Pastor Albert Odulele admits sex offences

Posted: March 6, 2011 in False Doctrine, False Teachers
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For those of you who dont know Pastor Albert Odulele is a very well know pastor here in the UK of Glory House

Below is a video on Channel 4 news explaining when Pastor Albert Odulele was charged

Well he has now admitted the offences. As per Channel 4:

Dr Albert Odulele, who runs Glory House International, admitted indecently assaulting a boy aged 14 and sexually assaulting a 21-year-old man – both former members of his congregation.

He entered the guilty pleas at Bexley Magistrates’ Court in south east London and was committed for sentencing at Woolwich Crown Court on a date yet to be set.

Magistrates granted him conditional bail at the brief hearing.

Odulele, who describes himself as a ‘teacher, preacher and evangelical preacher’, is a major figure in the world of evangelical Christianity.

His east London-based church says it has a congregation of 3,000.

There are also branches of Glory House International in Leeds, Birmingham, Nigeria and Brazil.

Worldwide following

And Odulele has attracted many more followers around the world through appearances at international evangelic conferences, on religious TV programmes and videos on YouTube.

His website describes him as an author, speaker and preacher, and boasts of his ‘charismatic style, prophetic delivery and prolific expression of truth’.

Channel 4 News understands the alleged assaults took place in 2003 and 2004.

The court heard how Odulele, 47, initially denied any wrongdoing after he was arrested last summer by the Metropolitan Police’s Major Child Abuse Investigation Unit.

But he later admitted to police that he had been ‘battling’ with his sexuality for years. He denied the offences were pre-planned.

Glory House International has been a registered charity for 18 years and has a turnover of £2 million a year.

I for one am glad that this has come to light because I believe that so many times, some of us hold leaders up high in an unhealthy way and never question what the the ‘man of God’ says. I have heard some of his messages and it is normally your typical doctrine revolving around prosperity, wealth transfer, self fulfillment, blessings, dominion now and everything else relating to the “What God has for you” doctrine.

Many Christians will be throwing out the ‘judge not’ line and will want to pretend that this stuff doesnt happen in Christendom but as Jesus said, you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8:32). Adversely, that means that if you dont know the truth (or chose not to) , then you will be kept in bondage. Hopefully this will help people to have their eyes opened and say goodbye to the untouchable preachers.

As my friend says, my prayers are with his victims and not his reputation.

UPDATE: Pastor Albert Odulele has been jailed for fondling a teenage boy. To read more, click here

  1. Thomas says:

    Alan, as you’ve correctly pointed out on many occasions, the whole movement to which Albert Odulele belongs is totally corrupt. It exists for one purpose, which is to make the preachers rich, by exploiting vulnerable people. So it’s no surprise that stuff like this happens, and I’m actually glad that one of these evil people has been exposed for who he really is – I hope he goes to jail for a long time.

  2. It is sad. As an aside, the journalism in the news report is ignorant of Christianity as a whole – which is no suprise.

  3. fragmentz says:

    Hi Jonathan, interested in why you feel that the 2 minute news article was ignorant of Christianity as a whole? The way I saw it, was it was just presenting the information about what has happened, and facts about a church that do not appear to be wrong?

    On another note, my two pennies for what they are worth, is that I gasped when I read this, perhaps because it seems all the more shocking because he is ‘Pastor’ and not ‘Priest’ and because we appear to have perhaps become a little immune and desensitised with all the recent media furore on the RC church.

    It goes without saying, what disruption, sadness, pain, and hurt that this man’s actions will have caused. To the survivors of the abuse, to their families, to the community/local church.

    How many others are there?

    Some I was talking to this morning, spoke about how Pastors with such ‘status’ make mistake. Sure. Its a failing. We all fail. And especially people under such lime light, and pressure, and when God is not the focus the fall is even greater, HOWEVER this is not ‘just a mistake’. Child Abuse is never ‘just a mistake’.

    I truly pray for the known victims and any unknown ones, that somehow they can come to a place of peace in their life time over what has been done upon them.


  4. kemi says:

    Ds is just so sad!! It will be interesting to know when he admitted to this cos he had initially denied any wrong doing.

  5. Nike says:

    . One man’s failing does not equal to an entire corrupt movement. I know a l lot about the so called movement and I can confidently assert that you are wrong in your generalization. This forum is inadequate for ame to give you full theological basis for my comment. However here are some simple facts: Becoming a passionate Christian does not free anyone from moral struggles. It gives one a heart that seeks to please God and seeks to forsake sin. Our hope in our walk wih Christ is that we become more Christ-like as we abhor sin. However the perfect has not come and God does not necessarily only use ‘sin-free’ vessels! being at the top as a minister also makes it more difficult to reach out for help with struggles than if one were not a minister. If you study the life of David God described as the man after (God’s) heart, he was an adulterer and murderer! How inconceivable! We would have had him rot in jail for the rest of his life based on all the comments here. There are consequences for sin and David has some serious consequences. But sin in itself is no indication that a person is not genuine in their pursuit of God and their desire to be sin-free. In the bible., you read of Christ lovers saying in different ways :’Who will deliver me from this body of mine? The good I desire to do, I do not and the bad I abhor, I do!’. Brokenness and heart condition is key! True worshippers of God need to understand the concept of mercy over judgment. Christian ministers are people like you and I- with their own internal struggles-like you and I. They just picked a different vocation than you and I. This is very sad. Instead of all this mindless judgement, we as Christain should be on our knees, praying for the victims and the offender…praying for healing, courage, strength, fortitude, genuine repentance, reconciliation and restoration to each and every person involved and affected. We shouls be praying for those who may have been close to getting saved by the saving grace of our God but who now are reconsidering as our God’s name is getting dragged in the mud on account of this minister’s failing. I will be praying for the victims and the minister as well as their families and the church of Christ. I suggest that all who are called by Christ, do the same!

    • mike Bright says:

      Nike, I admire your defense of a paedophile. David in the bible was not a repeat offender. Talking of the man in question, he is a paedophile. He may have changed, repented, been born again etc. The fact remains that it took the Met Police intervention for him to be removed from the position of leadership – by force and disgrace. I am not too sure he still does not have influence over his church. That shows the pitiful state of the 21st century church when leaders refuse to take action and deal with sin. Immorality is excused by statements like “afterall we are all sinners”. And for those people in leadership positions, to whom much is given, much is expected. If you cannot live by the standards of the Bible you claim to preach, then leave the office. Apostle Paul listed the requirements in his epistle toTitus and Timothy. I am waiting for the next false teacher to be revealed of all this charlatans.

    • Jide says:

      Nike, your comment summarizes one truth and sinks it deep into my heart: THE MIND OF CHRIST.

    • lesfred says:

      wow, great stuff, MIKE. very impressed, as for these people pointing fingers, i hope they have taken the log out of their own eyes first! HYPOCRISY AT ITS HIGHEST LEVEL! They talking like they have got no sin, or the fact that one is a pastor makes him a perfect human being!Guess they have not heard of the quotation ‘strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter’ this actually make the leaders of congregations at greater risk of attack, be it in the form of sexual immorality… think what real and genuine Christians should be doing is to be praying for our leaders all the time, and in such situations, both the victims and offenders as well as their families……….. not forgetting the ministry in question as well.

    • oy says:

      i agree, truly, we cant throw away the baby with the bath water. I also want to believe the pastor has learnt his lesson and has changed

  6. How do you “teach” the precious word of God while you are having sex with young boys? It defies logic and certainly it goes against the very message of the gospel! And I disagree with Nike who said that people like Odulele are just like you and I; they just picked a different vocation! First of all, true ministers and Shepherds are those who have been chosen by God. There are a lot of so-called ministers who are self-annonted! They pervert the ways of God and his laws yet hold others to a higher standard. We are told in Scripture by Christ to judge those who claim to be from God, “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious woves. By THEIR FRUIT you will recognize them”. ( Matthew 7:15) And Paul speaks of godlessness in the last days and those who have a form of godliness but deny it power, he says of these charlatans, “But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their folly wiill be clear to everyone.” 2 Timothy 3.

    • lesfred says:

      at marrianne, guess you are sinless then? even though true ministers are chosen by God, they are human beings with faults just like you and i. they r not perfect human beings! even Paul himself continually spoke about the torn in his flesh n doing what he did not wnt to do,and not doing what he wanted to! so far as i am aware, my bible tells me that the righteous man falls seven times but then he rises seven times…….. so the most important thing is repentance, for that is all that Christianity is about, ‘repenting’. And who r we to judge? the only way God warns us to look at false prophets is through their teachings and doctrines so i think you are quoting matt. 7:15 out of contest here cus no one has disputed His teaching so far… the only fruit i can see in him so far is that of repentance, a man who fell realised what he had done, and then repented! all we know is he fell short in his sexual morality and by pleading guilty we can assume that he has repented, and if so who are we to judge him then? what crime did David not commit? doesnt matter how many times, but in all of his crimes he is the only person God refers to as a man after his own heart!! think what we need to be doing now is praying for our leaders cus they r humans just as we are and are even prone to more temptations, rather than just sitting back and judge them when they go astray!

  7. Ibk says:

    I agree with Nike, and don’t agree that she is by any means defending the ‘actions’ of Pastor Albert.
    I also agree with fragmentz who wrote ‘child abuse is never a mistake’, just as lying, adultery, stealing, telling the kids to say ‘I’m not in’ when that unwanted caller rings are not mistakes.
    I’m not seeking to ‘diminish’ the severity of what’s happened here, and my heart goes out to each victim. However, in the absence of knowing those victims personally, one can only comment on the person one knows, i.e. Pastor Albert, and on one’s knowledge of him. To all those who disagree with Nike’s post, I’d say, let’s imagine this were your best friend, who has always shown you kindness and compassion, and they committed a crime like this, would you rebuke them in public and hang them out to dry, or rebuke them in private and support them as best as you could. I don’t know if Nike knows Pastor Albert personally, but I do and this isn’t the man I know. To Kemi, I’d say it’s not really relevant when he admitted this as, whether he admitted it last year or not, he would have still had to face the penalty – I’m not sure how many people, being mere mortals, would admit to such crimes immediately, if caught. Yes, he has sinned, he is about to pay the price, and Christians can only continue to pray for healing for the victims, for Pastor’s family, and for the body of Christ too, as that body is made up of ‘mere mortals’ rather than ‘saints’.

  8. Anyone who says they knew Pastor Albert but were unaware that he was committing these heinous acts, I submit that you did not really know him!

  9. Ibk says:

    Marianne, just one question, do you know all your friend’s secret sins and thoughts? Again, not trying to defend anyone here but I guess we all tend to know of each other, only that which the other person has chosen to show to us. How on earth can one know or even imagine a friend or family member could murder, steal, defraud, or commit any other crime unless that person were to commit the same offence in one’s view? It’s not a freqiuent occurrence to hear of a pastor being involved in what we’re talking about here, and that means one wouldn’t go around imagining one’s pastor or friend ‘might’ commit such an offence so I’m not sure how one can ‘know’ when an act such as these are being committed unless one is physically present to stop the act. God help us all and God please comfort the victims, that’s all I can say.

  10. I understand what you said Ibk and that is my point. No one really knows another’s heart unless what they say is contrary to what they live. This Pastor was preaching the gospel and living a lie for years. His sin found him out. I pray he does repent and change his life, however, that does not now mitigate his sin and the harm he has done to his congregation. In Scripture, Paul spoke against certain followers who did wrong. The sad part is that this Pastor first denied he had done anything wrong. It appears that the only reason he stopped is because he was found out. Can you understand why he is viewed as a hypocrite who used the gospel for his own gain? He preached a prosperity and self-fuifillment gospel which also goes against anything Christ taught. It is sad that so many put the truth of Christ in such a bad light to the rest of the world!!

    • Nike says:

      IBK, Marianne and Mike Bright- I think some clarification of my position is warranted based on your comments. Mike- I am certainly not defending a pedophile! I never said that I approved of his actions in anyway or that I thought it should be excused. That is a gross misrepresentation of my position. I have children and cannot begin to conceive the psychological/spiritual and emotional damage done to the children involved and their families. This is a sad case- a completely life shattering experience that will change everyone concerned or connected with it forever; but most especially the victims! As I said before, I will be praying for the victims, Pastor Albert, his family, his congregation and the church at large. I believe that this is the commission we have been charged with as believers, in times like this. I am not exonerating Albert in any form, shape or pattern. As I said before, there is always a penalty for sin and Pastor Albert should suffer those penalties. My point however is that sin in itself, (regardless of magnitude) does not make a person a ‘phony’ Christian or minister. To Mike’s point about David not being a serial sinner, I respectfully object to that position. David, the man after God’s own heart was definitely a repeat offender! The guy took another man’s wife! I don’t know how you perceive taking another man’s wide but usually, this does not happen in a day. There is some premeditation involved. There is some strategizing involved. There is probably an on going affair too. If this is not serial sinning, wallowing in sin or as Mike Bright put it ‘a repeat offender’……I wonder what/who is?! As though taking a guy’s wife were not treacherous enough, he decided to kill the woman’s husband. Mind you, that is no excuse for us all to run out and sin! However, in terms of biblical truth; God’s perception of sin is not necessarily the same as ours. I know it will rock some people’s theology- but God does not compartmentalize sin, as we do….big sin, little sin, hellian sin! To God, sin is sin. IBK listed a few sins that societal ethics will lead us to describe as minor- relative to sexual sin. However, this is a position based on societal ethics and not on scripture. Lucifer was cast into hell with no hope of redemption but guess what……his number one sin was not sexual deviance! The bible strongly suggests that God regards sexual sin the same way he regards complaining, pride and other seemingly ‘harmless’ sins. He views them with the same contempt and calls us to be holy as He is holy! Again, this forum does not allow for full theological discuss on this subject. However, I will site the example of the Israelites- the expertly unthankful complainers who were rescued from Egypt. They were sentenced to 40 years (instead of 40 days) in the wilderness. We all know that their 40 year sentence was not for sexual predation! So… point was and still is……Christ loves the sinner and hates the sin. We as followers of Christ should be Christ-like…..loving sinners and hating sin. We need to remember that none of us are without sin and that no person’s sin is greater than the other person’s. This should bring us to a place of brokenness and humility. A place that makes us merciful; with strong desires to see fallen Christians or ministers in a place of brokenness and restoration.
      I assert that Albert Odulele is like the rest of us. Called to holiness but fallen along the way. He needs prayers and needs to be restored to his first works and first walk with God. We need to prayerfully lead him there. I agree with IBK 115%. I realize that before man (myself included), sin has levels and categories but I am convinced that God’s perspective is different. A person can be as hell-bound over ongoing unrepentant pride in the same way that a pedophile may be hell bound. With this in mind, we as believers need to practice mercy over judgment, and love over laws! I do not go to Albert Odulele’s church. In fact I do not live in the UK. I have not listened to a sermon of his in perhaps a decade so I can hardly be brainwashed and influenced by him as suggested by Mike Bright. However, I do know the man. I met him when he was a ‘small time’ minister, at a small Christian organization over 20 years ago. I was closely involved with his first ministries. I knew the man in so much as the bible says ‘by their fruit you shall know them’. He bore good fruit! I disagree with Marianne about what he preached. You cannot judge a person’s theology by a couple of sermons. That will be like reading a few pages of the bible and drawing conclusions about the bible in its entirety! We Christians should stop knocking one another over non-fundamental issues like preaching or not preaching about prosperity. We should major on fundamental issues like salvation, holiness and Christ-likeness! In my walk with Christ, I have had almost a decade’s attendance at an evangelical free church and similar time in the Pentecostal church. I have come to realize that we may always have divergent opinions on non fundamental issues but Christianity should always be about the cross, GRACE, forgiveness, mercy and Christ-likeness. Yes…the man should suffer for his atrocity. Yes, we need to uphold and pray for the victims and for their emotional, psychological and spiritual healing. But, because I believe in the power of the cross and of Christ’s amazing grace, I also pray that Pator Albert returns to The God he once knew and probably still knows. I pray that he overcomes his sins. I pray that he knows the joy of restoration and I remain convinced that this should be every genuine Christain’s opinion…..if they understand Christ’s amazing grace!

      • Esther says:

        Nike… Thanks I do see more sense in what youve written. May God bless u big time sis

      • kola says:

        Thank you very much Nike. God bless you. Let him who is without sin before God be the first to cast a stone…Let him who doesn’t on a daily basis depend on the mercies of God solely to even go through each day be the first to shout crucify him…Let him who has never fallen before, who hasnt find himself or herself do or say things that you later regret so much that you wished you were dead calls for judgement. He sinned, he will pay for it, but my place as a Christian is to cry for mercy over him and his victims, to weep with deep sorrow in my heart that the God of all mercy, the one who said if our sins be as scarlet…will look upon his victims and send healing, will look upon Pastor Albert with mercy and restore his soul and the joy of his salvation. He didnt start this way. Let him that thinks he stand, take heed…

      • Jide says:

        You ommited the Last line of your write up:

        Q E D.

        I think I need to meet you!

      • oy says:

        well spoken, i have nothing else to add, you’ve said it all

    • Jide says:

      Dear sister Marianne, Please read Galatians 6:1. Anybody can respond to the laws of gravity.
      Please let us pray for a fallen brother. He may have been an hypocrite all his life till the time of his arrest; we owe him prayer all the same. Particularly now that GOD allows him an oppurtunity for genuine repentance.
      If GOD were to seek my opinion on salvation before touching my heart, I doubtlessly would have voted against myself.
      Our individual and collective pains ar understandable, however after all these let us identify with a man the devil would have destroyed irredeemably and pray to rescue him. if he was 6 billion time worse than that, Jesus’ death is still up to his cleansing

  11. Nike says:

    I meant another man’s wife not another man’s wide !

  12. LOVE says:

    For those of us who are Christians i will say this case is just like that of ANANIAS AND SAPPHIRA. That is, this case should bring about Godly fear to the body of Christ (the church) it is not a time to play denomination or ministry.
    I will say it is time for us to to verify out closet relationship with God irrespective of our position or activity in the house of God.

    For those that her not Christians or those that fill you do not have to be only to be called a christian, i will say it is not time to laugh, mock or conclude that holiness is not achievable or desired by God. GOD IS NOT MOCKED AND HE CAN ALSO NOT BEHOLD INIQUITY.
    THE HOLY SPIRIT will love, comfort and tolerate you but will also judge you when you refuse to repent.

    For both parties, please! please! not that there is no such thing as i am dealing with one sin or the other. This things are called LUST OF THE FLESH, LUST OF THE EYE AND PRIDE OF LIFE. GOD warns of this characteristics in 2 Tim3 vs 1-5.

    Pastor Albert, I pray for you and your family and please hold on to God he does not hate you.

    For the victims, I admire your courage and I pray that God will heal your wound. Please do not hate God or the church; Jesus if feels your hurt and shares in your pain. You later end will be better than the former in Jesus

  13. Chinwe Emekwue says:

    I have read all your posts and the one i found most fascinating was posted by Nike.. i have never read anything so self indulging in a long time.. she was too eager and too keen to defend the man and yet wants to appear like not doing so.. Dear Nike.. Mike is right about David he never took another man’s wife again! and what this man is accused of is not adultery which we may begin to understand, he was having sex with under aged boys!
    Please Nike i don’t care how long you have known him or how he grew from grass to grace. That behavior has no place in Christianity. It was for that reason that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

    P.S Marianne is right, they were not really called by God himself. How come the apostles never struggled with such weighty sin?

    • Antony Aris says:

      It seems that you are more overly concerned with the nature of the sin i.e homosexuality or paedophillia rather than then entertaining the idea that GOD does not differentiate one sin from another as from His holy perspective it is all the same. I find your evaluation of Nike’s comments rather disturbing and perhaps your knee jerk reaction is indicative of unresolved issues perhaps? Nike in know way justifies Odulele’s sin just state’s that delighting in a situation like this and hating on the man know matter how much we are disgusted by the nature of his sin is not Christ-like. This is not about point scoring folks or self righteousness but about real life folks…

    • lesfred says:

      at chinwe, had it not been for the intervention of a wise woman, Abigail, David would have committed more than one murders! so what we should be doing as wise Christians is to be interceding for our leaders not just sitting back and judging them! and i am really surprised you are saying adultery is more understandable compared to sexual immorality! so far as i am aware my bible says all sins are the same! there is nothing like a weightier sin! so get all your stuff right and do not display your ignorance! after David committed two sins of murder and adultery God still forgave him and called him the man after his own heart! God never said that sin had no place in HIS kingdom!
      and i am really surprised you know whom God really choose and i guessed whom He didnt aswell? if i were you, i would not exercise myself in matters that are too weightier than me!

      and oh, the apostles never struggled with (weighty) sins? guess you not reading your bible then? didn’t realise peter had a temper? even Judas whom Jesus chose himself?, not forgetting Paul with the torn in his flesh, and doing what he did not want to and not doing what he wanted to? please let’s get our facts straight before we start talking, ie if we are Christians, if we are not then we can be excused!.

  14. Alan Higgins says:

    Nike, the main point is not just that he sinned. As you have said, we have all sinned and none of us are deserving of God’s grace BUT…… the main issue here (for me anyway) is that he is a pastor with a massive influence. The bible makes it very clear what the qualifications are of a pastor and he has clearly failed those qualifications. If this happened in 2003/4 and battling with his sexuality then he has misled the flock and should have stepped down ages ago. This is not a ‘its summer time and I see girls walking around in flesh and my mind wanders but I look away’ kind of sin, this is on a totally different level. So may people put these preachers on a pedestal and then when their doctrine is questioned the ‘judge not’ army come out. For example, look at how many members are at and then how many members are at!/home.php?sk=group_114685178609585

    That is a symptom of the disease, where so many people want to stand by their pastor no matter what he does. Pray for him yes but stand by him no

    • Antony Aris says:

      Bro, your argument is a bit flawed here as your suggestion is that someone in that position of leadership / authority cannot sin or fall into temptation after having an exemplary ministry. What so people can’t be corrupted or their unresolved issues manifest out of control in different seasons in their life? I agree with you that he should have stepped down and left his post but at the same time I can imagine the level of self denial and even self conflict someone like that would be dealing with. I would find it difficult to admit to myself such a tendency and predicament and its a sad part of human nature to fear what others will think of you. Especially when you are in such a respected and lofty position. My sympathies lie with the victim’s but I also pity Odulele as he has ruined lives. E. Also, the doctrine of the man is irrelevant to his sin and don’t think it should be used as an opportunity to critique doctrines and practices of other churches. I know that this is not your intention but many will. I don’t think anyone should offer their pastor or priest unwavering support but neither should we encourage hell fire and gloating over sinners as the world does…

      • Alan Higgins says:

        Tony, as you said that was not my intention. The reason I mentioned the doctrine side of things is because as I said I have seen so many people follow these kind of preachers like lemmings and end of spiritually shipwrecked. We are all sinners but there is a higher standard for pastors because they are leaders and shold be examples. Admittedly ,we all have our inner struggles but I think that this is on a different level especially when you if you have read Of course we should pray for his restoration but at the same time, not sweep this stuff under the carpet as some christians would like to do.

  15. Ibk says:

    My overwhelming feeling about this case is one of sadness because, to the unbeliever, it’s the name of Jesus on trial here – and to many believers, it’s the Pastor himself – hence the two camps on Facebook. On this thread, I don’t think anyone’s ‘defending’ Pastor because there is no defence to be made here; my stance is more about wondering what Jesus Christ would have done if Pastor Albert were standing before him now, having made him pay the penalty for his sin through the courts of law? To the brother who said the apostles weren’t battling with similar sins, well we don’t know that for sure and, I guess, if God hadn’t allowed Pastor Albert’s case to come to light, we would have said the same about the Pastors of today.
    I agree with the writer who said it’s time for us to all go back onto our knees in prayer to God and ‘work out our individual salvation with fear and trembling’. This should be a period of self-reflection for each of us because, even though most of us will never commit the exact same sin Pastor has committed, we each have our own sin that we’re battling with which may not be as abominable as this particular case to man, but which is equally abominable in the sight of God, e.g. pride, idolatory, and even ‘lust’.
    God have mercy on us all, I’d say and, yes, it’s truly time to stick together as members of the one body of Christ without condoning the sin. If an unbeliever were to come to us, as believers, and say they don’t want to serve God because of what has happened, what would our response be, i.e. to preach God’s love and mercy for the sinner, or to talk about God’s judgement for those who have sinned. I remember years’ ago, the whole pentecostal movement used to be about ‘God’s judgement’ and the ‘hail and brimstone’ message, which drove many away from the church, out of fear. Today, having experienced the mercy of God so many times, I guess I’m more able to preach that mercy and show that mercy when faced with sin. A line of a song that comes to mind right now is ‘the vilest offender who truly believes, that moment from Jesus a pardon receives’, hence the need for us to pray for true repentance for Pastor rather than for judgement which he has already received through the courts.

  16. Hello says:

    And this is the narcissistic Christianity our Nigerian Christianity has morphed into. Always looking inwards, forever beholden to self. All about ‘my’ increase, ‘my’ empowerment, ‘my’ protection from the evil witch in the village.

    As a culture it is not outward looking except to preen and keep up appearances. For them it is ‘what would the heathen think about us’, not what he did? How will; not his sin, but the exposure impact the body?? As though they had anything to do with the fact that God’s word has remained alive and true for thousands of years, irrespective of his people.

    Their concern is not rooted in Matt: 25:35-46, as long as they’ve given their tithe to the pastor (who according to their interpretation of scripture, is authorized to personally appropriate same) they say it’s no concern of theirs what he does with it. Is it any surprise that the saying ‘where your treasure is there will your heart lie’ ring so true for them. The man of god has become their focus, their idol. Of the entire crime of confessed pedophilia, ‘how is pastor feeling’ is their main concern.

    The UNSPOKEN WORD in all of this is the children. Broken. Wounded. Steeped in the knowing that those whom they trust, care so little. They are for the Nigerian Christian, an afterthought, a footnote in this terrible crime, how to prevent this from happening again is the least of their worries, how to heal the bruised, tender hearts is not a priority. It is the way of this narcissistic beasts, that they only look inwards, and when they sneak a peek outwards, it’s only to behold their idol, their esteemed man of god.

    The facebook group has a feel good introduction now (at least it mentions in passing , the victims). It took dissenters sneaking in and giving them an earful, reminding them to consider the victims. Their messages were quickly deleted; one I read was tersely told, that if she felt so strongly about the victims she should go form a group for them. May God forgive them, for in attempting to be Christ like, they display the fact that they value their man of god more than the wounded hurting children.

  17. Ibk says:

    “Hello”, it’s not about ‘what would the heathen think about “us”‘; more about what they will think about “Christ”. When you say ‘us’, you surely can’t be thinking of ‘us’ as in the individual writers such as Nike and I who have expressed opinions like everyone else has done? As a believer, charged with the mission to go out there and fish for men for God’s kingdom, I care not as much about what the heathen think about me as a Christian as I do about what the heathen think about the name of the Lord.
    I’m not sure if you’re Nigerian or not, and whether you’re based in the UK or not but, everywhere I go in this land, despite being born here, the question is often asked ‘why are Nigerians corrupt, or why are Nigerians fraudsters? (not why are ‘some’ Nigerians fraudsters or corrupt)’ when all of us certainly aren’t! In this instance, whereby one pastor has committed a crime/sin, whether we all post here condemning the actions or not, guess what? You will hear unbelievers suggesting ALL pastors, or ALL Nigerian pastors, or ALL christian men are the same – bar none. As a member of the body of Christ, when one part of the body falls, alas, the finger is pointed at all of us, and at Jesus Christ Himself.
    Why am I concerned with how the exposure might impact the body? Well it will, because our role as believers is to go out there and win souls to the body of Christ, and while Pastor being caught so he can pay the penalty is surely of God, further wrangling and open messages of support and abuse are not going to make the job of drawing more men unto Christ any easier. Whether we like it or not, whether we openly condemn the act or not, to the unbeliever ‘we are all in this sin together’, hence the need for us to go to God jointly for forgiveness, and to seek wisdom on how to bring comfort to the victims, as well as restore the faith of the heathen that Jesus is indeed Lord, and that God is still God despite what has happened here.
    What the heathen think does matter greatly, because we need to keep winning their souls for His kingdom.
    Ps. Being concerned about the ‘exposure’ is totally different to being concerned about him having been caught by the way, and I pray you understand this.

  18. Nike says:

    IBK- You share my thoughts and theology precisely! Note I said ‘theology’ and not ‘sentiments! @ Alan- I totally agree with you that people should not place any human (pastor or not) on a pedestal. Placing any one besides God, on a pedestal usually amounts to idol worship (that is a different sermon for another day!). I also agree with Alan that Pastor Odulele should have stepped down at some point and told the church that he needed to step down to attend to some personal/emotional and spiritual struggles. For whatever reasons, he didn’t choose to do that and that was probably wrong. As Marianne and IBK pointed out….no one knows the heart of man but God Himself! It is not inconceivable that he felt he had over come his struggles in 2004 and maybe has been sexually pure since then! Who knows?! Again that may not be the case. Maybe this shattering exposure was Gods way of forcing him to get help. Again who knows? God’s ways and thoughts are way, way above mine! My position is that at this point; all this discuss on what should have been is now irrelevant. It is ‘medicine after death’. Others might learn from it …..but ultimately, at this point, what matters more is that we receive grace to do what Christ would do in a situation like this, if he were physically present here on earth.

    I’m not sure where people like Chinwe get this concept of ‘weighty’ and perhaps ‘light’ sin from??? It is totally unbiblical! God judges sin and this particular Pastor is already received dome small measure of judgment. He is probably heading to jail. It is frightening that some Christains think like Chinwe, that they would be ‘understanding’ of adultery but not pedophilia! Chinwe, I am compelled to break the news to you and others that we should not be ‘understanding’ of ‘adultery, pedophilia, pride, hate or any other sin! We should abhor ALL sin.
    Finally, as to Alan’s comment about people standing by their pastor no matter what: I think the phrase ‘stand by’ may mean different things to different people. Standing by someone is not necessarily synonymous with condoning a person’s actions. The body of Christ should be like a functional biological family. In a functional family, family members stand by one another even when one of them is in error. A good family acknowledges and condemns the actions of the offending family member but still stands by them and aims to restore them in a spirit of love, if they feel that they can be restored. Is it somehow wrong to reprove a family member in private but continue to show love to the family member? Please help me understand. I have spent a lot of time here because I think it is quintessential to share the message that as Christians, we are called to show UNCONDITIONAL LOVE at all times; even if we are diligently REPROVING, CORRECTING and CONDEMNING a person’s actions. Selah!

  19. fragmentz says:

    No matter what anyone says, telling your children to tell somone at door, maybe an annoying salesmen that no one is home IS a different sin, and far less worse than sexually abusing children. End of. There is no comparison.

  20. Ibk says:

    Fragmentz, I agree with you that there is no comparison in the eyes of man between what we conveniently call a ‘white lie’, and the physical or sexual abuse of children, but I was talking about ‘in the eyes of God’ where “sin is sin” as Nike has rightly said.

    There’s nothing wrong in telling your kids to tell an annoying salesman ‘I’m not interested’ is there, yet, by telling your kids to tell a lie to the salesman, one has begun to sow the seed of ‘iniquity’ in the child’s heart, but we don’t consider these things because this isn’t a ‘weighty’ sin.

    As Nike said, God ‘hates’ all sin, and so should we, as believers; but He also loves all sinners, and so should we, as believers (or so I think anyway). If God hadn’t been able to separate the sin from the sinner, and hate one and yet love the other, He never would have been able to give up His son to die for us, no?

    Before I do, write, or say, anything, I always think of the potential ‘impact’ of my actions, i.e. will it build up or will it cast down, will it heal or will it hurt, will it cause that brother or sister to repent or might it cause them to flee further away from God?

    If further exposure and condemnation of Pastor Albert would help the healing process for the poor victims of this case who have mercifully been allowed to remain annonymous, then I would take part in this.

    If simply ‘spreading the word’ about what Pastor Albert has done, or further exposing him, were going to bring about his repentance, then I’d be on the bandwagon straight away, spreading the news across every forum I belong to; BUT the question is, ‘will further exposure and condemnation really bring about his repentance?’. While the Body of Christ is not jointly responsible for the sin that has been committed here, we are jointly responsible for trying to see Pastor’s soul restored to salvation, and I would be delighted if I had it recorded against my name in the heavenlies that I continued to pray for a man that has fallen so far away from God’s grace, yet who came back to the fold due to me not giving up on him.

    Alan, I was reading through this site yesterday, and was truly moved by your story of how you came to know the Lord, then I noticed the tab on ‘false teachers’, and I asked myself what the purpose of this site and that particular thread is? If the purpose is to win souls to Christ, then I’d be interested in knowing how many people have fed back to you that they’ve come and read the site, read the bit on false teachers, and decided ‘yep, I want to serve the God that Alan serves – despite the number of false teachers he’s pointed out here’. I’d also be interested in knowing how many unbelievers have come and viewed the story of Pastor Albert on your home page and decided to give their lives to Christ as a result of this. Also, has any Pastor, named on that list come to you to say ‘I’ve decided to repent as a result of you putting my name up on that list?’
    If I had the time to set up a Gospel Website, with the purpose of spreading the news about the gospel (and I’m so sorry if I’m jumping to conclusions here), I would focus on doing just that and, if at any time I discovered false teachers out there (and there are many indeed), I would write to them directly with my opinion.

    Your testimony of how you came to know the Lord is powerful enough to win hearts and minds to Christ. I’d plead that you don’t negate the effect of your testimony with the false teachers bits. If you discover false teachers, and you feel so strongly about what they’re doing, write to them and pray for them. An unbelieving boss in a new job once pulled me aside before a meeting and said ‘don’t present the report you’re about to present to your peers as it’s inadequate, I didn’t want to tell you in the meeting itself so I don’t destroy your confidence’. I learnt a huge lesson – from an unbeliever .

    • Alan Higgins says:

      Ibk, the whole point of this website was to talk about Real Christianity and that includes exposing the false teachers amongst other things. These teachers spread their poison publicly and so I will address it publicly. It is VERY biblical. You can look at and the links at the bottom

      Christians seem to get the idea God saving someone is dependant on us not talking about falsehood in the church and we discard God’s sovereignty. If this was the case, then why did Paul talk about it a lot.

      My reason for this article is not to make the pastor repent. His conscious should have done that alone. My purpose is to let people know that this stuff goes on. Too many times, we as christians like to put our head in the sand. Also we fail to recognise that there are MANY people who are not only physically and sexually abused but spiritually abused as well and some of these pastors leave many victims along their way (

      So no, I will not just focus on the positive side, I will declare the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27).

      The feedback that I get from this is overwhelmly positive and I get many words of thanks. It is best that people know exactly what christianity is and what it isnt than thinking one thing only to be disappointed at the end because they have ben misled through false advertising

      • lesfred says:

        at allan, so just because a person commits the same sin twice means he is a false christian……….. wow wonder how mant true christians are out there then?

        • Alan Higgins says:

          Err where did I say that he was a false Christian. Everybody likes to throw out the ‘judge not’ and ‘he is only human’ blah blah blah lines. Nobody is disputing that we are not all sinners in need of a savior, but at the same time, we cannot ignore the qualifications that the bible stipulates for those who are to be pastors.

  21. Hello says:


    I apologise for coming to the middle of a conversation and addressing no one. If my comments come across as over the top, it’s because my reaction is not limited to the comments on this site. I have had the misfortune of reading the reaction of Christians on Nigerian blogs and the feedback has been mainly adulatory (deceptively cloaked in prayer), and a hushing of those who show any anger or outrage with a barrage of ‘touch not’s’ & ‘judge not’s’.

    There are those who parrot these phrases because that’s all they’ve been taught but I’m also sure it’s laced with a fair bit of fear of the curses that will descend on them should they talk about Pastor Albert’s crime; mainly I’m sure because of his so called anointing. I know these Christians are capable ‘judging’ (they do so over and over when they as much as see a cleavage etc) or if it is the confessed pedophilia of a mere ‘floor member’, one without a pastor’s ‘anointing’.

    I also apologise for using the term ‘Nigerian Christian’. It connotes a stereotyping that I myself abhor but it was for a want of a better term and mainly to describe the totality of the doctrine that has swept and entrenched itself as the main narrative of what constitutes the acceptable form of Christianity in Nigeria today; even the more ‘orthodox’ ones (e.g. some Roman Catholics, Anglicans etc) are not left out as they embrace some of it’s characteristics in a bid to prove their Christianity.

    I know those who create/belong to the facebook group standing by him are on a journey themselves, but on their road to ‘healing’ ‘restoration’ etc, they wield a powerful knife that cuts the wounds of child victims of these predators. For some, it is standing by family no matter what and being Christlike. In elevating themselves and baptising themselves as having the ‘mind of Christ’ what should they say of the father in this story in the link I shall post below? The narrative is long and convoluted but do bear with the writers.

    I am using the story as a parable; Pastor Paul John in the place of Pastor Albert; the little girl as Pastor Albert’s victims and the father (and other family members in the story) representing those in the facebook group (and others in the ‘touch not’ brigade’.

    The difference between Pastor Paul and Pastor Albert is that the former does not have a world wide following, he is a ‘two bit’ pastor without millions in the bank. The reaction of the father/people in the story was not one of fear of curses should they ‘touch’ the pastor because of his anointing because in their minds eye, he is considered a mere mortal like them! Not larger than life because of his charisma or handsomeness!

    Will Pastor Paul receive forgiveness if he repents? Absolutely but that is not the focus at this time! It is all about the child and that is why the issue about whether there are grades of sin is a moot point at this stage, tell that to Amina (or Pastor Albert’s victims) or her father; what I’m sure you will not hear from them is ‘touch not’ ‘judge not’ or pray for pastor John delivered with a token mention of Amina. They will most likely not create a facebook group standing by uncle Pastor Paul.

    • Ibk says:

      I wrote to the creator of the ‘we standby’ group last week to advise him of the inappropriatedness of the group as the phrase ‘stand by’ could be viewed as ‘approval’ or ‘condonation’, which I’m sure isn’t what the people who have joined are expressing.

      Alan, now I’ve read the purpose of your website i.e ‘to discuss real christianity’, I see why you’ve got the tab on false teachers there, even if I don’t understand the effect you intend this to have; and I’mnot saying what you’re doing is ungodly either. I simply misunderstood the purpose of the sita and apologise.

      Btw. “Hello”, I can’t tell you what Amina would say if asked about the grades of sin, but I can tell you what I evenually learnt to say when similarly violated as a child, whereby the man wasn’t even punished by the law. It took a while but indeed, I had to get to that point of saying ‘God forgive him’, which isn’t a far cry from ‘touch-not’ or ‘judge not’ as you’ve stated here. I think the majority who say ‘judge not’, aren’t suggesting Pastor Albert shouldn’t go to jail, it’s more a case of ‘we know you’ve done something abhorrent to the human mind, we know you are going to prison, but we still love you as a person’. I can think of many ‘bad’ celebrities of influence who have committed similar crimes, and have either been jailed or bought their way out of trouble, and yet returned to their ‘loving’ fans who choose to love their role models regardless of their crimes and sins – just like Jesus does I suppose.

    • Looking says:

      Well put hello.

      I’m a former believer. I’d like to believe again but i can’t. I enjoyed worship… but I just couldn’t ignore the stench any longer. There’s a hole where I think I once had something. Issues like this only make it more difficult. Not so much the sin but the reaction to it. The following quote from the Independent sums it up for me:

      ‘Mr Nicholson said a number of church members challenged Odulele about his behaviour and appealed to a bishop of the church – without success.’

      The church knew about this problem a long time ago and all it did was sweep it under the carpet. Albert Odulele continued in his position.

      Was there any support for his victims? None that I can see. Was any structure put in place to prevent it happening even it hadn’t already happened. None that I’ve heard of. A responsible church would have had something on its website immediately the story broke. The Glory House website? Nothing. It was still singing Albert Odulele’s praises.

      Unfortunately I’ve been in a situation before where a pastor thought reputation was more important than dealing with predatory behaviour.

      I’ve also suffered abuse while a child and know others with similar experiences. A friend of a friend recently committed suicide because of this. He was in his late thirties. A close friend went into meltdown a few years ago. She was just under forty. I couldn’t understand because the abuse happened such a long time ago so I gave her all the Christian spiel about forgiving… (I actually meant it). And then it happened to me. It came from nowhere. I’d forgiven (or thought I had) but it still happened – decades after the event.

      Glory House had (and still has) the opportunity to do more for his victims than just pray for them. It slips so easily off the tongue – ‘may God restore and heal the boys involved’. I’ve read and Christians say to me, ‘at least it was only groping, there was no penetration’, ‘don’t judge. Leave it to God’ and ‘it’s not for us. Punishment should be left to God’. I’m expected to make judgements about people I come across every day of my life but when it comes to ‘Men of God’ it’s a sin?

      In the absence of the church doing anything to right the wrongs done a Facebook support group/page by members of the congregation would at least shown that his victims had some support. But from my experience of Nigerian/West African churches they probably had precious little. The pastor is a demi-god (touch ye not the Lords anointed…) My fear (and with good reason) is that the reason why more did not come forward (only two cases from eight) is that in addition to shame and embarrassment they were afraid of being blamed for their own abuse, even by family.

      Face it. Albert Odulele acted in a predatory manner. He was free to have sex with as many consenting adults as he wanted. Neither adultery nor gay sex is a crime in the UK. Instead he chose to approach people over whom he had ‘power’. If he needed help with living with his sexuality there are Christian organisations such as the True Freedom Trust he could have turned to: but he didn’t. He could get away with it because he knew the church would not call him to order in any meaningful way.

      For me this is the crux of the problem – the lack of accountability in many ‘African/black’ churches. This time around it sexual shenanigans but it could’ve been anything (financial mismanagement, drug taking, immigration offences…) and we’d have got the same arguments trotted out.

      I’m not saying a lack of accountability doesn’t exist in other churches as well but I’m focusing on what I’m familiar with. I see (not all) black churches being run as family businesses, with no meaningful structures in place to deal with bad/criminal/immoral behaviour. There’s no victim like a willing victim and black churches are full of them. Try and insist on accountability and you get tagged a trouble maker and you’ll quickly find out how much love your ‘brothers and sisters’ have for you..

      I’d love for Glory House to prove me wrong but I’m not holding my breath.

  22. Alan, I believe you covered it all well so I will just make one final point. This is not about standing in judgement for this Pastor as he has already been judged by the word of God. This is about exposing the sin as there will be many false teachers who lwill attempt to ead their flock as they continue living as sons of perdition. How annointed can they be to handle the word of God?

    In biblical times, God would judge the Israelites when one of them tried to hide a sin. He commanded that they stone the sinner to turn back God’s wrath from them. In the New Testament church, believers were called to expel the immoral brother from their gathering until or unless he repented and was restored. It serves no purpose to pretend that we don’t see the evil. Of course we need to pray for them. We need to pray for all who live in darkness. But the command in Scripture is very clear.

  23. Chinwe Emekwue says:

    @ Nike.. of course we know from common sense (not rocket science)that there are venial and mortal sins.. like Abraham denying that Sera was not his wife, like peter denying Jesus three time.. like you and i have done so many times ( THEY ARE NOT CALLED WHITE LIES FOR NO NOTHING).. In the law of God and the law man , offences are treated according to weights.. Traffic offence is not the same as murder or or in this case a pedophile.. and it does not matter who committed it.

    @ those selfish idiots standing by him i wish them luck and i hope they work in the shoes of those victims, they are not worthy of calling themselves Christians..HYPOCRITES!

  24. king says:

    Regarding Pastor Albert:

    Oh God, Have mercy on Him. Cleanse him by Your blood. Help him to stand again for he has inspired me greatly. He is struggling with sin and being judged by those that should pray for him. After all, Jesus you said, ” Let him that is without sin, cast the first stone”. Lord I have read this blog and seen a lot of stones thrown at Pastor Albert but NO ONE IS PRAYING FOR HIM. Some have condemned him, but knowing your mercy, I will not even answer those that condemn him. Lord HE IS GUILTY, BUT YOU ARE MERCIFUL. HE SHOULD SET THE STANDARD AS A PASTOR, BUT LORD YOU ARE THE STANDARD AND YET YOU SAY, ” HE THAT IS WITHOUT SIN SHOULD BE THE FIRST TO CONDEMN”. Lord I’m sure some will think that I have forgotten those boys and their families, but NO. I COMMAND YOU HEALING TO BEGIN FOR THEM…..NOW IN JESUS NAME. This is my comment or should I say my prayer for Pastor and the boys involved.

  25. DUPE says:




  26. DUPE says:




    Sorry, this is in I corinthians 10:12

  27. Hello says:


    I believe you’ve misdirected your epistle. Those who wield the ‘stones’ at this moment are the UK justice system. Remember, stoning the adulterer was the punishment for the crime. I believe those of us commenting on the issue aren’t doing so in the capacity of the justice system; they are the only ones authorised to deliver the punishment for the crime.

    Pastor Albert is by all means a very sick man. Even Jesus said that ‘those who are ill need a physician’. May He be his Balm of Gilead and I pray he gets all the medical/psychological help he needs in prison. You lot haven’t been of much help to him or his victims for that matter.

    The manner in which those in the facebook group have handled this issue tells me/is a symptom of what the problem is. From the inception of the group one can tell that they perceived the allegations as an attack on their MOG; from the enemy’s camp. And we know who represented in their opinion, the enemy – the very victims themselves. All the prayers, postulations and admonitions were directed at an opponent embodied by those whom they felt carried a mission from satan. There was a massive rallying around for Pastor and the victims were left outside of the embrace to fend for themselves.

    Unfortunately for them, the victims proved to be telling the truth, leaving pastor’s powerful support group for a time, in the lurch. They had spent so much energy & prayer directed at the enemy that shifting their mindset has taken some mental ‘torture’. How to look at the victims as part of their family? Inconceivable, if you’ve spent time hating and judging the other, it takes a lot to realise they are equally as valuable to God as the one you’ve been holding tight in your embrace.

    This is the key to why the victims were initially notably absent from the group’s focus. It is the dilemma of today’s church. The position of the church regarding the allegations is designed to silence those who, like the victim bring up accusations against the ‘great’ MOG. The entire shenanigan is a nightmare for children and they do not have the strength or the tools to fight against such a powerful structure.

    In saner climes, such a pastor would step down at the first instance and the church would support all the parties; the victims, the pastor and the police as they investigate. This is where the church failed. If they had reached out a hand to those who accused their MOG realising that they are not the enemy, they would have shown an uncommon love which Christ Himself directs us to do, for by this men will see and know that we love Him John 13:35.

    The church must be careful because they hold a scale in their hands, may they not be found wanting because in elevating Pastor Albert over the children, they display an uneven scale, one not supported by God Almighty.

    In Amina’s story in the link I posted above, the church should be the father in the story, how can a little one be hurt and you ignore him/her? How can you turn from the most vulnerable and show very little support. There is a place for all the love shown towards Pastor Albert, but you drive people away from the Cause of Christ by being insensitive. I would expect the church/family to apologise to the victims, condemn the act and say a prayer for Pastor Albert and the victims, anything less displays a terrible narcissism and a dereliction of their core duties.

  28. Chinwe Emekwue says:

    @ hello.. the best post by far. Thanks a lot for putting things succinctly into context.

  29. Nike says:

    Don’t mean to sound off subject; but I read a piece today about prison ministries titled ‘beauty for ashes’. The writer, Tina Naidoo wrote: ‘….. I found that people behind bars are real people with real problems. Apart from their offence, they were no different from me ; ‘……..the difference between inmates and much of society is that they have been caught’. I pondered…… and as I did, I realized how grateful I need to be for Gods mercy and grace. So grateful for the cross!

    This really was food for thought for me so i thought i’d share it…ummmm……

    @Chinwe- You seem to be quite angry at some of the views shared . I hope your anger is at sin and not people! I hope you also understand that it is okay for us all to agree to disagree without animousity. I hope you have a week filled with more and more of the the revelation of Christ.

  30. Kay says:

    My heart goes out to the victims. I pray this does not destroy them and they are able to recover from this. For Pastor Odulele, I leave him to the mercy of the law.

  31. fragmentz says:

    posted by Kay
    ‘My heart goes out to the victims. I pray this does not destroy them and they are able to recover from this.’

    Amen Kay!
    Let us not forget the victims in all of this discussion about ‘church’ and ‘rules’ and ‘christianity’.

    It is my firm belief and conviction that Jesus does not condone child abuse. Let us remember that.

  32. Ade says:

    Jesus condemned leaders (in his instance pharisees) as being white washed sepulchres, we cant afford to regress to that time. Malachi 3 says christ will purge his church of such ministers in this end time. To stand and minister daily, publicly, while we live defeated in secret is unchristian. By christ’s model we should do first, then teach. That’s the whole point of the parable log in your eyes and speck in another’s.
    In fear of God’s judgement we should check ourselves and see that our lifes are straight with scriptures. Sister nike, yes God is merciful, true, but if we continue to sin, all that remains is a fearful expectation of judgement. Except we have been caught by the decietfulness of sin. Paul warned against this. Service to God with defiled garment -except for mercy- only incures God’s judgement. If we as christians commit sins fit for prisoners then christ died in vain, grace is a lie &the bible is at best a philosophical text. However, i believe contrary. His Grace ought to teach us to say no to sin.
    As we reflect on this incidence we should ask ourselves this: in what way I’m i bringing shame to God -howbeit secretly? In what way is christ grace in vain in my life? Are mine secret sin fit to condemn to jail even by this world’s standard if i’m caught?
    Let me start with me. I have been involved with pornography and masturbation secretly. I’m trusting God for liberty so i can bring Glory to Him can you all pray along?

  33. Chinwe says:

    @Nike i am angry that we call ourselves Christians and yet selective in our defence. Your posts makes me angry. It is nearly like you cannot comprehend what this man has done.. he was in a position of authority and he used it to his advantage.. i imagined how terrified those young boys must have been at the time and yet could not bring themselves to say no to him. He used his position to sodomize young boys and you are here preaching and quoting the gospel!

    I am a mother of four young children,three of which are boys.. my heart definitely goes out to the victims and will always do. I am not sorry about that!

    On Oprah show the other day i saw grown and old men crying about sexual abuse they suffered when they were little boys by mostly men in authority namely clergy, step fathers, uncles etc.. i commend this victims for having the courage to come out against all odds.. The Jehovah Rophi will surely heal you!

    To all those WE STAND BY hypocrites GET OVER YOURSELVES!

    • Antony Aris says:

      @Chinwe Again your argument and offense at Nike here is illogical and base don your emotional response and reaction to your own feelings about the subject matter and nothing to do with scripture. Your main concern is to judge and condemn and to express your outrage at what Odulele has done irrespective of the correct biblical approach to a person who has committed such sin in the body. By your anger directed towards Nike it seems that your only interest is to revel in your anger and not understand the point Nike made. Your reference to Oprah (what serious christian would watch notorious New Age follower Oprah Winfrey) and the topic of her show indicates an inability to disconnect your emotions from sound biblical teaching which is a sign of spiritual immaturity. Sorry to sound harsh but you can’t make blanket statements which contradict the teachings in the ?Bible you read.

    • vicki says:

      Thank you Chinwe i was beginning to wonder what sort of christian Nike is

  34. fragmentz says:

    Ade, i admire your courage to be so honest about your secret issues, however i simply cannot equalise masturbation with child abuse.

  35. Outsider says:

    My question for Nike is…how do you know that God does not classify sin? Do you have a biblical backing for that statement? It will be interesting to know.

    As for Albert Odulele, let’s call a spade a spade, that man committed a sin many of us would not even think about. I don’t have a problem with his sexuality but I certainly have a problem with the way he went about exercising it. But eh am sure God is merciful enough to forgive him and I pray all involved get the necessary healing they need to lead a good life.

    We Christians have to open our eyes. In fact I think we put up with far too much which is why people continue to do what they like with the name of Christ. The case of Lucy Adeniji ( comes to mind. I mean these things are wrong and we have to come out to condemn them outrightly.

    Father make haste to come and end all these disgrace within your church.

  36. Feeb says:

    BE CAREFUL: There is more to this than meets the eye. So, the best thing to do here is pray for the pastor. Don’t let the devil get you as one of his recruits to plunder God’s name & kingdom with your words. The truth is that God’s name will be glorified in the end, no matter what.Even you who have been talking if God decides to weigh you in the balance will you you still be standing? So Examine yourself daily whether you are in the faith.Let him that thinks he/she stands take heed lest he falls. Read these:2nd Corinthians 2:11,2nd Corinthians 13:5,Jude verse 24.

  37. Hello says:

    Hello Feeb, you are the one who has to be careful.

    You’re the one who (based on your single minded focus on Pastor in this matter forgetting to give any mention of his victims) is a worshipper of man. Repeat after me, “Pastor is not more important than his victims”. He is a mere man.

    To those who think/act like it is more important that his sin be covered than for him to be stopped from hurting other children, news flash!!! God purposely exposed him! I salute the bravery of those who spoke up. Those whom they trusted failed them…I can’t believe that there were those who fought tooth and nail to have Albert’s crime against his victims covered! (reportedly Pastors/and a Bishop for that matter?!!)

    With exposure, he will walk circumspect (hopefully) and others will guard their children from him. I believe strongly that the entire hullabaloo at the moment (his facebook group etc) is designed to make sure he does not loose his multi million pound empire a’ la Michael Reid (as if there’s any danger of that happening in a Nigeria style church). If he was a catholic priest, he would have been removed from his duty post; not so with the Pentecostals; Pastor (and his family) own the church…and so the victims will take backstage to the star power of Him (pastor) who must be first…notice that when things like this occur, pastor remains in church running things and the victims leave to lick their wounds on their own.

    If Glory House belonged to God and not Pastor Odulele, the victims would remain & feel comfortable there knowing that they are accepted and loved, knowing that if pastor harms them, there would not be one rule for him and another for others. His chastisement would have been swift and he would have been handed over to the police. Any thing less smacks of favouritism which God would not be a part of.

    No Feeb, carry your fear mongering for the brainwashed masses that live in constant fear of ‘your curses’.

    And p.s. I await the day you carry out a crusade informing and challenging the police/judges/magistrates from making statements/judging people who commit crimes, after all, even ‘they’ will be found ‘wanting’ if weighed on a scale (or are you of the opinion that God made an exception for them in the Bible allowing them to ‘judge’???) Truly you should start that campaign so they don’t go to hell as what they do goes against the ‘judge not’, ‘he who has not sinned’????

    It’s a shame that Christians separate accountability and punishment from God’s word. If you were handed a country to run full of Christians what would you do if some run amok killing people, sexually molesting children, stealing and a myriad other crimes, would you go searching for ‘the world’ to come and provide the policing, due process and sentencing/confinement required? Or would you pat them on the back and say ‘oh they must have repented’ and let them carry on committing their crime over and over again?

    Pastor like all of us has to work out his own salvation, but there is a price to be paid for his crime (two separate issues).

    People like you make it difficult for children to speak out when things like this occur. Stop manipulating God’s word to shut them up, to keep people like Pastor free to carry on hurting other people.

  38. Hello says:

    One of Pastor Odulele’s victims has spoken up against the ‘We Stand by Pastor Albert Odulele’ group on facebook. Here’s the comment pasted on the group wall:

    Mark Brown
    First and foremost, I AM ONE OF THE VICTIMS
    And I am outraged by this group
    I have followed this group from the day it was set up and has the name state “WE STAND BY PASTOR ALBERT ODULELE” that exactly what you was set out to do so please do not say “ your hearts sincerely goes out to ALL PARTIES INVOLVED AND AFFECTED” if that was the case then you would have said it from the start, and if that was the case then the 1000+ people would also have joined the other groups “WE STAND BY THE VICTIMS OF PASTOR ALBERT ODULELE” or “Praying for Pastor Albert Odulele & others involved!”

    I have read so much comments and people’s views on how we handled the case since I have kept quiet for so long let me ask you all a question

    • If it was your child that was approached or abused would you join this group ?
    • Was you a victim and spent months not been able to tell anyone and wanted to walk away from the faith
    • Have you sat down with the mother of the victims to see the pain in there eye
    • How many of the victims have you had to face to beg to allow the church to weakness the situation first before we take it to the police
    • How many of you served him close enough to see and know his weakness but still continue to help him knowing that he did not want to be helped
    • How many of you spent many years covering and protecting him by keeping boys away from him
    I do not blame him totally but I blame everyone of the other pastors that had the power to talk to him when they knew but turned a blind eye to it while people was been ill treated, – KNOW THAT GOD WILL BRING YOU IN TO ACCOUNT!
    I could go on but my point is that this group needs to be shut down, because you are not helping anyone
    Pastor Albert does not need you to remind him of his errors nor does the victims need to see your page and have to feel like they have done wrong,
    And so you know I am not hiding, this note was written by me


    @Alan, if there are any issues with reproducing it here although I’ve provided a link, can you kindly delete this comment.

    Best regards

  39. Niyi says:

    1 Corinthians 10:12 So, if you think you are standing firm,Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall. … Wherefore he that thinketh himself to stand, let him take heed lest he fall. …

    Christ Died for us when while we were yet sinners.

    May God help us all.

  40. yemi says:

    Hello everyone,
    I’ve read most of the comments here, and some others. First of all i would like to rubbish the facebook site of ‘We stand by odulele’. The problem i have with this is that, odulele has confessed to what he did, he is not disputing his guilt. Sites like this should only be formed when someone is contesting their innocence, and they are being accused of something they haven’t done, (or so i think). Secondly this is a time where pastor Odulele needs to seek God’s face regarding this issue. You’re married and you have sexual tendencies towards young boys. This is a problem. He can go to prison, reform camp, or councelling, and it still may not make a blind bit of difference. He needs to seek God’s face, and ask for healing and deliverance. This process may take a day or two, or a number of years, and if not dealt with spiritually could reoccur. i suggest he seeks out a good christian counsellor (pray about this feverently, because not all of them are great), and ask for help. if you look at the body of Christ today, there are far too many men and women of God being caught in adultery, fornication, fraud, homosexuality, and so on and so forth. And as much as some of you may not like this next statement, it is the plain truth; GOD IS EXPOSING THEM. i have been in churches where stuff has happened. If you speak to some christians from the states they will tell you it’s appalling over there. Brothers and sisters let’s get real a lot of young/old people have stepped away from the body of Christ because they have been manipulated, abused, and hurt. It’s not right. The saints really need to interceed for the church, because the devil has got a hold, and he needs to let go. Remember Christ said that ‘when he returns will he still find anyone faithful’. Some years ago when i was still young I read that verse and thought to myself what does Christ mean there are loads of us serving you, but now that i’m older and wiser i get Jesus’s point. If we carry on at this rate there will be no one left for him to take home. Even I that I write certain things have happened to me in the church, there are countless stories and episodes. Brethren i leave on this note let’s pray hard for ouselves and the body, and also let us all remember to check our ways and decease from sin, because Christ is coming back soon, and he is looking for a clean church. If our garments are stained with sin we will be left behind.

    God bless

  41. Tinuols says:

    For all of you that have written one comment or the other, my question is “what if that child was yours??

  42. Kemi Ajiboye says:

    Kemi says:

    These indeed is a very sad matter, for the victims, the perpetrator and the body of Christ. For the healing and restoration of all involved Christ died on the cross and ressurect. To all, remember, everything happens in this world for purpose and in it all God is glorified. As terrible as these matter is, i think our forcus should be on Christ provision for the victims and the perpetrator.

  43. Gem says:

    It brings to mind an analogy I used to make about sin. I lived in sunny Nigeria for a considerable part of my life. The dehydrating effect of the sun was high. There were the irresistible urges to buy icy cold soft drinks especially fanta. The more I tried to refrain from it, the greater the urge got. I would buy a bottle and gulp it down as I feel its chilled effect in my throat and stomach. BUT, no sooner than the fanta had finished than I started to feel thirsty again and there goes the vicious cycle!! These feeling brought the fact home to me about the various sins I committed, when there were those strong urges to lie, to apply my own solution to tricky situations, they seem the only way out of potentially irritating or boring or inconvenient or challenging or shameful situations but what happens afterwards, the sin cuts us off from the grace of God, because the Bible says God cannot behold sin. However, while I can try and figure out how sin can get hold of a pastor and its grip roll him down the hill time and time again, it does not detract from the fact that HE and only HE had the responsibility to ensure he worked through his issues and not abuse other people’s trust. How many times had he stood on the pulpit and challenged his listeners to holiness, to righteousness, to walking closely with God, submitting to him and resisting the devil so that he can flee from us? I speak to all those who may want to point accusing fingers at the parent who exposed this and probably label her as the betrayer (or similar) who washed the Churches dirty linen in the public, you probably would have done worse if it were your trust and your child’s innocence that was betrayed. While it is not within any of our remits to hand down judgement on anybody, it is behoves us to declare to the world right and wrong, in an age where truth has become relative, where your truth is your truth and my truth is my truth. Where the world feels a void and does not know where to turn to fill that void. It is good to hear that he has repented because to be honest, repentance is the only answer I have found to my own sins. However, the people around him who are trying to get him back to the place of glory should try and give some thoughts to his victims and I just use this medium to pray for those victims that God will heal their hearts, grant them the immeasurable grace to free themselves from this heinous sin by forgiving him truly from their hearts and for them to receive from the Lord, wisdom and discernment for the future. I pray also for the pastor that the Holy Spirit will dig out from his life, the source of the problem, no matter how deep that root goes and that God will heal the hearts of his children and his wife and grant them the strength for forgiveness and true love for him, that this will in no way destroy them or open them up for the enemy’s plan.

  44. emmanuel says:

    Remember Judas Iscariot,who the Master prayer for before He chose. Scripture records that He prayed all night before embarking on the appointment exercise. See what the Master said when Peter was about to goof, “…but I have prayed for youu.” This is another prayer being made for Peter. Even more, remember King David, a man after God’s own heart. Consider what happened to this man’s life and family in his old age. Remember the treasonable felony that almost cost David’s life…Remember the the Bathsheba escapade. The Scripture should guide us and not our feeling. Please let us pray for this man of God. Let not the beauty of the Kingdom be slain upon the high places…

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