Prayer is the pulse of life; by it the doctor can tell what is the condition of the heart. The sin of prayerlessness is a proof for the ordinary Christian or minister that the life of God in the soul is in deadly sickness and weakness.” – Andrew Murray“praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints” – Ephesians 6:18   VOM-USA Prayer Update for June 11, 2010
 CHINA — Police Interrogate Christian Attorney — China Aid AssociationOn May 31, Christian human rights attorney Li Heping was arrested in Beijing and taken to Beipingfang Village Police Station for interrogation, according to China Aid Association. Li Heping, who in the past has been under heavy police surveillance, was arrested as he left the home of fellow attorney Tang Jitian. Police took Li Heping to the police station for interrogation and released him later that night. The police claim they arrested Li Heping on suspicion of burglary, but their intentions were clearly to gain information on Tang Jitian’s whereabouts. On April 12, the government revoked the lawyer’s licenses of Tang Jitian and his friend Liu Wei, supposedly for causing a disturbance in the courtroom. The arrest and interrogation of Li Heping on “suspicion of burglary” is further evidence of how the Chinese government intimidates human rights attorneys. Pray that God will protect and encourage Li Heping and Tang Jitian. Praise God for the faithfulness of believers in China who continue to live out their faith in the midst of persecution.Revelation 2:9–11 

TURKEY — Update: Believers Accused of “Insulting Turkishness” — Compass Direct News

On May 25, Turkish Christians Hakan Tastan and Turan Topal appeared in court for their 11th hearing on charges of “insulting Turkishness” by allegedly trying to convert others to Christianity, according to Compass Direct News. The hearing lasted only a few minutes. Despite the lack of evidence against the men, the Silivri Criminal Court set another hearing for Oct. 14. Prosecutors have yet to present any concrete evidence for the charges, and Hakan and Turan hope the trial concludes by the end of the year. “From the beginning, the charges against us have been filled with contradictions,” Turan said. “But we are entirely innocent of all these charges, so of course we expect a complete acquittal.” Thank the Lord for the bold faith of these two believers. Pray that God will be their strength and guide and that the charges against them will be dropped.2 Thessalonians 2:15–17  

INDIA — Some Orissa Christians Still Homeless — VOM Contacts

Some Christians who were displaced during the 2008 riots in Orissa state are still homeless, according to VOM contacts in India. During the riots, 90 were killed and 50,000 believers were displaced. VOM contacts say the Christians who are still homeless will be adversely affected by the upcoming monsoon season. Pray that homes will become available to these displaced Christians. Ask God to encourage and protect believers who have endured hardship since the attacks.

Romans 15:4–6

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    We just pray to Lord our Saviour .He Will do everything for us Amen

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