Yes, its that time of the year again when the TBN Praise Fleece-A-Thons and God TV’s Missions week are in full swing. You can guarnatee that they will spew the same crap but just in different wrappers. In these videos, you will see so much heresy and false doctrine that I couldnt list them all but here are a few.

So here, Benny Hinn amongst the other tickling ear doctrine  is the false doctrine of the ‘promised wealth transfer’ where apparently in a nutshell, all the christians will get rich. Note the blackmail lines.

“If you are really a christian….. get to the phone and sow that seed”

“If you dont, your future will be black”.

“Dont worry about the condition your finances are in”……just make them rich and you stay in debt

“He that refuseth instruction will have poverty”…scripture taken out of context

“If you dont sow 10% there will be a penalty of 20%”

All the people that Jamal wants to call are those with a broken heart. In other words Jamal, you are feeding on those who are desperate and vulnerable to give money that they probably dont have. Then he says it will be the last time they will be broke if they give them money. Errr, Jamal, how do you work that out? Blind promises again

I have already talked about  this here

The old “Touch not my Lords anointed and do my prophets profits no harm” line.  ***sigh***

Then theres that ol’ psychology chestnut. “Because you didn’t move, I let you see the promise but you want get the promise”

I have also talked about this here

…………and the list of rubbish goes on and on and on


  1. DMac says:

    I have to say that this really saddens me. I occasionally switch over to GODTV, just see whose pimping the masses. I haven’t yet witnessed Munsey or Ashimolowa (apologies for incorrect spelling) coming on and convincing gullable people to part with their hard earned cash, but I would guess it’s only a matter of time before they wheel them out to undiscerning public.

    They are exploiting people with their lies and manipulation. It’s prosperity/health teaching 101. Utterly shameful. Not to mention the fact that Wendy Alec seems very comfortable adding to scripture with her so-called revelations. It makes me wonder what kind of person is willing to hand over their bank details to these frauds.


  2. Das says:

    It is a shame that these people are allowed to come on television and lie like that and get away with it when is this going to stop. I seen that man who calls himself the bishop Matthew A telling people to come and sow a seed, they are just wicked all of them.

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