Imagine if this happened to you this morning at church

Please keep the persecuted church in your prayers

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  1. yemi says:

    This is so sad to see, as they ere beating those men i could feel the pain. Unfortunately in many parts of the world this is the norm. Christians are under attack on a daily basis and it is getting worse. Look at the northern part of Nigeria with Boko Haram burning churches, houses and killing Christians. Let’s not get too cosy in the west because it will soon be on our doorstep with the one world religion and many others. They will soon turn our countries into police states it’s getting close we must all stand and pray. But i thank God despite all the persecution many more are coming to Christ. The enemy can’t stop us. The devil knows that his time will soon be up and he is doing everthing he can to try and stop the work of God but he can’t. It will still press on untill the rapture and beyond. I pray for my brothers and sisters around the world under persecution that the lord will strenghthen you and keep you, and even as you pass on to the other side that he will give you rest in his bossom


  2. Asun Ra the great says:

    Peace and blessing to all who seek wisdom at its highest level of understanding . Why his disciples didnt save him when he was arrested that a sign of betrayal think abou.t it when you read it so misleading those who doenst know. Slaves and puppets

  3. ashley says:

    This is a really good reminder and I can see how things are heading in this direction.

  4. punit says:

    Nice,this treatment is much needed to control these snakes planting their heinous churches everywhere.these snakes will cry victimhood when less in no but wont waste a second stabbing u from behind, all these pastors fathers are paid by foreign orgs with an agenda of soul reaping.

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