I was having a long conversation with my children’s uncle, Wayne Grant, about my frustrations with God (which can be read in my Can I be honest post) which and in his own words, every now and then, he gets a ‘spiritual download’ from God. He told me the following and it really did help me see things a bit differently especially when it comes to prayer.

A Mom and Dad with unlimited funds raise an 18 year old son whose birthday is coming up.

The son is aware of the unlimited funds and they have great relationship and they know absolutely everything about him.

They know that all he wants for his birthday is a Bugatti and he has asked for one many many times.

The parents think about buying him a Bugatti, then knowing their son so well, instantly foresee that in three months times, he would wrap it around a tree and die.

So the parents think about buying him a nice Mercedes, then foresee that all is friends will use him like a cab to take them here, there and everywhere and as soon as the son says no he is busy or can’t be there to collect them. They all turn against him, talk about him, slander his name and turn their back on him. So the son gets depressed and kills himself.

So the parents think about buying a very old rubbish car. Then the parents foresee the car breaking down all the time and causing the son to be resentful and bitter towards them and eventually the car breaks down while driving through the ghetto and the son gets killed.

Then parents decide to get the son a 12 month Oyster Card (for those who are not in the UK, it is a London Transport travel pass) and foresee the son sitting next to a young lady on the bus who ministers to him and eventually he becomes a Christian, gets married and has a most wonderful life and is truly fulfilled and happy.

So the sons 18th birthday finally arrives and the parents say “Happy Birthday” son, your present is on the table.

The son unable to hold in his excitement runs over to the table the get the keys to his Bugatti and finds an envelope with an oyster card. He gets very angry and resentful and accuses his parents of not caring about him and hating him not realising he is just been truly blessed.

So I suppose the question is, what does it truly mean to be blessed? This will be addressed in my next post


  1. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the post — I have been thinking about it and the previous one Can I be Honest.

    I often think about the disciples in Jerusalem on the day after the Cross but before the Resurrection. Their entire lives, in their esteemed judgment, had been destroyed when Jesus died and with his death it all seemed to be over. There seemed to be no hope for their ministry. Their plans and vision of what the Messiah was supposed to be, earthly Messiah restoring the greatness of Israel, had been dashed to bits and their disappointment is great. Cleopas and the unnamed disciple on the Road to Emmaus even express their disappointment in Jesus to Jesus. Because they are the clay and not the potter they have no idea just how wrong they are, they don’t even understand what they should be seeking at that point and they certainly don’t understand what is about to happen. They think that they are losing horribly when they have just won. Even as believers benefiting from knowing the whole story we still sometimes don’t even know what field we are on much less how to score a goal.

    You mention in your can I be honest post about praying for things and how everything is lined up to make it a good prayer with good intentions. While I understand what you mean, like your example here and the disciples, I find in a situation of disappointment and discouragement more often for me after things shake out over time, I realize that did not even know what the the proper issue was that I should have been praying about at that point much less understand the specific relief asked for. I worked at a terrible job for a bullying boss from which I prayed for relief. It took me years to get a different job and this delay confused me at the time. Looking back years later, I now understand that God used that time to strip away a ton of junk that life had attached to me have me actually seek Jesus, not just a better job and I am thankful for the time. I would not change that time now for anything. But, it is only through praying and trusting and watching did I realize that while I was praying for my version of the earthly Messiah envisioned by the disciples, someone to fix my circumstances, God’s plan was so much greater.

    So blessing is sometimes God flat out saying no to us even when we think everything lines up as good because His answer is better. David and his request to build the Temple is another example.

  2. jacquies1957 says:

    Being blessed is not in WHAT we receive, but in WHOM we receive it. Our existence is contingent on how we “relate” to GOD. If it’s all receive and no give, it’s not a relationship. Eventually one of two things will occur, you’ll either become disappointed because you didn’t receive what you wanted or when you wanted it or disillusionment sets in because there’s no reciprocity…nothing to hold onto. The relationship (or lack thereof) becomes stale and is somewhat one-sided. You’ll find that the more you spend with HIM (not requesting—just chillin’), you idea of what being “blessed” is, will change drastically.

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