Over my 20+ years of being a Christian, I have seen many fad and phases that the christian go through. This can range from ‘the year of jubilee’ to the ‘prayer of Jabez’. One of the most recent things I have witnessed is how many people are ‘decreeing and declaring’. Even though this post is about decreeing and declaring, you will get two traditions for the price of one in this video. Just watch one example of how being slain in the spirit works and how she she suggests to them what she is going to do. But also listen to the decreeing and declaring.

0:45 Before the congregation gave, the heavens were locked but because they have given, she decrees and declares that they are now open

1:11 Like a Tsunami, she decrees and decalres that God is going to move from her right to the left and from the front to the back

1:19 As she moves across the stage, she decrees that they will be slain in the spirit and will pick up mantles in the realm of the spirit (whatever that means)

1:31 As she moves across the stage, she decrees and declares that economics and finances will be shifted

1:40 She decrees and declares that the wealth of the wicked will be released to the congregation

1:46 She decrees and declares that the winds of the spirit are beginning to blow into homes (whatever that means)

1:52 She decrees and declares that the sons and daughters will be birth into the kingdom by virtue of their praise from prisons and crackhouses

2:10 She decrees and declares (again) that a supernatural anointing will sweep from her right

2:52 She decrees and declares that (I have no idea what she said)

2:58 She decrees and declares a double portion of the Elijah anointing

3:28 She decrees and declares about ?????

3:35 She decrees and declares the spirit of Jabez falls upon the women

3:40 She decrees and declares both to will and to do of his good pleasure and SHE release angels to ministries and to houses (this is totally unscriptural. See my post on commanding angels)

4:01 She decrees and declares every invisible that is buried is now destroyed (que???)

4:07 She decrees and declares that they are now a trailblazer

4:24 She decrees and declares new territories

4:30 She decrees and declares that the kingdom of heaven comes with force and a supernatural anointing

5:32 She decrees and declares channels, doors and gates open

5:46 She decrees and declares a ‘shifting’

Phew!!! That’s a lot of decreeing and declaring. This practice is just another form of the Word of Faith doctrine of positive confession which basically teaches that our words have creative power in them and are a container for our faith. It also sometimes known as name it and claim it where people are name what they want and ‘claim it’.

So I did a bit of research to see where people are getting this from and it seems to spring from the three following scriptures.

1. You will also declare a thing, And it will be established for you;, So light will shine on your ways. (Job 22:28)

This is the primary scripture that is used for decreeing and declaring. If you look at the context, Eliphaz’s ‘friend’ was basically stating that the reason why Job went through his suffering was because of his wickedness. Wayne D Turner correctly points out that:

“Many Christians quote scripture way out of context and think nothing of it. I have often heard people quote Job 22:28 as a promise for Believers…..It’s one of those name-it-and-claim-it verses that goes with the prosperity-giving message that is often taught by preachers and teachers trying to bolster the financial giving of their audience. In fact, this verse does say, in essence, “Declare it, and it will happen just as you claim it.” Here’s the catch to this verse: Eliphaz is the one who said it, and he was wrong about nearly everything; he lacked a knowledge of the nature of God. He and his friends were rebuked by God himself for their bad counsel in Job 42:7-9. (See verse 7 where it says “The Lord said to Eliphaz the Temanite: “My anger burns against you and against your two friends, for you have not spoken of me what is right). So…when Christians quote scripture out of context as they do this verse, one might very well come away with a very skewed impression of the nature of God.”

2. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, (Proverb 18:21)

This is another proof text that on the surface seems to suggest that we can ‘speak life’ into every situation so that we can create a positive reality. Thats why sometimes when a person confesses that they are sick, the next thing that you may have heard in another believers mouth is ‘Don’t confess that’ or ‘that’s not your portion’ as if to say that by just confessing that you are well makes you well and that you ignore the fact that you may well be sick even with the evidence of vomiting all over the floor. This scripture does NOT mean that our words create reality but that our words can have consequences.

3. As it is written, “I have made you a father of many nations” in the presence of Him whom he believed—God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did (Roman 4:17)

Again the scripture itself tells you who “gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did”. It is not us. It is God. Yet many people use this scripture to state that we can do the same thing. Our words do not create reality. God’s words do. Don’t believe me? Confess that you are a millionaire and I will bet that none of you will become one just by saying it alone. It has so infiltrated the church on a massive scale even to the point where little children have been taught to do it and ‘decreed and declared’ that we wont be broke a day in their life as can be seen in the video below. My guess is that someone who was in that congregation is broke today

So in summary, there is nowhere in scripture where Jesus’s 12 disciples taught his disciples to go around decreeing and declaring in the fashion that we see today. You dont see them doing it and you dont see Paul or any other follower in the new testament doing it. Just because everyone is doing it doesnt make it biblical.


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  1. Andy says:

    The so-called ‘prayer of Jabez’ is the ultimate in treating God as a cash machine. It takes two little verses completely out of context and presents them as some kind of magic trick for guaranteed wealth. The only people to get rich from the prayer of Jabez are those who promote this scam.

  2. glasseyedave says:

    If she has so much power, so much of the Holy Spirit, so much authority… why does she not move in the legitimate, scriptural signs and wonders like healing? Maybe… she is a fraud. All I know is this is not the gospel. But for many this is what the Christian faith has been reduced to. The great falling away has already taken place.


  3. michael m says:

    I do declare I haven’t heard such blatant technique as much as this energetic frenetic speak or preach . I may have been spared such esoteric displays as this , because moving in more sober expressions of belief .

  4. Truth says:

    The truth is Cindy Trimm like many popular preachers has taken something that is Biblical and twisted it so that it becomes unbiblical. Being ‘slain in the spirit’ should not be condemed as unbiblical because there are examples of it in scripture, some focus on whether people fall backwards or forwards how crazy is that. The question should be is it a genuine move of the spirit, and my belief is that much of what takes place is nothing but mystecism and rooted in the demonic and we need to renounce our associations with many of these preachers. In my30 plus years of being born again I have seen many things in the name of Jesus that were nothing more than self but there have also been manifestations of the spirit that are not precisely outlined in scipture but they were of God the key is to try the spirit. We have no mandate to declare and decree anything we want and need to be very careful about this. This little boy has been taught well but he has been taught wrong. As Christians we can and should make declarations about ourselves but they are the declarations in scripture not because we want a new house more money a new car or to get healed. To declare that I am redeemed by the blood of Jesus is a Biblical declaration. to declare that I can never be sick a day in my life is not. A decree can only be made by God, I cannot even degree that I am healed I can believe that I am healed I can trust God for my healing and I should but the reality is there is such wrong teaching about healing that we need to go back to THE source.

  5. Truth says:

    The prayer of Jabez is of course Biblical but it is the reason for the prayer, what motivates us to refer to that prayer is it because we want the hand of God to be upon us as with Jabez or because we want money and other posessions. I have read many commnetaries on the prayer of Jabez some were right and Biblical others were not so we need to recognise the difference rather than class all of them as being in error.


    Decreeing is not the same with praying. If this statement is true then what is decreeing. When one decrees he is independent while in prayer one is dependent on God. When one decrees he is a King but in prayer one is submitting to a King. A decree is issued by one who is sovereign and it is unchangeable. And there is only one who is sovereign and what we say in our lives is subject to the will of God.

  7. preach12 says:

    There is no fear of taking GOD’s place.

  8. BobHarms says:

    I decree and declare the Word of God is True and everlasting
    I decree and declare Jesus is Lord over everything
    I decree and declare the blood of Jesus is appropriated in my behalf
    I decree and declare my sins are forgiven asGod accepted the offering I gave the blood of Jesus, it is my only hope
    I decree and declare favor extended to me from my heavenly Father surrounded protects me through the Word of my testimony
    I decree and declare God is faithful to raise me up asIsurrender my life completely unto Him

    • Alan Higgins says:

      Your decreeing and declaring doesnt make it any more true than if I just said the Bible states the word of God is true…. But feel free to carry on decreeing and declaring. You are at liberty to do so

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