The problem with many Word of Faith teaching is that it puts you in the driver seat and God as the passenger. God’s sovereignty does not come into it. I wil readily admit that I was a victim to this type of teaching back in the day and God became my puppet and I would hold him up to ransom constantly reminding him what he said in his word and that he was obligated to fulfill it……in my time and not his.

Below is a classic example of Jesse Duplantis displaying exactly what I am talking about

  1. walt says:

    There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit; neither hath he power in the day of death:..Ecc.8:8. As Chrtistians we that are doing the will of God will depart this life when we finish our course, and God sets our course according to His foreordained will, plan,and purpose and knows when our course is finish, and He decides when I die.

    • Tasso says:

      Jesse Duplantis just quotes words from the bible. From a Christian point of view I can only say, he’s right, the bible does say that life and death are in the power of our tongues and that we should choose life. The problem is not that Duplantis teaches something that is not biblical, the problem is rather with Christians who have the wrong notion of what the bible really is.

      By picking out scriptures we can make the bible say anything we want because the bible is a collection of books written in different times by various people with their own (sometimes selfish) motives and limited understanding of the world they live in. The bible is not a coherent work that can give us coherent guidance in all our affairs. That’s why so many use the bible to justify terrible things because they really can find terrible things being done in the name of God in there. And that’s why many use it to justify their greed, because this also can be found in the bible.

      The bible is a Pandora’s box, full of promises for a better world yet also full of all that which makes it hell. He who unwisely opens it has no idea what he unleashes.

      • Alan Higgins says:

        So when you die is in your hands and not God’s?

        • Tasso says:

          Are you asking me for my personal opinion or what I think the bible teaches? My personal opinion is that we have some limited control over our lives. I could commit suicide and thus quickly end it. I could live a careless life and thus catch diseases, addictions which could destroy my life. I could live a healthy lifestyle, go to the gym, eat a balanced diet and thus prolong my life.

          Yet we know that some people live long lives in spite of living careless, others die young even though they were good people and seemed to do everything right,

          What viewpoint does this justify? That God gives and takes away life?
          Or does this justify what Jessie was teaching from the bible that we are in full control over our lives?

          I believe neither but that as humans we have a choice over how we live our lives and that this can determine how long and well we live.

          Anyway, my point here was not what the truth is about our choice in living but the question if Jesse Duplantis was teaching something wrong with what he said because it seemed to me that you try to expose him as a false teacher.

          I believe what he taught in this clip is very biblical yet he could have taught the exact opposite and it also would have been biblical. My point here is: only because something is biblical does not necessarily make it true.

          My point also is that I believe that many Christians today have the wrong concept of what the bible is. They worship a book and raise it high to heaven without realising that by doing this they have become exactly like the idolaters the bible so much condemns.

  2. Alan Higgins says:

    “God has the power to take life but he cant. He has the power to do it, but he wont. He is bound. He cant” – That alone is unscriptural. God is sovereign and he can do what he wants, when he wants. God is not bound to what we decide as if he was a puppet. Please show me scriptures (in context) to show the above

    If I choose when I die and I decide to die at 150, will that happen? No

    This is the problem with these teachers is that they put God in the passenger seat and we are the driver

    • Tasso says:

      Jesse Duplantis point simply was that even though God has the power to take life he can’t because of his integrity. It goes like this:

      1. God is truth, he cannot lie.
      2. The bible is God’s word, therefore it cannot lie.
      3. The bible says, that life and death are in our tongue.
      4. Because the bible is true and God cannot lie, therefore God can’t take our life.

      The fallacy here is not in the way Jesse Duplantis interprets the word. He is absolutely correct that these words can be found in the bible and are meant that way. The fallacy is that he takes the bible as God’s absolute word and this is nowhere substantiated in the bible.

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