As many of you know, I make no bones in believing that Benny Hinn is a false teacher and believers would do well stay well clear of him.

When I watched this video, I couldn’t believe Benny’s hypocrisy when he talked about the Lakeland ‘Revival’ and deception.

I saw this post on Slaughting the Sheep. It speaks for itself

Benny Hinn should really watch YouTube more often.  He would hear his own double-tongue and hear his own hypocrisy.

When the hypercharismatic movement exploded and pushed Word of Faith to the side of the stage, Benny Hinn came out with a statement against the Lakeland Revival (but only after it was safely over).

In October of 2008, Benny Hinn said:

“If I ever stood on a platform and said, “I have been to heaven and seen Jesus,” leave my meeting.  If I have ever said that “Angels talk to me on a daily basis,” leave the service. If I ever tell you that “I have known the name of angels in glory,” leave the service. If I ever tell you “I can take you to heaven with me to visit Jesus,” leave the service. Yet some, please forgive me, simple-minded people have sat in meetings and listened to such nonsense of people telling them they have visited heaven, and gone and talked to Abraham and have coffee with him. WHERE IS IT IN THE BIBLE?! Paul, the Apostle, went to heaven and wouldn’t dare talk about it!”

Well, let’s follow Benny’s orders people and head for the door.  Watch the video below and see the flagrant hypocrisy.

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  1. Lavrai says:

    And here I thought Satan’s minions played nice with each other.

  2. Julianna says:

    It’s easy to take video clips to tell the story a person wants to tell. Many take scripture out of context to mean what they want it to mean. The news media is practiced in taking just the parts of a video to slant a story in the direction they want it slanted – even to deceive the viewers. Unfortunately – Christians have the ability to do the same thing.
    The dates of these video clips is also important. God is continually doing a good work in every one of us – if we let Him. Benny Hinn could very well have been shown, by God, that the visit to heaven thing was a deception – after the program was aired – maybe even months or years later. So, who are you to put these video clips together – out of context to prove YOUR point.
    If you don’t know the man personally – any man. Who are you to judge? Isn’t judging against the word of God.
    When people start judging and maligning others – they are telling a sad tale about themselves. Every Christian is anointed by God and belong to Jesus. Did Jesus give you permission to do this? Did and angel appear to you and give you a message from God?
    If the Word of God is true – it will stand on it’s own 2 feet, so to speak. If a person is saturated with the truth – they will be able to discern the false themselves.
    I am ashamed of you my brother.

  3. Alan Higgins says:

    Julianna, by telling me not to judge, have you not made a judgment yourself? We are allowed to make a righteous judgement. I have seen enough Benny Hinn programs, even recently, that the very thing that Benny Hinn speaks against, especially with the Lakeland revival is the very thing that he does himself. Our standard for judging is the word of God. I do not neccessarily have to know a person personally in order to judge them. For example, I can say that Marilyn Manson does not love God. How do I know? By looking at the lyrics of his song. I can tell that Benny Hinn preaches false doctrine? How do I know? Again, by looking at the doctrine that he preaches

  4. Alan, I am always amazed that even when the truth is clearly seen and documented, people will still make excuses for Benny Hinn and those like him! The enemy is good at blinding people!

    Hinn’a preposterous statements made in his meetings all in the name of Jesus is nothing short of blasphemy! He had better remember one thing – God does not take this kind of deceiving lightly. There will be a price to pay. The line has been drawn as Benny Hinn had the camera draw near to his eyes so that he sould say boldly that he would rather DIE than lie to God’s people! He just made a curse against himself!

    God bless you, my brother, for exposing this evil.

  5. Lucia says:

    a wolf in sheep’s clothing

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