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One of the most frustrating things I find is talking to a person who has been innoculated. What I mean is that they’ve been bought up in church, they have heard the gospel (or whatever the church calls the gospel these days) a countless amount of times, they know all the church lingo but…….there is no fruit in their lives. They believe that they are a christian but by their fruit ‘you know them’. It is more than likely that they are a false convert.  They have no desire to discuss the things of God, they have no hunger for his word, prayer or fellowship with fellow believers. They have not examined themselves to see if they are in the faith. You try to correct them biblically and lovingly and they get their back up and call you ‘holier than thou’. It can be very frustrating to make a breakthrough (even though I do understand that ultimately, it is a work of the Holy Spirit). This is why I am not a fan of the sinners prayer because I think it gives people the wrong assurance of their salvation.

If you recall, I tried to correct someone in my church who was unrepentedly sinning and also ministering in church (who be the way promptly deleted me from his friends list in facebook). In the end, he was lovingly disciplined by my pastor and he decided to leave the church. I’m sure he said the sinners prayer and was probably baptised as well.

The bible makes it very clear that there if a person professes to be a believer, then there must be some good fruit following. I do understand that many people are at different stages in their christian walk, maybe going through a ‘dry’ period or maybe just immature but I am talking about those who do not fall into any of those categories but who consistently display bad fruit.

These four testimonies represent millions of untold people in America (and the world) who believe themselves to be right with God because they have bought in to an easy form of Christianity that is nothing more than an insurance policy to save a person from hell. Christ’s power is not only to save one from hell, but to change His followers by giving them new hearts and making them more like Him in a lifelong process called sanctification. If you didn’t change, then you are not one of His. Please watch these testimonies and examine your own testimony.

The question is, do you see yourself in this?

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