Abortion is a sensitive subject but the bottom line is this. What is it inside the woman’s womb? Is it just some lifeless matter or is there a life there? If the latter, is it OK just to kill him/her because they will inconvenience us? If the baby was outside of the womb and they inconvenienced us, would it be OK to kill the baby then? I know it is not an easy subject matter.

Earlier this year there was an outrage when a chinese woman was forced to have an abortion.  If it was just a blob and not human, there would be no reason for there to be any outrage. The truth is, people suppress the truth in unrighteousness and deep down, they know it is not just ‘a thing’.

In this short video, Trip Lee discusses his new song, “Beautiful Life” — an artistic attempt to reach the thousands of women who are in the midst of contemplating abortion.

To listen to the whole song and read the lyrics, watch the video below

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