The appeal is simple: On the 16th of february, upload a video of yourself, (it doesn’t have to be long) addressing your facebook friends, presenting the gospel in a way that is personal to you, (maybe using a scripture, song, testimony that… is of importance to you) and tag this page in facebook (the fb appeal) using the @ feature in the post along with anyone else you specifically want to hear your message, And pray that God uses your step of faith in order to promote conversation, questions and curiosity within all that hear it, ultimately directing them to Jesus Christ.

To see a video explaining this on Facebook click here

To join the Facebook fan page, click here

To follow the appeal on Twitter, click here

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  1. vintagegirl says:

    Love the idea, any idea that is a new and fresh approach to sharing the Gospel. But I am NOT videotaping myself. Let’s just say it’s not my “gifting”, and I think this whole social networking thing is getting way out of hand. Though it can be used effectively for sharing the Gospel, thanks but no thanks to the personal video idea.

  2. Greg says:

    How about we stop shoving our beliefs down someone else’s throat. We have our beliefs they have theirs.

    • Alan Higgins says:

      If you saw someone about to jump off a cliff, would it be wrong to warn them or would that be ‘shoving your belief down their throat’?

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