On Monday, I had to go to the hospital for some minor surgery on my shoulder and when I went in there, I was taken very good care of. To have an idea of what they did to me, please see the video below

And below are some of the pictures of me afterwards


I am still recovering but while I was there, I looked around at all the doctors and nurses, all the hospital equipment and thought, ‘Wow, God you are so good’. I thanked God for the simple things such as the general anaesthetic that knocked me out while it was going on. I didn’t know what hit me and honestly thought I just had a nap…….until I saw my shoulder all dressed up. Sometimes we look for all the supernatural stuff but forget that God also works in normal everyday life. Some preachers teach that if you are sick and don’t go to the doctors, then it shows a lack of faith. I would argue that if you are sick and DON’T go to the doctors it shows naivety at best and stupidity at worst on your part. Let’s not forget that Luke in the bible was a doctor.

So lets remember to pray for our doctors and nurses and others in the public services like policeman, firemen. They do a good service to us all

  1. Marie says:

    Totally agree with you Alan…I’ve had 4 babies in the hospital and I couldn’t be more thankful for modern medicine. 🙂 I work as an interpreter in several hospitals now, and see the hard work and selfless service the medical staff gives on a daily basis.

    I hope you’re feeling better by now!

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