“I’m always amazed by the people who, despite God’s clear and emphatic commands through the Apostle Paul, say things like, “Ah, we need to forget about the differences in our doctrines, and we just need to love one another.” as though those two are consistent goals. Surely they haven’t come to realize that the only way we can love right is to live right, and the only way we can live right is to believe right.”

– Mark Kielar

  1. Andy says:

    I would agree that doctrine is important, but what this video fails to answer is how can we tell what is sound doctrine in areas where there are substantial disagreements amongst Christians. These are typically secondary matters, but cause huge divisions in the church.

    Also, the presenter said that to be effective, we need to have sound doctrine (7:00 to 7:30). Well, if you put a number of famous Christians together in a room, you’d find that there’s a lot that they disagree over. As an example, I was recently reading about John Wesley and how his theology differed from George Whitefield to the extent that they couldn’t work together. Yet both were great men of God…

  2. Andy says:

    Oh, and the other thing is that Martin Luther, who was praised in the video, wasn’t as perfect as some like to suggest. His anti-semitic views are reasonably well-known, but he also had doctrinal differences to Calvin and Zwingli and they ended up founding three separate churches!

  3. Alan Higgins says:

    Andy, I hear what you are saying. I know that some of the pastors that speak at Together for the Gospel have different doctrinal views but as you say, that is on secondary issues and not primary

  4. Andy says:

    Alan, I agree with you, but to many people feel so strongly about the secondary matters that they do divide over them. Whether something is primary or secondary depends on how you view it.

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