I could not believe it when I saw this video but then again, I could for this is indicative of the state of the church at present. What is even sadder are the sheeple in the congregation who are laughing, praising God and there doesn’t seem to be any disgust with what they have just heard.

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. (Colossians 4:6)

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. (Ephesians 4:29)

  1. JohnofAlabama says:


    My mama, my daddy, my mawmaw each would’ve done jerked me up for saying that….and if I said that in church? Oh the fear of God I would have learned… They’d have dragged me out the church for saying that, then down front to the altar, then made me apologize to everyone, then we’d have left, and… Well, they’d each continued to have taught me the meaning of “conversation full of grace” all over my backside once we got home.

    Hmm… and hear a preacher say that? They’d have left the building so fast, I’d have been floppin’ in the wind behind them like a rag in a gale force breeze.

  2. JohnofAlabama says:

    Methinks that pastor and those people in that building (I’ll not call them or it a church) were looking for an excuse to use that phrase… like a lot of lost people looking for an excuse (justification) to do what they want… So… may the Lord rebuke them.

  3. fragmentz says:

    and what about the message?

    why such controversy over ‘f.u’ when the entire message was based around the fact that the F word didnt mean what it often does, but in the context that the Pastor was speaking, it meant fORGIVENESS?

    why do we get so hung up on language, and opposed to his intent, and the message.

    personally, i prefer real talk than glossed up, poshed up stuff that no one really gets the grip of.

  4. JohnofAlabama says:

    We all know that some people were looking for an excuse to say the phrase, cleverly and deceptively couching their justification for doing so in religious wording. It gives the wrong impression and thus nullifies whatever the “preacher” was otherwise purporting to say. Paul tells us to avoid “vain jangling”, “foolish and unlearned questions that gender strife”, and “jesting”. No one outside of that little group would necessarily know they were meaning “forgive.” And THAT is precisely why he’s saying to say that phrase, so he/they could get away with saying that to someone and then if/when called to the carpet for it, supposedly being Christian, they could justify themselves. But in all honesty, he/they are deceiving themselves in their very hollow attempt to get away with being grossly carnal. May the LORD rebuke them sharply. They represent a classic example of false Christianity.

  5. This is totaling disgusting! Do those who say they represent Christ realize that they are serving a Holy God???? Where is the reverence for the word?

  6. I definitely don’t understand the necessity to use this in a sermon. Seems like a cheap tactic to get the congregation to pay attention to what he’s saying. There’s no room for this kind of talk in church or anywhere else for that matter.

  7. Ron Jacobs says:

    Sorry but I think we need to relax a bit.

    I don’t have a problem with what he said.

  8. JohnOfAlabama says:


    a) opinion is irrelevant. Truth is what matters. Opinion is what people develop when they either don’t know or don’t care what the Truth/standard is. An opinion is what Eve had when she partook of the forbid fruit. Maybe Eve told Adam, after that she had eaten, and was offering to him, “Wanna relax? It’s just a piece of fruit.” Does not matter whether any of us have a problem with what this dude said. GOD has a problem with it. Why? Because:

    b) There is a Standard. It is called perfection. And we’ve been commanded to attain it.

  9. JohnOfAlabama says:

    The Jeweler, a defective diamond has less value than a perfect diamond. And a fake diamond is worthless.

    The Chef does not want to offer his guests “less than” – just because the food had the attitude of “relax, it’s not like it matters.”

    It’s not about the diamond or the food. It’s about the Jeweler, the Chef and HE wants.

  10. Well said John of Alabama!

  11. PhillyD says:

    JohnofAlabama, may God bless you and every one who has taken this website to “cast stones” at another brothers teaching of the word.

    My question to you would be…when or what was the last message you preached talked about this much? What impact did it have on this world? – Yet, here we see a brother, who brings the word and makes it RELEVANT (as Jesus did with his parables), makes such a lasting effect that even the un-saved can relate and know WE HAVE ALL BEEN FORGIVEN.

    As I pastor myself, I don’t find it cheap or shameful what this pastor said, but I do believe God the Father finds it hurtful that His children would argue about such things.
    GO OUT, PREACH THE GOSPEL…SAVE THE SOULS. You do it your way and many will do it there way.

  12. No one is arguing except the ones who want to sweep this kind of behavior under the rug. Are you aware that teachings like this man is giving is one of the reasons that so many people are headed to hell? Do you care? Who is feeding Christ’ sheep? Certainly not this man. Was the Apostle Paul wrong when he brought up the names of false teachers in his letters to the churches? Or should he have said nothing also?

  13. Jon Pannell says:

    One of my concerns is this: The pastor said that the new “f-word” in The Word Church is forgive.

    Now, what about those people who are visiting the church? What about those who would visit the church later and see the congregation saying, “f-you” to each other? I personally don’t think that’s the best way of introducing your friend to the Christian life.

    Put this into practical use. I’m a practical guy. Look at this hypothetical situation:

    Peter: Mary, I’m so sorry that I lied to you.

    Mary: Oh, that’s okay. F-you.

    Peter: What?

    See? If we can’t put it into use in our lives, then what use is it? We can’t randomly go to people and say “F-you and F all of you.” Especially to visitors or those from the outside looking in!

  14. JohnOfAlabama says:

    Granted I’m a stern disciplinarian… but….

    That kind of language is not appropriate. Period. To assert that it is okay is to let the world see you have no understanding of holiness or fear of the Lord.

    You find no record of Jesus talking like that to win people. We are to make disciples of holiness, not disciples of another brand of carnality.

    And as far as ‘casting stones,’ there is a time and place for that. If not here, where? (For the lazy-excuse-for-Christians – that is found in Ecclesiastes. And ‘stoning’ was a God-ordained punishment for certain crimes. That is not to say that is what I have done. Rebuking a behavior is not the same thing necessarily. But even if it is, it is ok to have done so, so “that iniquity may be crushed out of the heart of Israel [the Church].” The lack of discipline in the church is a serious issue. But Paul warns that in the latter day, there will be a great falling away. I know that the charismatic heresy teaches the opposite. And this “pastor’s” teaching and the crowd’s enthusiastic reaction should raise a warning flag.

    Would you try to reach a prostitute by sleeping with her? No. Would you try to win a murderer by killing someone? How stupid. Would you win a thief by saying “steal from here, not from there?” Duhhh. So how do you honestly expect to win others with trashy sounding talk? “If your salt has lost its flavor, it’s good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under the foot of men.” – Jesus said that. He also said, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your GOOD works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” [emphasis mine].

    If your words sound like trash, your salt probably tastes bland or even dirty. Without holiness, you will NOT see God. Someone once said, “When you try to be kinder than Christ, you cease to be kind at all.”

    We do NOT “disciple” people in the faith. The word is “D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E.” It’s what martial arts professionals, professional athletes, professional ballerinas, “A” students, successful doctors, etc. understand. You learn discipline. We discipline our kids. That’s not the same as “punish.” Discipline has the well-being and success of the one being disciplined in mind. Discipline is therefore merciful.

    I am therefore being merciful in rebuking your rebellion against holiness.

    It is merciful to excise tumors in the body of Christ – merciful to the the body.
    Evidently, some have no understanding of Christianity. Perhaps they have confused churchianity or religiosity for Christianity. They are not the same thing. If you intend to practice something other than Christianity, please do not call yourself something you are not – Christian.

  15. JohnOfAlabama says:

    Furthermore, I have absolutely no interest in winning people to religion. There is ONE and ONLY one Correct Way of living. It is not dependent on your opinion either. We have been commanded by Jesus to “Be perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” Does that phrase sound like perfection? No. It sounds vulgar. I want people to be drawn to the Best Way of Life, not to a religious way of life. That phrase doesn’t showcase a higher standard. In fact, it says you have no real standard except “self justification” just like the sinner’s that you are purportedly trying to reach. So, there is no difference between your way and the sinner’s. And I want to exhibit JESUS’ Way.

  16. JohnOfAlabama says:

    Finally, Jesus Himself issued some scathing rebukes to the religious leaders of His day. I am to be like Jesus. Should I then do any less?

  17. You said it well, John. The Apostle Paul even rebuked Peter when he started going back into the world’s way of thinking. To those who takeout of context the command “Judge not…..” they need to read the whole message given in that verse! Read the whole message not just the first couple of words! Also, read the epistles of Paul. In them, he tells you of the people who have a form of godliness but deny its power. Paul say to have NOTHING to do with them! Now how can you have nothing to do with someone if you don’t judge that they fall under this verse?

  18. eric thompson says:

    This is the main reason people dont want to come to church is STUFF like this; ARGUING about who is right and who is wrong, Always wanting to point fingers at one another, So many lost souls out there, but we spend more time pointin blame at our own brothers & sisters! lets focus on preachin the GOSPEL. This Pastor said the F word is FORGIVE!!!! SAD but some people cant handle the F word, PREACH ON BROTHER!

    • Alan Higgins says:

      Do you honestly believe that a persons salvation is dependant on us all getting along and not pointing out wrong? Then you better tell the new testament disciples and you better inform Paul thr apostle not to point out wrong also.

  19. JohnOfAlabama says:

    Yes, so those who favor the hypocrite in the video need to repent and submit. That people refuse is indicative that Paul’s prophecy about people being brazen and defiant in the end times is come true.
    But if you’d bother to read the Bible, you’ll see untold numbers of examples of wicked people defending wicked behavior when rebuked by those in the right. And you’ll see the wicked often seem to get the upper hand yet always lose in the end.

    There is no place or time or situation where using that phrase is appropriate for Christians.

  20. eric thompson says:

    What forgive? Its not used enough,

  21. JohnOfAlabama says:

    No. You know very well what phrase I mean. Your feigned ignorance of that is disingenuous. (That means you’re being dishonest in pretending not to know.)

    That ‘pastor’ stands rebuked. Enough said. This conversation is finished.

  22. eric thompson says:

    Funny, you didnt listen to nothing else that man said in the sermon, Think you need to rebuke yourself, And stoppin tring to find fault! you cant rebuke anyboby over the internet, Jesus said if you have fault with your brother GO TO HIM, not over no internet! it was a good sermon to me!

  23. JohnOfAlabama says:

    Perhaps he will read these comments. Nonetheless he is rebuked in absentia.

    And this conversation is tired. Put it to rest please.

  24. eric thompson says:

    Sounds good! Be blessed

  25. JohnOfAlabama says:

    Hey, thanks, Marianne! (Didn’t mean to ignore you.)

  26. No problem, John. I was just watching and praying here. You were right on!

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