Before you all start praying for me and start dragging me to the altar casting out that racist demon out of me, please listen to this video right TO THE END. You’ll understand why.

  1. White Girl says:

    How do you know about the girl you do not know? Culture is prodominent with color, but color does not make culture. I grew up in the Hip Hop culture, with black people, hispanics, and white people, prodominently black people. I was the only white girl in a program for minority kids who’s family’s could not afford to do things for them like take them skating, or swimming, or to the movies, the other 100-300 kids were black. My culture is Hip Hop. because it is what i was raised with. Culture is not formed by color, it is formed by habits. I know how to make greens, better than some black people…oooooo…I hope i did not offend anyone. Dont judge a book by its color. Read the book and get to know what’s inside, before you formulate your opinion about what’s inside.

  2. LaToya says:

    Nope, she didn’t watch the whole thing!

    I thought this was a cool video with a good message. I’m sure that everyone who enters an interracial relationship thinks about those very 5 things, but you never know what God has in store for you. Keep an open mind with the ultimate goal of allowing HIS will to be done–not yours!!

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