If we were made in God’s image, that would mean that we have some of his creative attributes. If that is true, what is man able to create? Watch the amazing video below to find out. It is truly out of this world.

As a side note to my atheist friends, do you think it is possible that this could ever happen by chance?

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  1. Nancy says:

    I enjoyed the speed drawing video. I noticed he is into magic tricks. I have 3 sons. They aren’t believer’s. Long story. My middle son likes drawing he is into slight of hand magic tricks. Some Christian’s are against any magic card tricks. What do you think about magic as far as Christianity? Does this fella have a video with the magic trick and Christian rap combined? I’d like to share that with my 27 year old son. He doesn’t believe in God/Jesus. He thinks its a crutch.
    Nancy Mom of 3 sons.

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