A few years ago, I posted an article called The Sad State of Gospel Music today. Well I saw an article by H B Charles Jr which also talks about this and also touches on the current trend of Christian reality shows.  I have posted the article below and added some of the videos that he is talking about as well

I love Gospel Music. Traditional. Contemporary. Praise & worship. Choirs. Groups. Solo artists. Old and new. From Rev. So-and-So Presents… albums of the 80s to today’s Bishop So-and-So Presents… albums. I have even started to listen to some quartet and Christian hip-hop.

I love music. And I especially love music that exalts the Lord Jesus Christ. But my true love for Gospel Music has broken my heart.

In two ways…

First, I am grieved by the excessive commercialism of contemporary Gospel Music. I can cite various examples of this illicit love affair with the world. But there is an explicit seduction of the world on Gospel artists that burdens me: reality TV. What is this about? Why are Gospel artists joining the ranks of these mind-numbing reality TV shows? Don’t you now know that “reality TV” is an oxymoron?

Mary Mary

The Sheards

Of course, Gospel artists are not the only ones joining this parade of worldly foolishness. It’s also preachers, preacher’s wives, and preacher’s daughters. More and more religious personalities are nakedly pursuing fleeting celebrity. We want to be famous, rather than promoting the name, message, kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Sisterhood

Preachers of LA

Please to tell us you are doing this to expand the influence of Christ in culture. If that’s what you think, you are extremely confused. Deceived. Out of touch with “reality” (pun intended!). It is easier for the world to pull you down than for you to pull the world up. And in leaning over to reach the world, the church often falls in. And we are dragging the precious name of Jesus down with us.

Where did we get the idea that Christ wants us to help him be relevant in this God-ignoring society? The Lord commands us to be holy, faithful, obedient, wise, and loving. The Lord does not want us to show the world that we are regular people just like everyone else. The world already knows that! That’s why they don’t respect the church. We need to be different. Light. Salt. Our influence in the world happens by the difference Christ makes in our lives, not by blending in. The world cannot see our good works and glorify the Father in heaven by watching so-called Christian leaders divas argue, boast, shop, covet, date, lust, and complain on TV. Get real!

My heart is broken for another reason.

Not only are Gospel artists fallen in love with the world; even worse, they have fallen in love with Word of Faith theology. Prosperity Theology used to be on the fringes of the Christian landscape. Now these faith teachers are the mainstream. And many prominent Gospel artists have digested their unbiblical teachings and regurgitate them in their music.

As I listen to the new Gospel Music released, I am blown away by how talented Gospel artists are. The music, singing, and production can rival anything “secular” project. Unfortunately, I am hearing more thoughtful reflection in some Pop and R&B music than among those who claim to sing for the glory of God.

I buy a lot of Gospel Music. But I can commend very little of it for worship, private or corporate. Too much Gospel Music has too little gospel in it. It is not God exalting, Christ focused, or biblically saturated. It is fixated with self.

“It’s my season…”

“My harvest is coming…”

“What’s to come is greater than what’s been…”

“I don’t look like what I’ve been through…”

“Praise him till you get your breakthrough…”

“Speak those things that are not as though they were…”

“I’m taking back everything the devil stole from me…”

“Speak it into the atmosphere…” “

“I’m claiming my destiny…”

On and on it goes.

Just because you use biblical phrases does not mean you are communicating biblical truth. Cults play that game. Christian musicians and singers should not.

We need music that teaches truth (Col. 3:16), not just cherry-picks phrases that sound good. We need Gospel Music that proclaims the gospel! We need reverent, bible-rooted music that will lead worshipers to think deeply about Christ. We need musicians to record music that will lead us to sing to the glory of God, not just cheer-lead to get an emotional response.

Don’t look now, Gospel Artists, but the upstart Christian hop-hop artists are lapping you. Now, I am not a big hip-hop fan. And I don’t know any of these artists personally. But I am encouraged by their willingness to rap about God and Jesus and the gospel and holiness and doctrine. They are daring to compose and perform truth-driven messages, not mere foot-tapping music.

Gospel artists, please wake up! We are in a storm. And you are playing the Jonah, sleeping your way to Tarshish when you should be headed to Nineveh. The church – and the world – needs you to wake up and give up music about the true and living God!

It is for this reason that I hardly listen to the new gospel music today. I would rather listen to some old Commissioned songs than listen to the unbiblical Christian lyrics that I hear today. I also listen to Christian hip hop which to me are like the hymns for this generation as a lot of it is saturated with sound theology and doctrine.

Am I saying that all gospel music today is bad? No. But it needs a discerning ear. If you cannot discern the false doctrine coming from the pulpit. You will not discern it in the ‘gospel’ music lyrics.

  1. rmdavis@mail.com says:

    just focus on Jesus dont worry about these false prophets its all in God’s hands


  2. I believe that is not a man that he should lie a gospel artist really needs to follow Christ’s footsteps. Cos in this last days the devil is just out to change the system and only those who follow God as they should and are decerned would know when the enemy is sending the wrong signal.

  3. yemi says:

    The church is in a bit of a state at the moment. I don’t think people realise we are in the Endtimes. There is so much going on. The comment above says ignore them, but the problem is they are everywhere, and more to the point are leading people astray. I was in my friend’s house some months ago when I saw the commercial for Mary Mary. I then said to my friend is this what God wants the church to be doing now. I really don’t see the point to it all. Yet again it’s the church mixing themselves up with the world. They say they want the world to see them as they are. Well the world already know what you are. And by the way isn’t what we do as Christians supposed to draw people to Christ. How is this leading the unsaved to salvation. As far as i’m concerned it’s just pure worldly entertainment.

  4. yemi says:

    Sorry Alan I watched the short videos you posted and I had to come back and make a comment. Please indulge me. pastors wife’s having tattoos done, breast implants and arguing over who knows the word and who doesn’t. And then the Pastors themselves going on about riches and wealth and how some of them love the good life. Although I have to say the only bit I liked was when the pastors went out to preach the gospel. WHAT WERE THE WOMEN DOING. O dearie me

  5. Andy says:

    This is how these money grabbers are coming across to the general public:

  6. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME I thought my heart was the only one broken to hear the gospel message in the music today. Man of God be encourage their are many more of us that stand with your view.

  7. Myron A Thomas says:

    Amen, Brother, my wife and I are Pastors of a small church in the country. We don’t have a choir or praise team, we play our praise and worship music from cds. We don’t play any music that does not exalt the name of Jesus, we have seen to much entertainment in gospel music today that it turns us off, to many female gospel artist dressing inappropriately to draw attention to their songs. There is no ministering in music today like it was back in the late 80’s when a group by the name of Commissioned came on the airwaves. God has used their music to speak to my heart on many occasions, like when I had to let my part time job go and I began to wonder how I was going to make ends meet and the song tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His Word, ” Glory” that’s ministry. When we go over all of Commissioner’s songs we say to ourselves timeless music more than just a rythim and a rihaime. So we decided to let their music set the atmosphere for worship. To Karl, Mitchell, Marcus, Keith, Fred, Michael Brooks, Mike William, Montrell, the late Chris Poole and not forgetting Dawkins and Dawkins. May God continue to use you for His purpose in lifting up the name of Jesus in the last days. Amen

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