If you are anything like me. I love the bible and I love reading it, trying to get some undertsanding. There are many questions that I have had and I love the Got Questions website because the answers are very balanced and biblically and doctrinally sound. It answers a wide variety of questions. Some crucial, some not so crucial

You can now have these answers in your pocket if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device as can be seen below.


I love this app and more often than not, when I have a question about a christian topic, it is there. So what are you waiting for? Click here for info on how to download the app to your device

  1. Jerome Abbott says:

    First off is this all from the King James Bible if the answer is yes I will download this app if the answer is it’s from all Bibles then I will not

  2. Patricia Pitter says:

    What does it mean when we say that Jesus is both man and God?

    A man who became God?

  3. James Armando Leza says:

    Does anybody know out there how to receive the Seven Gifts the seven promises and the Seven rewards from the seven spirits of God is there anyone please I will let you know

    • James Armando Leza says:

      You can reach me on my cell at 254-718-8379 and I can also show you biblically how to receive the hidden manna From the word of God and to tell you what is truth how you get the truth and how you know you have the truth and the truth will convince itself

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