1. John Piper has such a passion for the truth of Jesus Christ! He is right, we must defend the truth not make excuses for it. It is by Christ alone that a man is saved! If you learn one thing, it is do not be afraid to offend. If you speak the gospel well, YOU WILL OFFEND EVERYONE! Jesus offended people that is why they killed him. Speak the truth in love but speak it out!

    • j.d. stegall says:

      i’m with you Marrianne–this man preaches with a great passion for the lost and this is how all men and women of God should be. it is not about us, but all about Christ. so many preachers like joel olstein and many others are worried about offending someone, they cause those very people they dont want to offend to stumble right into Hell. and yes, Marrianne, it is always important for us to speak the truth in love. we can do all these good deeds in sharing the gospel and witnessing to the lost but if we do it with no love, we’ve really done nothing.

  2. Lamar9 says:

    Sounds like u have a persecution complex in addition to tunnel vision. It’s usually a sign of the self righteous. The truth is that all “truths” are offensive. You find the muslim, Mormon, or Jehovah witness “truths” offensive just as they find your Christianity truth offensive. Most all beliefs systems are persecuted in some form by the world. Scientology is persecuted by “the world” does that make it truth? If u think about it, “the world” when applies to religious context is anyone who disagrees with a so called dogmatic
    truth. Lol.

    • j.d. stegall says:

      everone has their own truth, but only evidence backs up the absolute truth. so i could make a claim, lamar9, that pigs fly on the moon, that would be my truth. but without any evidence from any legitimate scholars or historians, you have nothing morethan just a bunce of made up stories and lies. the God of the bible does back up all claims of his book with prophecy, archeological and historical evidence. so if he said something in it and and i can find evidence, without being bias, then i know i have legitimate evidence that can stand the test of time, which the bible clearly has.

  3. Lamar, not a whole lot of Scientologists being persecuted and tortured in the news for their beliefs. Have I missed something?

    By the way, Christians aren’t self-righteous. We are the exact opposite for we have been made righteous by the blood of Christ and not of ourselves so we have no reason to boast. We don’t view the Muislim and Jehovah Witness religions offensive but rather they are deceived.

  4. Lamar9 says:

    If I found a phone book from new York with a guy named Peter Parker in it, I could claim that spider man is real. Lol. Historical references and archeological finds to those references don’t make a story true.

    There is contention about many of the biblical prophecies, but even if given the benefit of the doubt that they are true doesn’t make the bible the “absolute truth” in fact doesn’t the bible say something like that. What makes them even less impressive is that they are similar to the Nostradamus and Edgar cayce prophecies which are vague and interpreted in hind sight.

    Finally, if Jesus “palled around” with scribes, why didn’t any write anything down? Lol.

  5. lamar9 says:


    Have you ever heard of the crusades or the Salem witch trials? I know they were unbiblical, but the point is that people were persecuted and executed for their non christian beliefs. what about gays and lesbians, they are still persecuted by the world and many times excuted for their lifestyles who many find offensive.

    i wrote all that to say that being persecuted for offending people doesn’t mean anything except you’re being persecuted for being offensive. it doesn’t make u special. (well not in the sense you r implying).

    its a lie to say that christians aren’t self righteous. don’t be decieved, according to christian dogma, the “blood of christ” alone does not make anyone righteous, but the belief in its effectual working makes one righteous. and with that you’re back to square 1 where it’s something you do or believe that makes u special… there’s the self righteousness part again.

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