Whenever I go about my business and I see Christians handing out leaflets or trying to witness, I like to play dumb to see how they articulate the gospel. So today, this guy came up to me and my wife to hand us a leaflet and what was the first thing that was promoted or advertised. Was it Christ? No. He wanted us to come to his church to receive ‘anointed oil’ from his pastor. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I think its bad enough when Christians promote their church without promoting the gospel. So I had to challenge him on this and explained to him how he should be promoting Christ and not some oil to which he replied that he had to subject himself to his pastor and their leadership and that is what he was told to do.

This is one of the main problems in many churches where some of the leaders control and abuse the flock spiritually or just plainly are not mature enough in the word, yet they are supposed to be leading the flock. I explained to this guy how he should first submit to the word of God and THEN the leadership in his church which he didnt seem too convinced because his pastor was and I quote  ‘more anointed than him’. The guys excuse for mentioning the oil was because he didnt think it was right to use christian jargon to unbelievers (as if unbelievers really understand what anointing oil is) and basically he was trying to use it as bait to get them into the church. I mean what unbeliever can understand the ten commandments about lying, stealing and lusting? Its so complicated (my sarcasm). Again, I had to challenge him and said to him that he was in effect saying was that the gospel by itself is not enough to change lives or to save. To my surprise he said NO. And this was supposed to be a christian on the street trying to point people to eternal life!! 

The problem with what he was doing is that if these people didnt visit his church, the only thing that they think they would have ‘missed out ‘on is some oil and his church service, as there was no mention of Christ at all and they would not have received the gospel at all. To make it worse, these people handing out these leaflets were dotted all around the area so I can only assume that they were promoting the same thing. How sad!!

I so wish that many churches will get back to the simple basics of the gospel. We have complicated it so much with self help preaching Oprah style and the gospel of YOUMany Christians truly know not what the gospel is. We need to get the gospel right.

Below is a beautiful yet simple presentation of what the gospel is all about.

  1. val says:

    Dear Alan, The true Gospel has been hidden from the world until the heel of time (Gen 3:15) when a woman bruises Satan by exposing his lies to the world. True Salvation can now be found going to the world as a witness at http://thegoodtale.wordpress.com
    God will not cast any flesh and blood child of his into a hell fire it is a lie from the devil and this website proves it by the word of God. As you have said you must submit to the word of God. The true word of God now comes to you, will you check it out. We all must prove all things by the word of God, living by every word of God (love) for God is love. val

  2. It is so true Alan,many professing christians do not know the true Gospel, I was one of them untill the Lord by his grace led me to the WAY OF THE MASTER, the ten commandments showed me what sin is and how to be saved. That was three years ago now we were in a mega church here in Peterborough,so we asked leaders if we could run the way of the master evangelism course they were not to pleased about that no surprise as it would clash with the seeker sensitive stuff.we did get to run the course one guy in our group even went to town one saturday unknown to us,to preach using the law of God,it was full of goths that day,and on his way back to his car he was hit with a bottleby one of them,you can find him preaching on youtube.When the leaders were told what happend they were not happy and gave him evil looks in the church that was his words not mine,he was asked to the office and there feelings were made known,he did not want to dishnor the leaders,sadly stopped preaching and submited to them,as you said Alan this is spiritual abuse,we must obey the word of God first.we as a family left this church 3 years ago and have not yet found a biblical one yet. But praise God for his grace and mercy by opening our eyes to the truth.

  3. People just don’t realize but if they are spreading the gospel by any other means than the work of Christ alone they are sadly decieved. They are not doing God’s work by any means – they are working for the enemy!! He gets more converts to hell this way.

  4. Jesse says:

    This guy’s church sounds like a cult. And comes off as quite arrogant.

  5. Akanbi Luke says:

    Alan, we sometimes have the same feelings on certain doctrinal issue.I am one who dislike receiving leaflet from young guys out there simply because they tend to look elsewhere for new members instead of looking beyond denominational prostitution.I know for sure many today pastors came out of a particular denomination but in the name of born again decides to start a church turning around to bite the finger that fed them spiritually believing they are helping God to do His work.
    Turning away from virgin spiritual land to already exaulsted one is like nailing Christ the second time.

  6. If Jesus returned tomorrow, how would you know? There’s no shortage of people claiming to be him already. And those are invariably labelled as crazy. You could ask for a miracle, but, of course “Do not put the Lord your God to the test.” So… how would you know?

  7. Alan Higgins says:

    I do not understand what relevance this comment has to my post

  8. Bible Study says:

    Gotta love the bible!

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