselves from them asap.

    2Co 6:14 Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?

    – dale

  48. John Shipton says:

    I have received an e-mail from Justin Peters, dated 5th March 2010, briefly explaining what happened on Genesis Revelation TV.
    Justin has not heard from the tv channel for sometime. He also has not heard from Lesley Condor who wrongly said after the programme was blacked out that “even Doug (Harris) tried to shut him (Justin) up.”
    Justin has a dvd to prove that. He said that he had permission from 3 people to name names but now none of them will admit to this. It has become their word against his.
    Justin is not concerned that he was slandered for God knows the truth and that is all that realy matters.
    He and I will remain in contact.

    My concern now is why are they covering the matter up?
    Why do they contradict themselves?
    Why are they not answering correspondence sent?
    Why are they trying to sweep the matter under the carpet?
    Many Believers are having second thoughts about watching this tv channel as the Justin Peters affair has/is being censored. – this is reminding what the secular media does, which includes television. Also they are cancelling direct debits and sponsorship.

    The two letters of enquiries which have been sent by myself have had no responses or replies.
    Giving them another few days to reply, I will do as what I have shared with brethren…to shake the dust of my sandals and let Almighty God judge the situation. I would suggest that brethren, if they instructed by God, to do likewise.
    For no one should be deceived by the tv channel by their failure to answer important questions from members of the Body of Christ. To do this is ignorance, deception, and shameful!

    • Alan Higgins says:

      John, I have looked on their facebook page and all I am seeing is comments being deleted because of ‘prank’ comments (although nobody has seen them), no replies from emails. It is not as if we are not talking about legitimate concerns here. I think the piece from Andrew Strom hits the nail on the head

  49. Faith says:

    You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free! Let us hope that those who watched Justin’s message will be set free from this dreadful WofF movement. I was caught up in it as a new Christian for a while until discernment helped me to see it for what it was. Jesus also said if we try to hang on to our lives we will lose them, and those running the tv station and trying to hang on to the money the WofF people pay them will be dealt with by the Lord in a way that we might not have thought of !!

  50. Dave Mwaniki says:

    Just saw this link on raptureready on benny Hinn

    So sad how Gods people are been fleeced by this con artist


    Talking about manipulation.


  51. John S says:

    Alan and Dave:

    Watched Daystar TV briefly last Saturday evening as Genesis Revelation were showing a repeat programme.
    A WoF tv evangelist was promoting another false teaching called “impartation of the blessing.” He also has written a book about it using the same title. He was endorsed by another WoF leader who enouraged viewers to purchase the book. People can impart the blessing onto others!
    One story given to support the doctrine was about building another super church in Orlando, USA. The cost of the project is $35m. The sketched showed a huge complex and was enormous in height. Pledges, donations, and money so far is $31m. Both of these guys were using certain scriptures in getting people to pledge money to pay for the blessing. For this was considered to be the only way.
    They were also talking about the Last days and christians facing persecution.
    My wife came into the room later and said why then build another Tower of Babel?
    Now on Inspiration TV, the same evening, another WoF tv enangelist was preaching about “sowing your financial seed.” The day earlier Morris Cerullo was talking about himself and his ministry and declaring to the viewers that “there is no persecution which can defeat me.” Tithing and giving money was mentioned during the course of his sermon.
    Hmm… it is about time that Genesis Revelation tv channel came clean about the WoF Movement and those involved in making money out of christianity. But will they?

  52. Andrew Smith says:

    I agree completely with a “broad church” approach (the term Genesis/Revelation used to justify themselves). Within evangelical christianity, there are plenty of different approaches and areas where christians have a variety of different perspectives on life, faith, and the bible. That’s OK.

    However, even if the boundaries to sound doctrine are a bit fuzzy at the edges, we still have to accept that some things will be on the outside and therefore in the category of false teaching.

    In my view, Word of Faith is such a false teaching. It’s not something over which there is legitimate disagreement, it’s totally wrong.

    It also represents such a gross distortion of the gospel that it does immense harm.

    Furthermore, all the major WoF teachers are engaged in seriously deceptive practices – they are basically lying to and stealing from the church.

    So there’s no way I am going to support a Christian TV station that broadcasts any WoF preachers.

    And I have to question the ethics and motives of the people behind any station which does so. Yes, Genesis / Revelation are not as bad as God TV, TBN, etc, but the fact is that their output is still polluted with WoF poison. How could I recommend that a new believer watches it? And if it’s not suitable for a young christian, I’m not sure that it should exist at all.

  53. Peter Liever says:

    This was sent to me recently from a friend who is a christian. The information provided is very disturbing indeed regarding the Word of Faith Movement. Members of the Body of Christ should be told about the false teachers and prophets who have infiltrated the Christian Church and using the church as a means of making money out of christians. The situation is going from bad to worse and I would call it The Great Deception.
    As my friend said to me…

    Take heed, be warned, and keep alert.


    About Joel Osteen, please view these three web sites…

    Joel Osteen and the Prosperity Gospel – BCNN1

    Heretic Joel Osteen says Mormons are Christians

    False Teachers Exposed: RICK WARREN’S FALSE GOSPEL

    About the WoF Movement and the Prosperity Doctrine kindly view these two web sites…

    Word-Faith Movement

    YouTube – Exposing Word of Faith Prosperity Gospel:Justin Peters …

  54. Steve C says:

    I watched what will be called from 6th April 2010 Revelation TV. On Sky satellite, the God Channel is combining their two channels into one, thus allowing a space to be filled/used. Genesis TV and Revelation TV are doing this in April and giving up their two spaces on Sky.
    The tv channel also mentioned at the end of last month that they have a deficit of over £48k. The programme was about major changes taking place and bringing the gap of this deficit. Four members of the management team were televised with each making comments throughout the programme.
    They still remain oblivious, which is deliberate, to the WoF false prophets and teachers.
    Why they do this just beggars belief!!!!!!!!

  55. Here is an e-mail I sent to RevelationTV and their response :

    ” For years now I have been watching Revelationtv and Genesis with concerns, from time to time I have voiced these concerns via e-mails, finally you have given me and others good reason to stop watching your show and warn those that are on the Christian path to steer well clear of your programmes.

    What a distasterous decision not to air brother Justin Peters interview with Doug. This confirms to me that there is absolutely no-one at all with any discernment within the team on your show. Justin is a sincere man chosen by God to bring light to those in darkness and being led astray by the wolves in sheeps clothing, Benny Hinn is very obviously one of the wolves and your decision not to show the program speaks volumes and confirms where your loyalties lie.

    Is the money you recieve from airing Benny Hinns circus more important to you than truth ? (I would appreciate an answer to this if you have one)

    In the words of one of your presenters for GenesisTV “It sounds like God is speaking to you but you are not listening!”

    I would strongly reccomend those in the team of RevelationTV or Genesis that actually read their bibles and know God and care about truth, to quickly seperate themselves from the show.”

    – dale


    Their response :

    ” Hi Dale,

    Thank you for your email, the programme with Justin Peters breached rules set out by our broadcasting regulator and that was our reason for not showing the programme again. I not being part of that production do not know if Justin was told of this rule and failed to stick to it or whether he was mistakenly not told but I don’t think it is important to apportion blame in this case.

    The feeling I get from your email below is that you feel we are operating under some evil money obsessed influence and that is the driving force of the ministry hence you recommending the true Christians jump ship. I am sure it can only be the Holy Spirit that will persuade you otherwise, not my words, so I won’t try but I do pray that God will reveal to you our heart for Him and His heart for this ministry. I know that God never leaves his children in the bible when they fail and what springs to mind is the way God felt about David knowing everything that David would do he still called him ‘a man after His own heart’.

    Benny Hinn is no longer on the channel, we took him off and for the last year he was on the channel he didn’t pay so, no, the money was not the driving force in having him on.

    I can only ask that you pray for us rather than against us because we are on the same side, we are all the body of Christ.

    With every blessing,

    Susie Gray ”


    Anyone else heard that they have stopped supporting Benny Hinn and other WOF heretics ???

    – dale

  56. Wayne says:

    I believe that broadcasting in the UK is totally different with TV broadcasting in the USA. Money talks in America hence so many what is called christian tv channels. In the UK the broadcasting authority has stricter rules and this is affecting Revelation TV.
    Its management team need to address the situation of how to deal with the WoF movement and other movements which have sprung up in the latter part of the 20th century who call themselves part of the christian church. These can be seen with other movements such as Dominionism who use teachings are man made and nothing to do with bibilcal scripture. These movements are what cults and sects do who use twisted version of scripture to suit themselves. The main deception when they apply it to be christian which have no bearings with the teachings of the Lord Jesus.
    There are major changes being made on this tv channel. It must cut ties with such movements because leaders of the WoF movement are doing as they please, sowing division and confusion with false teachings and prophecies. Because if this tv channel does not and wishes not to, then they will face the consequences on how to deal with the general public and christians who make enquiries of matters concerned such as the WoF leadership and its practices.
    I hope they will stand up and be counted otherwise the tv channel will join the ranks of other channels such as the God Channel.

  57. Ken P says:

    Thanks one and all for your information about the Word of Faith Movement. I no longer wish to view supposed christian tv channels for I have a spiritual anger against their heresies. I used to go to a charismatic church but its teachings was a mixture of word and faith plus restorationism. It was claimed there that God was returning them back to the times of the New Testament. When compared to first church in Antioch, how the Lord brought and used christians, and how they shared all things including what money they had among themselves, this charismatic church beared no resemblance whatsoever. It was centred on obtaining wealth and prosperity. And God was going to give this to each member of the church who tithed and gave sacrificial giving. I felt when I questioned certain doctrines preached by invited guests, I was shunned. I was told these came from the spirit and were of God. Certain members made it uncomfortable for me to remain going to church. The leadership were not that bothered whether I stayed or went. So I left. My last experience on going to this church gave me the impression that they had other sheep replacing any who left. But in reality the congregation consisted of goats. I got to the point that I could not keep singing choruses over and over again for the sake of conjuring up the spirit. For either the Holy Spirit was in the midst or He was not. Your guest is as good as mine!
    But Praise the Lord! I am a child of a King and not even this church can take that away. However, some of its members had the habit of ostracising people who disagreed on certain matters of worship. Perhaps that is one reason people left.
    I was sent this web site to view and note.
    I hope those reading my comments will view this too and find it useful. Please forward the article to your christian friends. It reveals what is going on in the world wide christian church.


  58. Alan Higgins says:

    Excellent link Ken P and I’m glad that God has opened your eyes

  59. John S, journailst and a christian. says:

    Thought brethren would like to see this as an update…

    I received this message from a brother in the Lord who has been concerned what happened to Justin. Glad that Jacob Prasch has had a word too with what will be called soley Revelation TV. I have managed to speak to Doug Harris who knows me going back when I was an area director for Reachout Trust.

    Hopefully, the major changes coming, will reflect the true meaning of the Body of Christ, the Word of God, no substitutes, and alterations to suit false teaching and false prophecy by those masqerading as sheep in wolves clothing. For deception, the prosperity teaching, the impartation of the blessing, and adopting occult practices, is ripe in the modern western christian church.

    John, as ever reporting and being watchful while he is able.

    Hi John

    I just talked with Bob Mitchell who has told me some new info on the Justin Peters/Revelation TV situation.

    An incidental bit of info, they are dropping the name Genesis TV and just using the name “Revelation”.

    But of more interest to us, Jacob Prasch has had a gracious word with Howard at the TV station and the upshot being that they are going to drop the likes of Benny Hinn and the other heretical teachers and trust God for the finances. If the stand on this step of faith it will probably be the first Christian TV station that does not broadcast programmes from heretical teachers.

    So far this info has just come from a phone conversation I have had with Bob Mitchell, but let us pray and hope that this will come about.

    Many Blessings in Christ Jesus


  60. Ian says:

    There’s a item on Revelation TV’s website saying that the Genesis channel is going to close.


    If the above comment from John S is correct, I’d interpret it as them merging the channels to save money so they won’t need to show WoF heretics. This would be a very positive development in Christian TV.

  61. keith says:

    I complained about word of faith teaching on the rtv channel, to Howard Conder, after a lot of sarcastic emails from Howard they then stopped airing any of my Christian poems that I sent in
    so I thought they might be harbouring unforgiveness and it turns out was right, please checck out the emails below to see the real side of rtv..

    From: kkoutreach
    Sent: 18 March 2010 11:49
    To: lesley@revelationtv.com
    Subject: Unforgiveness Matthew chapter 6 verses 14 and 15

    Hi Lesley

    I noticed that none of the poems I send in have been read on air, and that’s your choice it’s your channel,
    of course there is always the possibility that you are inundated with emails and didn’t get to mine in time and that’s understandable. however if you aren’t reading them due to unforgiveness in your heart then that is a really bad thing for a Christian to hold in their heart.
    Howard and me both said things we shouldn’t have done to one another, but I never hold unforgiveness in my heart and choose to forgive and forget about things really easily, I’ve been offended by people throughout my life and no doubt I have hurt many a person in my life with a careless word, but I thought I would send you this as I think it may be appropriate. if you like you can say it’s my final poem to rtv, I see no point in sending them in if they aren’t being read, you didn’t even have to mention my name I’m not after fame, or my name read out on air, the poems aren’t about me but teach several things that we all need to learn from time to time and speak to people in various ways. anyway take care, stay blessed. Love in Jesus Keith. (My final poem below, it’s worth letting the Lord speak to you a you read it…)


    How many of us as Christians live with unforgiveness in our hearts,
    someone hurt us in some way and we hold onto it,
    maybe it’s time to let go of those hurts and move on in Jesus.

    I know a little story and actually it’s true
    If you want to catch a monkey well here is what you do
    You put some food into a cage and in the forest stand
    Along comes the little monkey and stretches out his hand
    He puts his hand between the bars and reaches for his tuck
    He grabs it pulls it to the bars
    but the monkeys hand is stuck
    He hasn’t got the sense just to let go of his bread
    So you go up to the monkey and knock him on his head

    Are you just like the monkey who won’t let go of pain?
    Hold unforgiveness in your heart
    and say you’re born again
    The bible clearly tells you that you won’t get to heaven
    With unforgiveness in you heart
    So forgive and be forgiven

    Bible Ref:
    Matthew Chapter 6 Verses 14 and 15
    For if ye forgive men their trespasses,
    Your heavenly Father will also forgive you:
    But if ye forgive not men their trespasses,
    Neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

    to kkoutreach

    date18 March 2010 15:23
    subjectRE: Unforgiveness Matthew chapter 6 verses 14 and 15

    hide details 15:23 (2 hours ago)

    Im not sure how this email even came into my personal inbox as your emails to ‘live’ and to me automatically go into spam,

    You are wrong in thinking I am harboring unforgiveness – to be honest I was never offended in the first place and have not given the matter a thought since – in fact I cant actually remember what you even said in your final emails except that you would not be tuning in any more . I’m pretty sure I agreed with you when you said you would never be contacting us again and I still feel this is the right choice as you get very upset through watching the channel and it is not run in the way you would choose….

    Thanks for the poem though and the advice that goes with it!!!

    I don’t think a reply will reach me..

    With every blessing,

    Lesley Conder revelationtv…

  62. John S says:

    Revelation TV on Free Sat are still advertising Justin Peters on their Nine@Live programme. This should have been removed.
    Having said that did anyone see their live debate between Rev George Hargreaves of the Christian Party and Nick Griffins of the British National Party?
    I will discuss this later when I have some free time. For those who have missed it the programme can be seen again on…

    The debate is to be re-broadcast as follows –

    Sat 27th March Revelation TV 21.30

    Sun 28th March Genisis TV 21.30

    Don’t miss it !

    Please discern what was said.

  63. John S, christian journalist says:

    This debate can be viewed on Youtube unless the tv channel has had the videos removed. Type in http://www.youtube.com then type in Christian Party and BNP debate. There are a number of videos to view.
    But this is just one of them to watch…
    Christian TV debate with Nick Griffin BNP leader & Christian party leader 8/9

    Revelation TV may be inviting the BNP leader back again due to the dialogue that has been created.

    So why not have debates with the following…

    a) the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints. They claim to be christian.
    b) the Roman Catholic Church. Church leaders claim them to be part of the christian church.
    c) the Christian Spiritualist Church. Claims to be christian despite the practice of clairvoyance and mediumship.
    d) the Word of Faith Movement. Claims to be christian despite false teaching and prophecy.
    and so forth, etc, etc.

    Now this is interesting concerning Andrew Wommack, another WoF tv preacher…

    When’s Andrew Wommack coming up?

    Revelation TV March 24th at 8:30am
    Daystar March 24th at 5:30pm
    Revelation TV March 24th at 9:00pm
    Revelation TV March 25th at 8:30am
    Daystar March 25th at 5:30pm

    See what he preaches. And look at the web site mentioned below…

    False Teachers Exposed: ANDREW WOMMACK

  64. Laurian says:

    Good suggestion brother John S. There is strength in numbers so maybe many of us should make these suggestions to REV TV. Politics apart, from what I saw of the last debate set up, Rev TV look to be able to conduct debates on Christian topics in a similar way successfuly. I would like to see those a) to d) above with an added one that has come to my attention just this week. There are practices from the Kabbalah creeping into the Shabbat celebration in some Messianic circles. Calling upon angels and making reference to sanctification by the commandments. I am not sure who is behind this promotion but maybe Jacob Prasch in debate would be helpful to many Messianics.

  65. Alan Higgins says:

    Yeah I watched it and to be honest it was good to see a christian’s way of dealing with the BNP, disagreeing with his point of view but still able to debate peacefully

  66. Zing says:

    *email to revelation TV*
    To whom it may concern

    It was brought to my attention by a close sister in Christ that Reveleation TV, once a beloved station of mine and one of the few ‘Christian’ TV channels I can still bear to watch from time to time, has censored truth from the mouth of Justin Peters. The Bible says ‘who has ears, let them hear’. I have been asking God for years to let me hear his unadulterated truth and by his grace, he has delivered me from the Word of Faith movement. Since then, I have seen the most well-known of the Word of Faith preachers for what they are – FALSE TEACHERS – because they fundamentally preach a different (false) gospel.

    After verifying the truth of my friend’s claim by going online, I heard for myself Leslie Conder’s backlash against Justin Peters as though warning the faithful against false teachers was something evil. As a result, I can no longer promote or accept Reveleation TV as a proponent of truth. It is now apparent to me just as the Bible warns, you are seeking merely to ‘tickle the ears’ of those who do not want to hear sound doctrine. This is highly dangerous and makes me to question what sort of spirit is driving this station, an Anti-Christ spirit? It is high time we expose the false teachers and redirect people from error to truth. God’s people are perishing for lack of knowledge. Jesus implores Peter to ‘feed my sheep’ – needless to say with good sound food based on the Word of God, not a twisted Gospel. More Justin Peters, more Paul Washer, more John Macarthur and the likes. No more Benny Hinn, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar or Kenneth Copeland – these are some of the poisonous preachers who are pimping the gospel and making twisting the truth and spreading lies.


  67. Laurian Snowden says:

    What ministry?

    • Caron says:

      Hi Allen,

      Well, I don’t know this person and don’t have a criminal record 🙂 I received n email on my fb account which I deleted and blocked. Thanks for the heads up!

      Merry Christmas, brother!

  68. sarahacott says:

    Great article. Sadly Revelation TV have a policy of looking after their own at all costs and that includes the ministries that pay large amounts of cash to go on air. You might be interested in my blog which is exposing the truth about Rev TV.

    The dodgy ministries they air are nothing compared to the lies and deception regarding finances and projects like Howies bar.


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