I have already given you a taster of Gospel Cypher where TP broke down various christian doctrines. As per Gospel Cypher, there job is to bring…..

……edifying, exclusive Christian content from the deep recesses of the UK’s Urban Gospel Scene. Everything from Freestyles, Music Videos & Live Performances/behind the scenes sneak peaks…to Personal Testimonies, Debates and of course the Word!

Jahaziel is one of my favorite UK gospel artists and you can see the mini documentary about him ‘Rapping For God’. Anyway, watch Jahaziel on Gospel Cypher but more importantly, listen to the lyrics.

I love the quote “He must increase, end of discussion, I must decrease, Benjamin Button”

This is Part 2, where Jahaziel talks about ‘Positive Gas’ and challenges both Christians and non Christians alike. The is definitely worth a listen.

To see more videos, visit Gospel Cypher by clicking here

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  1. bro mack says:

    Rapping for god you might be right but not the God of the bible, The Holy Spirit is not going to lead anyone to add the profane sound with the pure gospel, that is of self, I used to rap and be part of the hip hop holy movement, but the Holy Spirit is not in it and never will be… check out exministries website about this they have many truths that similar to what the Holy Spirit revealed to me…they have blogs and dvds and messages about this…you can not serve but God and self, you will be servant to one…

  2. Alan Higgins says:

    Bro Mack, I know all about ex-ministries and to be honest, I think it will be best to agree to disagree on this one as I cannot be asked to get into a long debate on this.

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