I have recently finished listening to Wayne Grudem’s ITunes version of his book Systematic Theology. I found this a very helpful and balanced overview of the whole bible which normally has a Q&A at the end of each session. To receive it, click here

  1. lapreghiera says:

    I’m concerned about his Q&A cause is not able to answer some questions, having some trouble. I am just on the doctrine of Angels pt1 and some of the demonology questions he wanted to save for later but he is tripping up on some basic Bible knowledge, some stuff he should be able to answer before he starts teaching folks….

  2. Alan Higgins says:

    He only had a limited amount of time so my guess was that he couldnt address every question fully or maybe he did but it was not on tape

  3. lapreghiera says:

    I’m not talking about the amount of time he had in the session to teach and respond, what he does attempt to answer it is done poorly, without good biblical backing, or without conviction in what he believes and if that is the case, if you don’t know say so, or if you find your understanding to be wrong later, say so.
    Thanks for the link though.

    • Alan Higgins says:

      I understand what you mean. You will find though that as you go through it, there are many times when he says that it is his opinion and that he might be wrong

  4. Marie says:

    Hi Alan,

    I have to admit I have not read Grudem’s book, but naturally I have heard of it. One of the main reasons I’ve stayed away is I’ve heard Grudem is a charismatic. How, if at all, would you say (being familiar with his work) this biblical view affects his interpretation of key theological issues?

    • Alan Higgins says:

      I only heard of the book so went in there with open ears. I personally don’t think he came over as over charasmatic at all. I thought he was very balanced and said many times that he didn’t know or that he may even be wrong. He also gave different views of different doctrines so overall I thought it was quite good even though you may not agree with every point

  5. Marie says:

    Thanks! It’s sort of been on my “long list” for years – one of those works that you see referred to and quoted so often that any writer or Bible teacher should familiarize his or herself with it. I’m currently knee-deep in Jay Adams’ courses, but when the load lightens a bit I will definitely want to check Grudem’s book out. I respect teachers who can admit there is more than one possible interpretation of certain things (eschatology, for instance).

  6. charles murimi says:

    you are a blessing to me

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