I got the title ‘Your transformed life is NOT the gospel’  from listening to Fighting for the Faith on the radio and is something that has bothered me for some time and I touched on this before when I was talking about baptism testimonies where you hardly hear anything about repentance from sin and faith towards God but normally hear about how their lives were transformed which IS a fruit of salvation but when that is ALL you hear, you can’t help but wonder if they actually truly understand the gospel.

I also touched on it in my message to Christians when I said:

Some people believe in ‘lifestyle evangelism’. I call this lazy evangelism because that is ALL that they do but your lifestyle alone cannot communicate the gospel. Your lifestyle should backup what you TELL them. Some people feel that “my life will let them know that I am a christian’ and then feel ‘well that’s my job done’ but they will not speak to someone and expound the good news.

As the radio program stated, if an unbeliever is happy with their lives, they have a good career, a good marriage, a happy family and everything is going well for them, why should they listen when they have it all already? If that is the reason why they should come to Jesus, why should they pay us any mind? I know I wouldnt and would be saying ‘My life is OK as it is thanks and I’m happy with my life so I dont need your Jesus’. 

In fact, the world is already doing a good job giving advice on how to transform your life MINUS Jesus.

 For examples see the following Tony Robbins videos

And to be honest, the church these days sound just like it with many self-help ‘sermons’.

Let me make it clear that I have nothing against bettering yourself in this life but when we reduce the gospel to such, then we have to address it. This is the kind of Christ-less gospel that you hear Joel Osteen preach every week but he just ‘christianises’ it. In fact, if you look at the next video, this could so easily be an advert of a Christian conference

Our biggest problem is not unhappiness but unrighteousness or in other words, sin. We are all born sinners and enemies of God and the only way we can become righteous i.e. have a right standing with God, is when we repent of those very sins that offend a holy God and when we put our trust in Christ and Christ alone to save us because our our good works are unable to save us. If we do not, then it doesnt matter how happy we are in this life, the next life will be infinitely unhappy because we will incur the wrath of God

What good is it to gain the whole world, have the best marriage, a good career etc etc and lose your soul

Your transformed life is NOT the gospel

  1. Rick Downe says:

    Advert for a christian conference? wow are you so right.I like your thinking,is tere any thing else on line by you? God bless

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