As I have stated in my previous post, one of the frustrations that I have is when I speak to people who call themselves christians but their fruits reveal that they are actually a false convert or simply just self deceived. This could be for a number of reasons such as praying the ‘sinners prayer‘.

One of the two components of salvation is repentance (the other being faith).

In simple terms, true repentance means turning away from your sins with the knowledge that those very sins have offended God. To see a picture of true repentance, read Psalms 51.

Repentance is NOT just acknowledging that you have done wrong but you have no real intention of changing.

Repentance is NOT trying to justify it by saying ‘We’re all human. God knows my heart’ or ‘God is not through with me yet’

Repentance is NOT being sorry for what you have done because you have been caught and are going to be punished

Repentance is NOT just about changing your behaviour but having a changed heart

If there is no true repentance, then there can be no true salvation.

RC Sproul explains below what true repentance is


  1. Marie says:

    Thanks Alan,

    I run into confusion over this issue all the time in counseling young women. THis is a useful, concise bit so I think I’ll print it out & keep it with my counseling materials. Well done!

  2. Stephan says:

    Repentance is a change of mind regarding our need of a savior. We have repented already when we realize that we cannot save ourselves and need Jesus.

    The pharisees kept the law perfectly outwardly. But Jesus came and said that even our thoughts condemn us. To get to heaven by our own means is impossible because to meet the standard of God’s righteousness we must be 100% perfect all the time. The solution of our miserable situation is Jesus. If we still think we must be sinless to go to heaven, we have not believed what Jesus did on the cross and therefore not truly repented. Of course we must truly from believe the bottom of our hearts that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was raised from the dead. Without that it is mere a logical acknowledgment of historical facts.

    So simply believe and be saved. Your works don’t save you and your works don’t keep you saved. You are saved forever if you truly believe the gospel.

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