We all make decisions everyday. However some decisions are more important than others and some have eternal consequences.

This could be the most important 1 minute and 16 seconds that you decide to watch.

  1. Hira says:

    well all we can do is pray for all as you know we we can do nothing so listen do the Master Jesus its Gods Goodness that leads to repentance not by our phantom free will and when his Judgements plural are on the earth the whole world will learn righteousness may His Grace and Peace be with you all

  2. michael m says:

    unfortunately I haven’t been able to watch the video – so what exactly is it about in words ? But thinking about decisions , a lot of our decisions may have eternal consequences for good or other . If we are christians then a lot of our decisions may be for rewards or loss as our works will be tested as though by fire and the dross will be burnt up and only what is good will remain .?. Corinthians ?.

  3. saltguys says:

    Amazing Video. Really simple and powerful! Excellent post. Keep it up.

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