Shai Linne talks about his song Fal$e Teacher$

Posted: April 8, 2013 in False Doctrine, False Teachers
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On Shai’s most recent album, “Lyrical Theology Part 1: Theology” he has a song devoted to False Teachers. This video gives a little background into why he felt it was important to address such a topic.

Listen to the song below

UPDATE: Paula White Ministries responded to this song which you can view by clicking here and see Shai’s response to their letter by clicking here

  1. michael m says:

    I’m more interested in what the definition of ‘False Teaching’ is ?. Is it different teaching that the usual , as their is much different teaching on some things in Christendom/ Christianity generally . I’m told the essentials are the things that matter but especially about the Lord Jesus Christ and what He done for us . Other things may be open to interpretation , but in the past these ‘small’ matters have become reasons for division ?. Modes or ages for baptism for instance . What about the ‘communion’.
    I gather from the $ signs the ‘false teaching’ referred to today , concerns the who get rich and richer doctrines of ‘health and wealth’ advocates . Sorry but I wasn’t able to listen to the speech .

    • Alan Higgins says:

      Michael, he is talking about the prosperity gospel which has and is still causing a lot of damage not only to the church but in people’s personal lives

    • glasseyedave says:

      Just to keep it on subject, the gospel is singularly unique and universally applicable. Let us set aside the so many errors of those false preachers on TBN that need to be address through the written Word. Let us simply see if the prosperity gospel is universally applicable.

      For the Muslim woman who has to share her husband with two other women and can not own property, because she is the property, the prosperity gospel does not work for her.

      For the inmate on death row that REPENTS and turns from his sins, he too can own no property, he can not enter into commerce and make a profit. He is shut out from society and the benefits of society. The prosperity gospel does not work for him.

      Leaving scripture aside, the prosperity gospel is not the gospel.

      There is a gospel that is applicable to those who listen to the prosperity gospel and the Muslim woman and the inmate on death row. The question is can we see and understand it. I am afraid way to much of the church no longer can.


  2. Gina campisi says:

    I got scammed buy a place that was partners with TBN! Please help

  3. glasseyedave says:

    I am not a rapper kind of guy…

    But praise God for you!

    I am glad that you are willing to call it like it in fact is.

    You almost converted me musically.

    I did a short post on the wheat and tares called The Problem With Church,,, It’s Full Of Tares. You might want to encourage that I too am with you trying to defend the faith and warn others.


  4. charismike says:

    I went to Itunes only to find that I have to pay to download this song…what? but but but I thought he said ..oh never mind

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