Just in case you didnt know, Jahaziel is one of my favorite Christian rappers here in the UK and he has a free mixtape coming out on 2 May called Still Livin’ which can be downloaded from Forerunnaz.com

However, he has released an official leaked song called Broken which can be downloaded free by clicking here . (Note: this will not be on the mixtape). Not many people are this transparent to their friends but Jahaziel has exposed himself in this song explaining the past problems that he has had in his marriage and by putting ministry before his family. As per UK Gospel:

Jahaziel considers his new song ‘Broken’ as a statement and heartfelt repentance to the Lord, his family, friends and followers of his ministry.

This is an honest and transparent account of what Jahaziel has been going through as a minister, the real battle with sin off stage.

Jahaziel exposes his sin in the song and speaks of God’s healing and restoration of his marriage and his life.

An example from the lyric: ‘I’m gonna talk about stuff, I don’t wanna talk about, even though it’s in the past and it’s sorted out. If I ain’t gonna share my experience then what’s it all about? My heart’s broke, let me pour it out’

Take a listen.

Jahaziel, I salute you

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  1. Kristin Brænne says:


  2. Sean P. says:

    I might download it. Free Mixtapes deserve a thumbs up.

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