On my post of Blessings, Breakthroughs and Divine Favor, some of the questions asked were the following:

Are you frustrated that the Lord has not answered your prayers for the breakthroughs and divine favour which you seek?

Have you faithfully tithed but find that the “windows of heaven blessings” continue to elude you?

Have you diligently sown your seeds into “good soil” and confessed daily but you are still not receiving a harvest?

Do you “give to God” faithfully but feel like the Lord has abandoned you as you are not receiving anything in return?

For some reason, as per the cartoon above, some Christians seem to lose their brains and common sense and it frustrates me when I see believers blatantly being deceived left, right and center when they are blinded by false promises. So below are some basic questions that I really wish some Christians would take time to ask. I know a few do ask them already but for some reason, they choose to ignore it and put it to the back of their minds.

  • Why is that that even though you have been are tithing for so long, your financial position has not really increased any different than an unbeliever? In fact, you may now be poorer as a result and in debt
  • Why is it that this ‘sowing a seed‘ prescription seems to always work with the ‘man of Gawd’ but not with you?
  • Why does it seem like a pyramid scheme where the ones at the top seem to benefit and the ones at the bottom seldom do?
  • What happened to the supernatural wealth transfer? How comes you are not benefitting from it?
  • If the seed faith doctrine really works, why doesn’t the church sow back into YOUR life so that they can receive a blessing and get that building or that auditorium?
  • Why do preachers have ‘testimonies’ from members of the congregation or themselves of blessings as proof that something works but it only seems to happen as an exception and not the norm for the majority?
  • In these healing crusades, why are the healers reluctant to have these independently verified?
  • Why doesn’t everyone get healed if they are such a powerhouse.
  • Why are these ‘healings’ normally done in crusades? Surely it would be more of a testimony if they went into the hospital and healed each patient
  • Why is it that every New Year, it has to be the Year of this and the Year of that giving users false hope? As I mentioned in this post when in my old church there was a ‘Year of the Open Door’ for example. Does that mean that in other years, doors would not be open? What about the sovereignty of God? Supposed God did not want a door to open that year because that person had not reached a certain level of maturity? What if doors were closed to build character in a person? Think about it really
  • What happens if after confessing healing that you or your family gets cancer or dies? Why is is that Christians who ‘speak things into being’ do not seem to be exempt from sickness and are no different than unbelievers when it comes to sickness and disease?
  • Why is tithing taught in many churches but if you look in the New Testament after Christ’s death, there is NOT ONE instance of a believer tithing?
  • Why do some pastors and their wives (who a lot of the time don’t need the money) always seem to get ‘love-offerings’ every birthday, Fathers/Mothers day, Christmas etc while you are left struggling to pay your bills every month?
  • Why is it that even though someone shows me from scripture that what my pastor is teaching is unbiblical, I still defend my pastor first instead of defending the scripture?
  • Why is it that the songs that are TOTALLY unbiblical are the ones that Christians seem to celebrate? For example, ‘The Best in Me by Marvin Sapp when the fact is Christ saw exactly the opposite in us and saw the worst in us, that is why he came to save us

Can I really challenge you to think about these questions and don’t just ignore it but act upon it and dont be blinded by loyalty. It is these kind of questions that caused me to question a lot of stuff that I was being taught as mentioned in the ‘About Me’ section above. It was also what prompted me to start this blog.

I hope I have provoked you to think about this.

  1. Andy says:

    Brilliant! Should be required reading for all people who attend these types of church. I remember the fresh promises which “God had spoken” at the start of every new year which were subtly forgotten as the year went on only to be replaced by different lies at the start of the following year. Also the tales of the healings that God was performing in Africa despite the fact that He didn’t seem capable of anything here in London!

  2. FirstTwin says:

    Another banger my brother!!!!! Keep on being obedient to Christ!!!!!!!

  3. Jacqui says:


  4. I think we often don’t get what we want simply because we want it more than we want God. He’s the real blessing, and He’s not going to give us something if it will cause us to depend on Him less or otherwise drive us from Him.

  5. avanrossum says:

    “Why is it that even though someone shows me from scripture that what my pastor is teaching is unbiblical, I still defend my pastor first instead of defending the scripture?”

    I love this question. All too often, people get caught up into a ‘cult of personality’ – and defend unbiblical teaching and heresy. Of course, this easy to do if you’re not reading the Word on your own.

    I love how you’ve turned a cartoon that’s supposed to be critical of Christians in a very negative light into something good as well!

    Great post.

  6. fhatuwani says:

    is dating wrong as a christians?

  7. These are really good questions. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Shayla says:

    what is your point in this? that God doesn’t heal or bless his people? lets read the bible..what does it say about all this. ???

  9. LMatt says:

    I pray that God grants you the wisdom you are seeking during this transition.

    I can answer all of these questions with one answer.God is not a means to our end.

    When we give it should be out of love , reverence and obedience NOT to get anything in return.God does not owe us anything. He is holy and if you are a follower of Christ you have eternal life with Him. He has done enough. Also too many Gospel songs are more about the worshipper than the one being worshipped.

    I would highly recommend you listen to Hank Hanegraaf. The work they are doing at the Christian Research Institute is nothing short of amazing.

    God bless you.

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