Have you ever been a sucker and put your name on the mailing list of some of these so called preachers who are just after your money after which yo then get diluded with various mail asking for money or maybe your pastor just begs for it every Sunday in the guise of , if you give, you will be blessed. Courtesy of the FBI aka Preacher Bureau of Investigations, I challenge you to send this letter or even better, give it to them direct and see if they practice what they preach. I think I know what the response will be.

Dear Mr. Pastor Dude

Please do not send me another letter requesting that I support your ministries efforts around the world. I am not sure if you are aware of it or not but there exist ministry opportunities right here in (insert your City here) that are being ignored while you fly over us in order to get to (insert the City here).
Since you believe in sowing and reaping so much then why not exercise your supernatural faith by sowing a seed into my light bill or mortgage?  My mortgage is £989, and according to your preaching on sowing, if you pay it then you (Mr. Preacher Dude) can expect a 100 fold blessing from God.

Since you preach giving then I think it will be an awesome display of your faith in what you’re preaching if you take this opportunity and pay my mortgage today! Don’t sit there in fear Mr. Pastor Dude, God is waiting on you to apply your faith with this seed offering as you witness the power of sowing a seed.

And if you sow this seed today into my mortgage I will also add you to my list of preachers who have signed up to be a covenant partner with my Child Support Payments.

Covenant preachers will receive a special message from me each month highlighting how my bills are getting paid because of their faith. So today Mr. Pastor Dude, I am asking you to do your part and make sure the storehouse is full as according to Malachi 3:10 which ask that we bring all of the tithes into the storehouse.

Try God Mr. Pastor and see if he will open up a window and pour you out a blessing because you have sowed your seed in fertile ground, which just happens to be my bills.

Yours Truly

(Your Name)
  1. DAVID HARMAN says:

    Oral Roberts sent my wife’s grandfather a letter saying ‘While I was praying for you specifically today, the Lord told me he had a special 100 fold blessing for you if you send a seed of $1000 right now’. The funny thing was, her grandfather had died several months previously. I wonder how many desperate people were deceived by this lie. What a shameless scam.

  2. Thomas says:

    Wouldn’t it be amazing to send a bag of seeds (grain or whatever) worth 1000 dollars to these guys? They are shameless shysters causing a lot of people great misery and putting God and the church to shame. “Look how blessed and wealthy and healthy I am because of my faith,” says the preacher to a congregation of 20,000. If each of them gave only 1 dollar, he’d be well off. Imagine how many of them, desparate for healing, financial help, etc., who give 100 and 1000 dollars. I feel I’m getting angry here. May the sound and clear gospel be proclaimed to wake people up!

  3. It’s a wonder that a preacher can say we do not operate under the law of works one minute but then say you need to sow your seed for God to release your blessings. Do they even know what their saying?

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