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My name is Alan Higgins and I live in the UK. I have been a born again Christian since 1987. I was never raised in the church as such even though I was sent to sunday school when I was younger. I was around 7 years old when I first heard the biblical gospel and it was from a man called Simeon Damdar (pictured below). I would like to publicly thank Simeon, who has just recently retired from the mission field, for his continual faithfulness in preaching the good news.


This was the man who first planted the seed of the word of God into my life and I attended his sunday school for many years. Apart from Jesus Christ of course, I would like to attribute my salvation to this man.

Note to sunday school teachers: Don’t ever think that your faithfulness in teaching children is a waste of time. Your labor is not in vain in the Lord (1 Cor 15:58). I am living proof.

As I reached my teenage years, I did my own thing as many do but that seed had never left me and I knew that if I had died in my sins, I would have been in big trouble on judgement day because I had constantly broken God’s laws and was living a life contrary to God’s will. To cut a long story short, my friend invited me to his baptism one day and I ended up in the pool myself and the rest is history.

I originally went to your typical black pentecostal church. You know the type. Tongue talking, hat wearing, no jewelry type of church. As I matured I knew I needed more teaching. Then cable and satellite TV became more popular in the UK and so I began to watch a lot of the tele-evangelists with their ‘teachings’ and I thought, here is the teaching that I have been missing.

Then as time went on, I knew that I had to find somewhere else to fellowship and not just depend on the TV for my spiritual food. So I left and joined another church. If I am honest, when I joined, it seem to be quite focussed on the local community but as time went on, the pastor of that church hooked up with a lot of his American counterparts and the focus seem to have been lost. He became very Americanized (not that America is bad my American friends) and Word-Of-Faithy in his teaching. As I matured also, I also questioned a lot of the teachings that I heard in my church and on TV and was very disappointed with God when things didn’t seem to happen as ‘the man of God’ said. I became very disillusioned and left that church as a result to go where I am now where the preaching is very Christ Centered .

I had to go back to basics about biblical interpretation and had to deprogram my mind from the mentality I once had. When I did this and studied the word for myself like the Bereans (Acts 17:11), I found out that a lot of what I was taught was NOT biblical and was NOT real Christianity.

Hence the reason why I have done this website to encourage believers to get back to biblical truth. I hope you are blessed by it but more than that, I pray that the truth will set you free (John 8:32)

I welcome any comments and correction as long as you have rightly divided scripture to back you up

For those of you who do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, please click here. Repent and put your trust in him today


UPDATE: I have had a lot of encouraging words on my blog so please see a word of thanks from me to you

  1. Daniel says:

    keep exposing those false teachers and show the true gospel! grace and peace

    • JJ says:

      For years I have been disturbed by those spreading a false gospel. May the followers of Jesus Christ stand firm in the truth of His Gospels and ignore those who wish to delude and bear false witness. Keep strong in the faith and sharpening others. God Bless you.

  2. Daniel says:

    thank you for posting up my essay. grace and peace bro

  3. jason says:

    Hello and best wishes Mr H. Jason

  4. Morné says:

    Hi Alan
    The website looks good. I look forward exploring it.


  5. Jamie Short says:

    Nice site mate!

    Very impressive!

    Will have to catch up soon one day!

    Jamie Shorty

  6. Andrew says:

    hows it going mate. this is andrew in canada. Great site man… returning to basics IS the way to go!

  7. Bonnie says:

    Thank you Alan for your 4-part article on the marks of false teachers and teaching. If you don’t mind, I would like to link to your articles on my own site. This is something I am also dealing with on my blog. You have done an execellent job, and since there is no point reinventing the wheel. I would like to direct my readers to your excellent work. Thanks, Bonnie

  8. Alan Higgins says:

    Thankyou for your comments. There are more to come so watch this space. Alan

  9. Ann Brock says:

    Alan I like your site and will be visting again. I ask a couple of months ago about Sunday Schools I think that in a couple of years they will not exist any more.

    My Church have don away with Sunday School. I want to think it is because we are a teaching ministry. I went to Sunday school for years. If you look around some of the mega churches are not even doing Sunday School either. One thing they have too much going on to squeeze in that. You get a lot out of Sunday School.

  10. Alan Higgins says:

    Thanks for your kind words Ann. Teaching children from a young age is very important as it shapes their whole future

  11. Odale says:

    Amen! Having the seed planted at an early age kept me from a lot of destructive behavior (not that I didn’t stray). It’s as if a conscience is too much bother for many.

    “the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few” (Matt 9: 37) and we are told to pray for laborers in the next verse.

    Praise God for your efforts here!

    Excellent that you suggest to not just ‘read a verse’ but to study more and be sure to have proper understanding.

    Thank you for persevering and God Bless You!

  12. Alan Higgins says:

    Thanks for all your comments Odale. They are very encouraging.


  13. Paulette says:

    Good work Alan. I’m blessed and impressed! (This is the Paulette who used to live around the corner from you when you lived at home)

  14. neogotchi says:

    hello! i luv your site, and I’m glad to meet another Christian blogger! stop by mine @ http://scripture4u.wordpress.com
    Keep in the Faith!!

  15. revdonc says:

    I enjoyed visiting your site. I am just getting started on my own so any suggestions would be helpful.

    God bless your ministry!


  16. Alan Higgins says:

    Thanks for stopping by revdonc. I am not sure exactly what advice you need but basically, I just write what is on my heart and what I think Christians need to know according to scripture. I suppose it all depends on what topic what you your blog to be focussed on. Hope that helps. If you need help on anything else, let me know and let me know your blog website

  17. Daniel says:

    thanks Alan!!! please check out my latest post, i have acknowledged what an encouragement your blog has been to me.

  18. Alan Higgins says:

    Thanks for the compliment

  19. Carla Beth says:

    What did you mean about your church becoming Americanized? As an American living in Japan, I’m becoming increasingly interested in how others view me and my culture, since it’s virtually impossible for me to identify these things on my own. I don’t mind criticism at all, so I’m not offended or feeling defensive or anything like that.

  20. Alan Higgins says:

    Let me clarify Carla. In the UK on our christian channels, we get a lot of american word of faith preachers on our TV and my previous pastor started to become a clone with all the spiritual catchphrases and cliches e.g Touch your neighbour and tell them ……. It was not meant to be anything against americans in and of themselves as I love to follow the teachings of people such as John Piper, John Macarthur and Paul Washer. I hope that clarifies things

  21. Carla Beth says:

    Alan, there is a real warmth to your writing. It’s very down to earth and humble, yet also insightful and intelligent. Perhaps you can help me with something? Feel free to email me or maybe this can be a new post. Maybe five years ago I accepted Jesus into my life, but it’s been a bit rough. I’m especially hung up on the “Virgin” Mary and can’t accept that aspect of the faith. I’ve walked away a couple of times as a result. And then there’s the walking on water bit and the guy in the fish. But many groups of Christians view these teachings as symbolic, and I know of several people who say they are evangelical yet don’t accept these things as actual happenings. They don’t see this as an obstacle because they feel that God is bigger than that. Reading Paul’s writings, I feel like it’s okay, that I’m not an “other” in the faith, someone who has half a foot “in” and half “out.” What do you think about this? One person I almost married very clearly felt that it could be true, could not be true, but he said that sometimes we need to just trust that God is capable of anything and that that is sometimes enough. But then … he was extremely rigid in the faith in ways that was very exclusive and hurtful. When faith becomes political, that’s where I have to stand back and just be. Anyhoo, I do welcome your thoughts on this. Thanks!

  22. Alan Higgins says:

    Thankyou very much for your compliment Carla

    Well what I would say is if God could make this vast and very complex world then it would be nothing for him to walk on water. Also Jesus testified that the story about Jonah was not symbolic in Matthew 12:40

    “For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.”

    Does it have to be an obstacle? Not necessarily as it is not an essential teaching that would damn you but then again it can be if we start symbolising everything e.g. Jesus death on the cross

    Maybe this link will give you some basic rules on how to interpret the bible https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2007/10/24/ten-rules-of-biblical-interpretation/

    Christianity is both inclusive and at the same time very exclusive. It is inclusive that Christ died for the whole world and salvation is offered to everybody but it is exclusive in that the bible makes it very clear that there is only ONE WAY to receive salvation and that is through Jesus Christ. Funny enough, today I just wrote about the heresy called ‘The Gospel of Inclusion. read it at https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2008/03/06/the-marks-of-false-%e2%80%98christian%e2%80%99-teaching-and-teachers-part-11-the-gospel-of-inclusion

    When you say that you are hung up on Mary, in what sense? Do you pray to her? Do you depend on her in any way for your salvation? Please elaborate.

    Also, can I ask that you look at these links. The first one is https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2007/12/06/how-do-you-know-that-you-are-saved/

    And the second one should really help you in your walk

    I hope this helps

  23. Carla Beth says:

    Thanks for your reply. No, I don’t pray to Mary or worship her in any way. There was an interesting article on Mary in Time Magazine, I think, that explored this worship of her. I read through your articles on your website and am grateful for what you have written. My bottom line, I suppose, is that Jesus is in me, without a doubt. And he’s there knowing where I’m stuck and conflicted, and when I walk in dark shadows and feel jealousy and resentment and self-hate, he’s still there. Which surprises me, yet I can feel it and see evidence in my life and the choices I make. He’s with me at all times, and I’m a sinner! Every day I sin with my thoughts and often enough with my words! And he’s with me. About interpretation and cultural idioms, I know that there is cultural lingo and symbolic speech throughout the bible. And I strongly suspect that there are passages in the bible that have been accepted on face value and that have, as a result, created division and points of controversy. But God knows what’s what with those passages, so I’m really beginning to feel like that’s just human stuff, this need to assert some sense of ownership over scripture and claim to understand better than the next guy. Certainly there are people who believe they are Christians but who aren’t walking the narrow path. So I appreciate your writings on this. And I’m feeling called to that narrow path. It’s being made known to me. As I grow in the faith I will enjoy being able to look back and see how I’ve worked through these concerns.

  24. Alan Higgins says:

    Glad to be of help

  25. TQ says:

    Thanks for repping P4CM. We’re just trying to honor Jesus Christ and the saving power of the Gospel. I gave you a shout out on our baby FAQ page under the lyrics question and when I create a useful links page, I’ll be sure to add you to it.

    And check out the new Young Jeezy video. It’s right on the home page now. Take it easy and keep repping Christ.


  26. Alan Higgins says:

    No Problem. I will keep linking to your page also. To God be the glory!!

  27. Debbie says:

    Hey Alan I just wanted to introduce you to my website
    I hope you like it
    God Bless

  28. I love your site I am linking it to mine I like it so much I want people who visit my site to be able to come to your site and see and read what you have to say.
    God bless
    Anointed Vessel

  29. 1 Truth Only says:

    I like what you have done here. This site brings alot of truth to its readers. I could say much more but im cant really put all of what i could say in this little box all at once.

    I will be linking to your page, adding you to my blog roll and referring people here as much as possible.

    Theres much content here that i have yet to learn and hopefully will be able to take some of the content and give my readers some value.

    Thanks for the concern for the true Christian community.
    Adrian Leavell Jr.

  30. Alan Higgins says:

    Thanks Adrian for your encouraging words and I am honored that you will link your page to mine.

    Soli Deo Gloria

  31. lavrai says:

    I noticed the artist you have in your Sonific… Have you heard of this guy? Give a listen to ‘Give Us The Truth’… and let me know if you have any other recommendations.

    Flame: http://sonific.com/gateway/artist/13834?album_id=57957&song_id=72003


  32. Alan Higgins says:

    Lavrai, I have four songs from Flame on Sonific. I have been listening a lot to Flame on my IPod lately and I love ‘Give Us The Truth’. It speaks for itself

  33. Bernie Smith says:

    We would love to link to your website to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ out to all nations. The Gladiator is christian men’s magazine. They keep say we do not go to church and I want to do something about this. We have articles to empower men to be Gladiators for Jesus Christ. We have to fight everyday to keep satan from coming our way. Please email us.

  34. Steven says:


    I came across your blog today and noticed that you have some Way of the Master material that you have been posting as well. I will have to take some time to read through some of your postings. In the meantime, stop on by my blog that I am getting going:


    Stop on by. I would like to talk to you as to how I can further develop my blog – bouncing some ideas off of you.

    In Christ,

  35. Alan Higgins says:

    No problem Steven. I have browsed your website and it doesnt look like you need much help. However, if there is something specific you want to know about, by all means let me know

  36. Steven says:

    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for taking a look. Can you give me a write at my email address : smcclaug@witnessforthemaster.com?

    I would like to further converse about our ministries, in particular to understand what you have learned with your effectiveness to communicating a message of Christ through this method.

    Also, I updated my about page to put a small bio and picture up if you didn’t get a chance to see those updates. If you think I should expand it, let me know or as to whether just keep it simple and to the point:


    In Christ,

  37. lavrai says:

    Hi, Alan.

    I checked out one of the sites you’ve got linked to on here… um, I don’t know what it’s about, but Joie de Vrie has some ‘weird’ videos posted on the right rail of the site…

    It may have been just some random ad Google posted… which look like they need filtering. I left a note on the site, but wanted to let you know since I found the link here.

    Screengrab (which will be gone in a couple of days):

  38. Alan Higgins says:

    Thanks. Isaiah (Joie de Vivre) is a very good site and I know he would not have done it intentionally. Thanks for the heads up

  39. curious former christian says:

    Howdy ya’ll,
    Reading this blog kind of re-kindled some questions that I have had about the whole religion deal; questions that, in the past, I just put out of my mind and eventually forgot.
    Here’s the situation. I was raised in a christian home. My parents are VERY religious; they are non-denominalationists who believe the gospel pretty much how you present it on this blog. I went along with it when I was young, including thinking that I ‘got saved’, and getting baptized. However, as I grew older, I questioned why I believed what I believed, and it was then that I realized that I faced the biggest problem I had ever encountered in my life. Why did I believe that Jesus Christ was anything more than a significant historical figure? What made Christianity any different than any other religion (yeah, i know, Jesus rose from the dead, but so what if one religion is more extravagant than another)? Why would a god who despised those who sacrificed their children to their gods sacrifice HIS OWN SON to appease himself? you say, ‘well, God is holy by nature, and his holiness prohibited him from redeeming man by any other means than his son’. So when was God created, and who created him? if he is holy by nature, how did he get that nature? oh, he ‘always was and always will be’. So how’d he get to be who he is? he controls everything but himself, right?
    The only way one can believe this myth and legend would be to have faith. Blind faith: the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. yeah, that’s about right. to believe this stuff, you have to throw all reason to the wind, turn your back on logic, and blindly trust in religion. To do this, one would have to have a strong sense of the reality of this story, making it totally subjective to each and every individual who claims christianity. I do not have this sense of reality. It was never REAL to me. I don’t have faith, and I can’t get it no matter how hard I try.
    Half of me wants to just close my eyes and jump back into religion, and believe the whole gospel blindly, because that’s how I was raised, and that is the beliefs engrained in me. The other half wants to stay sane and logical in an already messed up world. I want to have faith, but I CAN”T GET IT!!!
    anybody here thats been in this situation that can give me some advice?
    I’d appreciate it,

    • Mark says:

      Dear friend, you state that you where saved at an early age. But your fruit isn’t that of someone who is saved or born again. Your problem is you are blinded by your own sin.
      please read Isiah 59, your sin has separated you from your God. Paul said sin deceived me and slew me.
      Your problem is, You cannot see the truth because, the sin that so easily ensnares you also blinds you to the truth.
      Repent and believe the gospel, and you will be saved.
      Humans can not know God with out being born again John3.
      The Gospel is foolishness to them that are perishing.
      I hope you are not so foolish that you allow your self to Go to Hell. Love Mark

    • Heather says:

      Hi Jimmy,

      I am glad you are questioning and searching for truth, it is a noble task, frought with bias which must be overcome, not only other’s but your own. My heart goes out to you, I was raised on Word of Faith, but I never doubted God was real and Jesus is our Savior, I don’t know why that is, espcially since the God I was taught about – the health and wealth god, isn’t the God of the Bible. In my late teens I went out into the world and strayed from the Lord, but came back to word of faith in my 20’s. For years I struggled with my faith, too afraid to admit it to anyone even myself, I didn’t realize that the faith I had was not biblically sound that is until my world caved in – my mom got breast cancer and died. While she was suffering, I sincerely started my quest for truth, like you I questioned everything I ever believed in. I went to the Bible and the world for answers, no sacred cow was safe. When the truth comes to bare you must either accept it or reject it, and if you are sincere in your search God will give it to you. You say half of you wants to go back to believing the gospel blindly, well Jimmy that is the problem…real faith is not blind. Real faith is based upon the actual acts of an Almighty God in our realm faithfully recorded in Scripture. For example:

      When God promised Abraham the father of faith, many children, He took Abraham outside and showed him the stars- even though Abraham could not see how he and Sarah would have a child, he could see the stars God made, visible proof of His might. So surely the God who made the stars can provide children for an elderly couple. As a city girl, I used to read that and think big deal, it wasn’t until I saw the night sky in the country that I saw what Abraham might have seen, it is an awe inspiring sight-billions of twinkles lighting up the night sky, where does one begin to count them all, it makes you feel small.

      God always reminded the Children of Israel that He was the God who delivered them from the Egyptians with His mighty hand-they physically experienced the specific plagues God used not only to make Pharaoh let His people go but to judged their false gods and glorify Himself as the only God in the process. God took care of His children for 40 years in the desert, He miraculously provided bread, meat, and water for them; their clothes didn’t wear out either, these are physical tangilbes. He did all these things to show them He loved them and would take care of them, so they would learn to have faith in Him, so whenever He told them He was going to do something, even though they could not see it, they would take Him at His word because of the proof He gave them in the past.

      In the OT, atonement was provided by the priests who were instructed to offer to God, not Satan, specific blemishless “clean” animals, which is symbolic of being without sin. Blood must be spilled to forgive sin-the wages of sin is death, and life is in the blood. God would not accept just any animal, it had to be a clean one i.e. not a pig or dog. This is a type and shadow of Jesus-sinless lamb of God. This whole bloody process was to show them that sin sucks, and to look for their Redeemer. Pagans of course perverted this practice by using unclean animals and or children offered to idols which represent demons, for appeasment, not necessarily for their sins. God forbids human sacrifice because it is not acceptable to Him- we are sinners. Only a sinless offering was acceptable. As the saying goes, if you want something done right, do it yourself. Only God is sinless, so He had to take on human flesh, which provided the neccessary component of blood, lived with us, suffering our pains and griefs, and then offered HImself to Himself to pay for our sin. His onetime physical fleshly death was sufficient to meet God’s requirement of blood atonement, no other sacrifice is required. In Acts it is recorded that over 500 eye-witnesses saw Jesus alive after his resurrection. He even ate some food, and Thomas touched his wounds – all physical proof. All the Jews had to do to discredit this was to produce Jesus’ body which should have been easy to do with the sealed tomb garded by 10 soldiers around the clock. I can’t imagine 12 scared Jews were a match for battle hardend Roman soldiers whoes lives were at stake if anyone tried to steal Jesus’ body.

      God doesn’t ask for blind faith, He asks you to have faith in Him, and His ability to do what He says He will do, backed up by His mighty acts He has done, recorded for us in Scripture, He is a God of word and deed(physical proof). There are those who don’t want to believe Scripture, but rather we accidentally evolved from an explostion over billions of years, if that is more logical and reasonable, than that is their choice. You want God to answer for Himself, to give you an account of where He came from, and why He is the way He is- well so did Job, please read Job 38-42, (v.40:1-5 is good!) it is all there.

      This life we live in this world is short compared to eternity, yet it seems to be riddled with more loss, pain, and suffering than joy-why? Because there are those who willfully refuse to believe the proof of God’s words and deeds, like the Pharisees in Jesus day refused to believe His physical miracles which were meant to back up His claims, Jesus called them the blind leading the blind. God uses pain and loss as effective tools to purify the believer by burning off stubble and chaff, and to bring the disobedient and the lost to their senses, it did for me. I was so out of line and lost, but through the pain and loss of my dearly loved mother, I found the real God of the Bible, whom I dearly love, and I hope and pray you do too!

      Dont give up Jimmy! =)

  40. kxqmate says:

    In reference to the Curious Former Christian:

    Finite creatures can never fully comprehend an inifinite God any more than we can grasp the length of eternity or the immensity of the universe.
    But to help us better understand who He is He provided us with the Bible and He sent His son Jesus to the earth.
    Christianity is different from all other religions in that in Christianity God reaches down to man, while in other religions man attempts to reach up to God.
    God made us as reasoning beings and thus we can have a reasoned faith. The people and the places in the Bible were real as archeology has confirmed and continues to confirm.
    Many have wrestled with the same questions that you have. Fortunately, we have access to their reasonings and conclusions.
    Some that come to mind are G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, Frank Morison, Josh McDowell, Max Lucado, and Ravi Zacharias.
    One book recently out but already in the libraries is Tim Keller’s ‘The Reason For God’.
    It is straightforward and would be a good place to start in putting to rest some of your questions.

  41. Alan Higgins says:

    Its obvious that you have heard a lot of the normal replies to your questions
    I think it would be blind faith if there was no evidence but there is a lot of evidence not to mention the eye witnesses. You are correct that you should not just swallow it down blindly but you should examine the evidence. This is mentioned in the video https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2008/04/05/faith-under-fire/. Yes there are many religions but the question is, which one is true? That is where the examination comes in

    I have been doing a series on ‘How We Got Our Bible’ which should answer a lot of your questions and I would. It starts at https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2008/04/13/how-we-got-our-bible-parts-11-12/

    I haven’t read Tim Kellers book that kxqmate referred to but I have heard about it and it may answer your questions more fully. Check out http://thereasonforgod.com

  42. curious former christian says:

    Even after having watched Missler’s presentation, I must ask you this:
    I want to know why YOU, not anyone else, but YOU who claim the name of Christ believe that the bible is entirely true.
    Here’s the scoop. We have the bible, a book which contains historical events which have been proven in many cases to be accurate. However, you believe the supernatural events recorded in it to be true: why? because this same bible says that they are. You will agree with me, i am sure, that christianity, in its entirety, is founded soley upon the bible. Now, you believe that a book is true because it says that it is true. You believe that Jesus Christ was sent to earth as a propitiation for our sins because this book says so. You believe that God created the universe initially, because this book says so. You live the separated lifestyle that you live because this book demands it. yet the only reason we have to believe that this book, the source of our beliefs, is entirely true is because it claims that it is. This is the highest form of circular reasoning. Again, this is where the factor of faith steps in. One must have BLIND faith to believe in the story of the gospel.
    Now, it was mentioned that it would not be blind faith if there was ‘evidence’.
    So, lets start at the beginning. Where is any evidence at all that God created the world? Couldn’t it just as easily have “just began”? you claim that nothing can ‘just begin’, but what you don’t seem to realize is the irony of what you are saying, because you most definatly believe that God ‘just existed’, without ever being created!
    Where is any evidence that the bible is accurate at all? yeah, we’ve got some historical events that are recorded in it that have been confirmed by archeologists, but every other written religion contains accurate historical facts as well. that proves nothing.
    Come on, you’ve got to admit that being a christian requires faith; believing in the unseen, which makes it blind.
    thanks for your time responding…

  43. Alan Higgins says:

    Before I go on, I forgot to say that Jesus Christ willingly laid down his life for us so it was not a form of child sacrifice as you have described originally. That makes it so much more amazing that someone would willingly die for the sins that we committed and willingly took our punishment so that we do not have to incur Gods punishment if we repent and put our trust in him. What a good deal. We committed the crime but Jesus is willing to pay our fine

    Anyway back to your questions

    Q. How do I know that the bible is true?
    A. I know that the bible is true for various reasons. The bible was written over a 1000 year period, from over 30 different authors from a wide range of backgrounds and from different countries and everything fits together and the theme is continuous throughout. There are a numerous amount of prophecies that have been fulfilled. This is just to name a few reasons but this proves that it is no ordinary book but that it is supernatural. Not that but I have experienced the transforming power of Jesus Christ in my own life (although I know you will probably say others can say something similar about their own religion)

    Q. Is there any evidence that God created the world?
    A. In the same way that a painting is 100% proof that there must have been a painter and a building is 100% proof that that must have been a builder, creation itself is 100% proof that there must have been a creator. Paintings or buildings do not happen by random chance. I touched on this at https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2008/04/03/belated-april-fools-day-athiest-is-this-you. As I said then lets just take the sculpture. Do you think it is at all possible, even over a million years, that the sculpture could be crafted through evolution or chance and without a sculptor? You do not have to be Einstein to know that the examples above do not happen by themselves. Paintings do not happen without a painter. Also things over time do not explode of evolve into order but always into disorder. So a sculpture is a lot less (and I stress A LOT LESS) complicated than a human in that generally, the outside has distinctive features carved out like eyes, ears, mouth etc and you see that as reasonable even though the inside of a sculpture has basically nothing moving and I assume you would not believe that a sculpture could happen as a result of evolution, big bang or whatever, but when it comes to humans (lets forget the rest of creation for now) which not only have those outside characteristics but as you said DNA also which has has so much order in itself, and then we have all the other parts like blood, nerves, arteries, bones, tendons, organs etc which is more complex than the most complex computer yet you have no problems believing that this can happen without some intelligent designer.

    Q. So who created God?
    A. Well if we keep going backwards, we have what we call an infinite regress i.e. B created A, C created B, D created C and on and on it goes. But at some point there must be something that stands outside of all of this which is infinite. We as Christians call that ‘something’ God

    Q. Are Christians guilty of circular reasoning?
    A. I think if you look at this link (http://www.needhim.org/1/bible/bible4.shtml) , it articulates it better than myself

    Now my question to you is even if you got ALL the answers to your questions, would that automatically make you bow your knee to Jesus Christ or would you find something else to prevent you from doing so?

  44. curious former christian says:

    “I have experienced the transforming power of Jesus Christ in my own life”

    Dude, I’m willing to scrap every arguement I have, or that anybody else has, to get to this. I’m not trying to argue now, I really want to know. What’s this transforming power like? This is what i didn’t understand about christianity. Some said that it took away their desire to sin, but that never happened to me. What is it like for you? What effects does it have in your life that are real? If I knew that the gospel would actually have a real power in my life that would change me, I would embrace it, so I would definately like to hear ya’lls personal experiences.

  45. Alan Higgins says:

    OK here it is in a small nutshell. Before I was a Christian, I was not a ‘bad’ person in what we would normally call bad. I didn’t do drugs or robbed people. I was a law abiding citizen and still am :-). I enjoyed my life, I enjoyed partying every weekend, loved girls. Me and my friends never made any trouble but just liked to enjoy ourselves. However, I still knew deep down that I was guilty before God of breaking his laws and that if God gave me justice, I would be in big trouble.

    As I became a Christian and began to understand God more and more and his character, I found out that the things that I once had no interest, I now love and the things I once loved, I now have no interest. The desire to sin as I once did is not there as much. Now am I saying that I never have a desire to sin? Of course not. I would be a liar if I said yes but as time goes on, the desire wanes more and more. Don’t let anyone tell you that this happens overnight because it doesn’t. So it is not so much that I HAVE to obey God but now I WANT to obey God. I could not really say that before I was a Christian and to be honest when I look back, I can see how my life has totally been transformed. I hope that answers your question

  46. Hi Alan,

    I noticed “curious former Christian” asked “who created God?”

    I added an 8 minute mp3 audio to my site today on this very subject. It’s definitely worth a listen. Hear it here, the top entry:


    By the way, great blog Alan!


  47. Alan Higgins says:

    Had a listen. Very well presented Brian

  48. Alan,

    First off my husband wants me to ask you who’s your favorite football club? O.K. now for my reason in sending you a comment. I hope you don’t mind, but I added your link to my site. I am praying for you and just wanted to encourage you to continue with your obedience to the Lord in all that you write. We need more men of God to stand up today and rightly divide the word of truth, while also exposing all the false teachings in this world, (especially here in America.) May the Lord have mercy on our nation! If you have any room I would love for you to check out my blog and maybe link up with me. Anyway, may the Lord bless you in all you do for His Glory!


  49. Alan Higgins says:

    You have a very good blogsite Stephanie and I definitely will be visiting again. Thanks for your prayers. I crave them. I just want to speak the truth thats all. Thanks again.


    PS Re my football team. Arsenal all the way!!!

  50. curious former christian says:

    Very good presentation on ‘who created God’. While agreeing with the majority of the material presented, in that all finite matter that exists must have been created, we cannot be certain that the God of the bible is the god who created the universe… the gods of any other relgion could have just as well created it…

  51. Hi Curious Former Christian,

    you are right – any “god” could have been the creator.

    I suggest you look at this page which covers both aspects in some detail:


    A Master List of FAQs is here:


    I sympathise with your desire to know a real relationship with Jesus. I also recognise that arguments and logic don’t really lead anyone to Christ in themselves, since it’s God who comes after us and draws us by his Spirit.

    I also recognise that growing up with a Christian background can “innoculate us” against the real thing. It took me 40 years to find the real thing, despite going to church from Week 1 as a baby.

    If you go to my website and lok at the left hand column “Share Your Story Here” you’ll see links to lots of personal stories of how people came to faith. If you’re interested, I’ll give you mine too.

    If you’d like to e-mail me from the home page of my website, giving me your backgound in some detail, and how you got to where you are today, I’ll do what I can to help you to find faith in Jesus


  52. Mark V. Gillis says:

    hello alan….somehow i ended up on your website…..PRAISE God…..i was initially sent by a “friend” to “godtv” to view a program on todd bentley……AND AS I HAD SUSPECTED…very “bennie hinnish”…..also there is this girl i have witnessed to, who is now reading “elliot towle”…what’s up with this fellow? on another note…our mission trip to Zimbabwe just got cancelled….please lift our team up in prayer for Angola, Mozambique or possibly France sometime this summer…..thank you my brother! obviously this is my 1st. time to your site and i look forward to sharing and encouraging all who are willing to hear….there is so, so much useful info that will enable me to share the gospel in a much more effevtive manner….thank you so much…..i am encouraged by your faith…..i will pray for you daily…be healthy, be safe, and God Bless in His Service…..mark….oh yeah..Team Africa- Calvary Christian Church Lynnfield, Ma.

  53. Alan Higgins says:

    Mark, thankyou for your encouraging words

  54. enton says:

    Hello Bro. Alan, may I invite you to this website http://www.esoriano.wordpress.com

    Thanks be to God.

  55. Khalid says:

    Dear Brother,

    IPeace upon all

    t really confuses me as to how can we assign devinity to Human messenger ( Jesus Christ), whyc an we follow the commandment and believe in on etru God almighty.

    I also wonder when we read commandment in torah about worship of one true God and not to make any images or to worship images, why do christians all over the world make images and worship images of Jesus Christ and break this commandment.

    Why can we all believe in One true God, who is the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob , Ishmaeel, who is one without second or third.


  56. Alan Higgins says:

    Khalid, I agree with you when you ask the question “why do christians all over the world make images and worship images of Jesus Christ and break this commandment.”. This should not be so and especially true when it comes to catholics

    In regards to why we asign divinity to Jesus, please see https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2007/12/04/is-jesus-god/

    God bless you and thanks for visiting my blog


  57. I need help, please see pray for us on my web site my daughter and I are under attack send word to others please thanks Alan! Send my love to all!

  58. Thank you for your prayers and kind words Alan my family thanks you and we love you all!

  59. Dawn says:


    Thank you for your words of encourgement in response to my post on Phil’s blog (Theology Today). Please pray for me and my family. It is unsettling to have your theology shaken, and to realize how easy it can be to fall into deception. I’m reading a lot of your articles and am finding them helpful. Glad to know someone else has been down this road as well.

    In Christ,

    P.S. Are there any particular ministers/ministries that you might recommend that I listen to or read? Also, what about gifts of the spirit in Corinthians. For now, not for now? Don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. Thanks for your help!

  60. Alan Higgins says:

    Dawn, when I read your post, all I saw was myself. I will be posting it again tomorrow. I think people like John Macarthur, John Piper, R C Sproul, Albert Mohler, Mark Dever are good people to read/listen to.

    What I will advise though is learn some basic rules of how to interpret the bible for yourself and believe me, it will spare you much pain and will definitely sharpen your discernment no matter who you listen to. Take a read of https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2007/10/24/ten-rules-of-biblical-interpretation/

    I hear what you are saying about throwing the baby out with the bath water. Because we have probably seen the gifts abused so much in church that we are very cautious (and rightly so) when we see anything.

    Because of this reason, I personally (and I am not saying that you do the same) dont get hung up with the gifts as we can see the dangers that it can lead to like the Corinthian church. I am more interested in the fruit which I think will automatically come when you listen to/read sound doctrine and apply it rightly

    I hope that helps


  61. esther says:

    Hi Alan , pls spend your time winning souls and not attacking other christians

  62. Alan Higgins says:

    Esther, please check out the evangelism section of my blog

  63. Maurice Dotson says:

    Praise Yhwh for u Yeshua said beware of false prophets not pray for them.True prophets,teachers and apostles r used by Him to maintain His order in His government or ecclessia.We who hav the Spirit of truth thats what we do is speak clearly His truth amongst a perverse and crooked generation.U r doing this because of our prayers people need to pull their heads out of religion and follow after what Jesus taught, said and did.All scripture is used to rebuke and exhort and that’s what u r doing my brotha.I’m not a sinner I am the righteousness of Yhwh and professed beleivers better get a rHema of It.We r new creatures in Christ not old we r recreated like in the beginning.We should be mature by now Like Paul said in Hebrews Knowing the difference between right and wrong and choosing to do what’s right.In the amplified in 1John righteous people r those who conform to The Divine Will in thought,purpose and action.That’s not a sinner but a new creation in Christ.Peter said these false prophets and teachers judgment awaits them.We are to stay away not pray for them.We r to intercede and pray for all men but these people like Judas r predestined so what The Anointed One said can b fufilled.Their r like the Pharisees Would not listen to the TRUTH!!!!! So their predestined for doom ignorant beleivers would know this if they would study.They need to stop watering down Yhwh’s Character He is also a God of wrath everybody always leave that one out.The sheep not of this fold R the Gentile Elect who follow His Way to Yhwh.Not muslims,Catholics,Buddhist,New agers etc.Many will try to enter that narrow gate my brotha but won’t enter.Praise Yhwh for what u r doing keep doing because the evil one can’t touch or snatch u because u r His elect.
    Maurice Dotson

    Like 2 here from u

  64. Sharon says:

    Hi Alan

    Have just come across your site having followed a link from ‘Independent Conservative’. Hope you remember me (we served in ministry together ay your former church).

    I look forward to exploring your site.

    Am proud of you!

    Peace & blessings.

  65. Alan Higgins says:

    Thanks for your comments Sharon

    Which ministry was that Sharon?

  66. hiscrivener says:


    You definitely live up to your name and ‘keep it real.’ We have blogs of like-mindedness – the reality of Christ must prevail over any news, any focus, anywhere.

    Consider yourself linked, mate.



  67. Perry McKinnon says:

    Alan – I found your site after typing the search string “man centered preaching.” You are right on bro! I’ve got your site bookmarked. Thank you for all your work. I’ve been reading Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. Thank you for posting the link to the series he’s doing. I can’t wait to listen. His book is the best work I’ve ever read on systematic theology.

    Lord bless,
    Perry from California

  68. Alan Higgins says:

    Thanks for your compliments and your comment Perry. To God be the glory

  69. I am humbled to visit your site and see the marvelous hand of God upon you . All I can say is keep it up and to God be the Glory forevermore.

    Alan Higgins, not to sound racist or anything but when I saw your name I thought you were white, I need more exposure . . . am African too. . . LOL
    Funny, you look like us Nigerians


  70. Alan Higgins says:

    LOL.My parents are actually from Barbados. Thanks for the compliment about the site. All glory goes to God

  71. Paul says:

    I am impressed by your website and applaud your faith in the Lord. If I disagree with you on other pages here on your site, I don’t mean to seem rude or anything like that. It might seem that way when trying to press a point. As a Catholic Apologist, I defend the Catholic faith and give the Catholic viewpoint. People are free to disagree or agree as they wish. We are all on a search for what we believe to be the truth.

  72. Alan Higgins says:

    Paul you havent been rude so far and you have been gracious in your disagreement so God bless you

  73. Paul says:

    My 2 biggest things are “the Bible ALONE” and “Faith ALONE”, or Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide, since neither of these doctrines, invented by Martin Luther, some 1500 years after Christ and 1100 years after the Catholic Church assembled the Bible and gave it to the world. Yes, if you study your history, you will find out that the Catholic Church decided which books belonged and which books did not belong in the Bible. Martin Luther also removed 7 books from the Old Testament because they did not fit his theology. He also tried to remove some books from the New Testament like James and Revelation.

    Nowhere in the Bible does it say, “The Bible ALONE is the Sole rule of Faith”, and nowhere does it say we are saved by “Faith ALONE”.

  74. Paul says:

    A few questions for “Bible Only Christians”:

    Where did Jesus give instructions that the Christian Faith should be based exclusively on a book?

    Where in the New Testament do the Apostles tell future generations that the Christian Faith will be based solely on a book?

    You claim that Paul condemned all tradition in Col 2:8. If so, why does he tell the Thessalonians to “stand firm and hold to the TRADITIONS which you were taught, whether by word of mouth or letter”? 2 Thess 2:15

    Why does Paul praise the Corinthians because they “hold firmly to the TRADITIONS” ? 1 Cor 11:2

    Where in the Bible is the inspired and infallible list of books that belong in the Bible? ( Hint: there is none. The Catholic Church decided)

  75. Paul says:

    I read your “Statement of Faith” today.

    Except for #3 and #8, no disagreements here at all.

    #3, Catholics believe in the Bible, 100%, the infallible, inspired word of God, AMEN ! However, nowhere in the Bible does it say “The Bible ALONE is the Supreme and sole rule of faith.

    #8, Catholics believe you need Faith, Tons of it, AMEN !, through Grace, since we can do nothing without God’s grace. However, nowhere in the Bible does it say we are saved by Faith ALONE.

    Peace brother

  76. naturalsystah says:

    Great blog! Keep exposing the works of darkness (Eph 5:11)

  77. Scott says:

    Alan, I was wondering if you know the artist of the wolf in sheeps clothing. I would like to get permission to use his photo on my site.



  78. Alan Higgins says:

    I’m afraid not but doesnt it speak volumes?

  79. Paul says:

    I see you have not answered my series of questions above related to Sola Scriptura.

    I understand why, because you can’t.

  80. Mary Greig says:

    Hi Alan, I’m surfing the net looking for another Alan Higgins and found your website. Glad I did!! It’s refreshing and unpretentious!!
    God Bless you
    Mary 🙂

  81. Carlotta says:

    Alan, I found your site while researching Tonex for my article on him. I’m very impressed with this site and your are a very scripturally sound Christian brother and for that I appreciate you very much!

    Keep up the great work!

  82. Alan Higgins says:

    Thankyou very much Carlotta

  83. James says:

    Hi there.

    Great site.

    I’ve recently become a Christian and experianced some wonderful things with a strong sense of Revival.

    But I could have easily gone down the Todd Bentley road if it weren’t for all the info on this site! It’s so easily to be fooled by these ‘false prophets’! They have their cable TV channels and big bucks behind them.

    What I’m looking for is geniune Holy Spirit filled prayer with discernment!

    Keep up the great work!


  84. Alan Higgins says:

    Thanks James for your words. It is very encouraging to know that I have helped you to sharpen your discernment antennas and I give the glory back to God. Stay in the word and dont swallow what anybody says (including myself) unless it matches up to God’s word and it will save you a lot of pain and you will begin to see false teaching from a mile. These links should help you.



    God Bless


  85. James says:

    God bless you, Alan. Wonderful words on those links.

    Do you/have you had Holy Spirit experiances?

  86. Alan Higgins says:

    My best holy spirit experiences are when God is revealing himself and his character through the revelation of scripture. To me, nothing can beat that

  87. Tim says:

    Alan, my name is Timothy. I wanted to correspond with a believer who was grounded in scripture. I wish to discuss a certain issue regarding my faith as it relates to my health. Could you contact me at 4evrblu@gmail.com Thank You



  88. anothermouse says:

    Hallo Alan,
    I just discovered your blog and I am very glad I did!
    I am a reborn Christian as well (a newborn at that – April 27 2008).
    I used to be a freemason in my previous life. Now I do my best to convince my brethren in Lodge about the serious trouble they are in.
    I would appreciate if you can drop in some time and drop a line or two.

    Love in Christ,
    God Bless

  89. Aaron says:


    Your baseless and hatefull screeds do nothing to convince your bretheren of anything.

    When I tell you that your religion is an ignorant, hatefull, biggoted, attempt to reinforce your own identitiy, the indentity which by the way, you are likely to have finally recognized in the Lodge, and quote Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, do I persuade you of your ignorance of what you wrongly believe to be the nature of your faith?

    Or does Hobbs devastating critique of original sin in which Hitchens quotes “Hobbes opined – not forgetting fearfully to add that he did so with submission nevertheless both in this, and in all questions, whereof the determination dependeth on the scriptures” – that if Adam was condemmed to death by sinning , his death must have been postponed, since he contrived to raise a large posterity before actually dying.”

    Hitchens “god is Not Great, How Religion Poisons Everything” Pg. 156

    This is an observation (that original sin is at best a concept built of dust upon a foundation of sand. That is, it makes no sense and scripture muffs any atempt to support it through extensive logical problems and contradictions) that almost 2,000 years of theologians have made. It has implications that the story has far greater nuance that you and your misguided friends understand.

    Yet I expect that whole argument including the source offend you so much you will listen no further.

    Your clanging screeds on Masonry, using false, discredited, and completely false allegations, have the same effect.

    There is legitimate debate to have. You wish to shout down all who do not share your warpped religion.

  90. Laura says:

    Hey Aaron – take it you’re a regular at the Lodge?

    You do not understand the way in which ‘Adam was condemned to death’ – before sin there was no death, only life. Once Adam had sinned he had condemned himself to die rather than have everlasting life. He lived a hard life before – you guessed it – dying!

    And Dawkins give his own people a bad name. Science does not support him and his bitter claims. If God’s really not there why doesn’t Dawkins get on with his life and stop discussing Him? Seems like he’s doing what he warns all of us not to – wasting his life on religion.

  91. Aaron says:


    I understand perfectly well the nature of Adam’s fall. No I am not a regular at lodge. But I do get sick of people who feel need to quote false information from the likes of John Ankerberg (who’s offensive book on Mormonism has been condemed by evangelical scholars as hate screed), Ed Decker using classic propoganda techniques to trash Mormons. Bill Scnoebelin who has made up an impressive but obviously false c.v. which includes: voodo, witchcraft (he was not simply a witch, but an “illuminated witch”, masonry, mormonism, Wally Martin who’s hate screed “Kingdom of the Cults” attacks anyone he does not agree with.

    I do not believe that if I tell you that you believe in a false religion, and back it up by the writing og Dawkins, et. al. and screem from every web page I can you will do anything but be offended. I will convince you of nothing.

    The same goes of anothermouse’s post of falses, and long discredited stories that Mason actually worship Lucifer (read Satan, although they are in fact not the same, for nutjob evangelicals) from the likes of Leo Taxil, Jim Shaw, and others.

    All of these people from Ankerberg, to Martin, to Decker, demonizing Mormonism and implying they worship Satan lead people to this behavior:

    They don’t have nearly the same luck in their attacks on Masons.

    Christian? Angry Hatemoner Bigots headed to hell where they belong.

    BTW – I am a life long Methodist and am now thinking about joining the lodge thanks to anothermouse’s vitriol.

    The Shriner’s saved my child’s life when we could not. They are going straight to heaven. Walter Martin is on fire as we speak.

    Legitimate debate about the lodge? Sure. This is just hatespeach. Or what would you call outright proven lies directed at innocent people?

  92. maurice dotson says:

    hey alan no response from 63 on about me whay’s up with that?

  93. Alan Higgins says:

    Sorry about that Maurice. I thought you was mainly just giving me a word of encouragement and didnt think that you wanted that much of a response from me

  94. James says:

    Hey Alan,

    I hope you get over the effects of the burglary and get yourself a new pad asap.

    Yours in His name…


  95. maurice dotson says:

    Oh ok now when i reread line 63 I was encouraging sorry bout that thnk u Yhwh for bro Alan and thnk for more current information on exposing these false claimers. Have u ever read the Book of Jasher and the book of Enoch if not u can read em online.Tell me what u receive from them what ignorant beleivers call the bible that’s not the bible in its entirety.Read Book of Enoch first it tells the origin of demons,evil spirits and that Yhwh gave them residence on the earth for their judgement and the names of angels involved in this chaos this book fufill hundreds of questions people ask about the bible must read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. anonymous says:

    Great, Keep up the good work!!

    “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”- C.S. Lewis

  97. I notice you had visited my website, please pray for all the children in India and the persecuted. Your website is a blessing it is nice to see what true religion is all about….

    My desire is to feed the hungry children of the world not only food but spiritual food of the Word of God…


  98. Paul says:

    I just found your site the other day and i am still reading through your blogs. I’m enjoying the material i have found. I’m at the same point you where at. Trying to find biblical truth in my life because i’ve realized that alot that i’ve been taught is not christian at all.

  99. Alan Higgins says:

    All I can say Paul is stay in the word and rightly divide it and your discernment antannae will be very sensitive to false doctrine

  100. Jon says:

    You’re really cool..

  101. Hi Alan,

    have you seen my website for new Christians? It’s the only resource of its kind in the UK – hence No 1 on Google UK – and has over 200 pages for new and growing Christians:


    You already kindly link to my http://www.whatisthegospel.org.uk – for which, many thanks!

  102. The Listener says:

    Hello alan,

    How are you? I just stumbled on your website from pulpit pimps to independent conservative, to boateng, then black reformed theology then yours and i skimmed through each page reading a lot of articles and saving so things to go back to. i started at 7.30pm it’s 11.26pm so i am full. It was also good to post commisioned videos i played a few songs over and over again and i was blessed to see lifes house skit.
    Reading through your posts and i can only pray God continually strengthens you. No matter what you are going through or went through, being robbed, neighbour slashing his throat etc it has made you a better person and it reflects in your post. I am so glad a some christians are beginning to wake up to the reality of the truth in the gospel.
    I dont have a blog/website that addresses christians,the false teachings, sound doctrine etc but i read a lot of blogs like yours, rather i have a blog that addresses emotions, behaviour, character, motivation, laziness etc because i am a counsellor/coach. I have undergone training and is going through more training in this field but you would be amazed at how many people need counsel in various aspects of their lives.
    i trust God while trying to help them, the love of christ will be shown and preached to them as i respond to many emails.

    Anyway God bless you for this work and i would make sure i read your blog as often as i can.
    God bless.

    http://www.listeninghelps.com and http://www.thelistenersblog.co.uk

  103. Alan Higgins says:

    Listener, thank you very much for your many kind and encouraging words.All glory belongs to God.I will make a point of visiting your site

  104. Brother Alan Higgins,

    I have just looked at your web site and I just want to say way to go! Yes I am an American and there are a lot of issues with the churches over here, but I am here to say if like you said get back to the basics. Like reading the Bible and praying to God everyday. I believe that God will move you to the place you need be at and He is working in the church also just as I did.
    Remember what Jesus Christ said, “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” (Jn 15:5) NKJV 1982 Nelson version.
    So, keep up the good work in Jesus Christ name, and I will do the same over here with the inspiration that you have given me with your web site.

    Your Brother In Christ (BIC),

  105. Alan Higgins says:

    Thank you Steven for your kind words. See you in heaven 8)

  106. SHARON BRACKETT says:


  107. Alan Higgins says:

    Sharon thanks for visiting my website. Look at https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2007/12/06/how-do-you-know-that-you-are-saved/ which I think will help you tremondously in getting someone to examine if they are in the faith or not

  108. angie says:

    right on brother

  109. PilgrimZed says:

    Hi Allan,

    Thank you for your site’s material. May you continue to be blessed with Christ-like wisdom, love, and peace.

    I too am working on acquiring a closer, more consistent relationship with our Creator – to say the least – I’ve come a long way.

    Since I am “my brother’s keeper” I’ve a polite question as well to ask: kindly bear with me.

    Question: How many of us believe we are faithful keepers of God’s Commandments? Do we try to keep all of them – from the first one to the last, from the greatest to the least?

    Matt 5:19 tells us: “Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”
    Question: Which is the most ignored commandment of all?

    Exodus 20: 8-11 directs us to “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy…”. This is the 4th Commandment.
    Question: Which day is the Sabbath? Is it really Sunday? How did it become Sunday? How should we keep the Sabbath day holy?

    Paul said to his apprentice in 2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”
    Likewise, research and study and find out the truth for yourself on this matter for it is soon to become an all-important issue in every heart all over the world.

    James 5:19,20 explains our duty of care for our brothers and sisters when he writes: “Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.” Therefore now let’s share this duty – to find out and to share with others what we’ve found out.

    May the Spirit of our Father in Heaven be y/our guide in these last days.

    God bless, and protect you Allan, and everyone else.

  110. Alan Higgins says:

    To answer your question, as you stated, when we break one commandment, we break them all. But if I had to choose one,it would be the first as all the others are connected to it

    Re the sabbath, there is a link on https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2007/12/20/what-do-we-do-with-those-old-testament-laws-today/ where you can see what my views are

  111. Tim says:

    Hi Allan would you be so kind as to email me from the address from this comment, I just read one of your posts and was horrified to see my gravatar being used by someone calling themselves Tim but who is not me.

    God Bless and Thank you for such a great blog!


  112. TO ALLEN

    THE NEW TESTIMENT SHOWES THIS TIME AFTER TIME. LISTON AND HEAR JESUS WORDS. PROVERBS 8 HELLO. LUKE 8-10/11-9TO13/???????????????? JOHN 14-11TO14???????????????????????????????????????????????



  115. Alan Higgins says:

    All things are possible but not all things are promised


    PSALM 37;4


  118. wordforit says:

    Vincent, we cannot dismiss James 4:3–“Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.”


    Have been trying to find time to compile a post regarding my recent exposure to “The Secret” DVD, which essentially claims that we receive according to the energy we put out. . .nothing to do with prayer, Jesus, obedience and so on.

    I wholeheartedly believe Romans 8:28 in which we are taught that God makes all things work to the good for those who love Him.

    Berit Kjos covers some of “The Secret” and others nicely: http://www.crossroad.to/charts/new-spirituality.htm

    If you go to the bottom of the page, there’s a link for her homepage which offers even more wealth of info covering much needed spiritual food.

    Hi, Brother-in-Christ, Alan, and All!! Godspeed!

  119. Alan Higgins says:

    Vincent, context context context

    I advise you to read some basic rules for biblical interpretation at https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2007/10/24/ten-rules-of-biblical-interpretation/

    We are subject to God and he is sovereign. He does what he wants. God is not subject to us. Show me where the prosperity gospel is in 2 Cor 11:22-33

  120. To Wordforit
    thank you for the James 3:4-, we can not dismiss James 3:2 which says you have because you ask not.

  121. Marie says:

    Hey Alan!

    I just found your site through another talking about the lack of sound biblical theology even in the “praise” songs we sing. I could have written part of your testimony (well, except that I’m a white, American female – other than that we have a lot in common!); I also got seduced by the charismatic world for a few years. John Macarthur’s “Charismatic Chaos” and Hannengraaf’s “Counterfeit Revival” literally changed my life. Very few people are actually Bereans today, and the Church collectively is lacking discernment. I’m glad to have found your site and have bookmarked it. Nice to meet another brother in Christ.

  122. Alan Higgins says:

    Thanks for your comments Marie. Hopefully, many more peoples eyes will be opened to the truth

  123. God bless you brother Alan. I ran across your site while looking for a song I heard by Trip Lee and Tedashi, and I must say that I admire your assuredness of you faith and I wish you were in Dallas so i could have you speak to a few of the young men that I have been blessed to become a spiritual father to. It is such a necessity for today’s generation to see men take a stand for Christ for there is surely a shortage of men who are actively getting involved in spreading the Gospel to the ones who aren’t hearing it from the church. As an ex gang member, drug dealer, convicted felon, and adulterer I have always done things by my own might and power and I honestly used to frown on Christian men. I considered them weak and even told my wife that i could never see myself getting saved. I guess I didn’t know it all. In 2006 I was 31 years old when i was knocked off my horse and saw the blinding light (acts 9:4) and the Lord revealed His new plan for me. I am now actively pursuing young men who are now much like I was then in an effort to open their eyes to Christ’s blood bought salvation that is available to all who believe. The Lord gave me a vision and I founded Christ’s Soldiers International short after receiving salvation. I even began mentoring a few guys who wanted to know what my conversion was all about and about three have joined the battle since. the name the Lord gave me for the ministry was prophetic and I believe accidentally finding your blog today was a part of fulfilling the prophecy that this ministry will be a part of taking the gospel to the nations. Again, may the Lord keep you covered in His powerful hand and continue to fill your cup with knowledge so you may pour out into the lives of others.
    Kendrick Burton
    Christ’s Soldiers International

    • Alan Higgins says:

      Thanks Kendrick for your words and I am glad that the Lord is using you. Continue in his word

      Your brother in Christ


  124. vincent gomez says:

    Hello Alan I bet you did not know every bible including king James bible had 80 books. the Baptist started a reform in England in 1689 and the church removed them all. How do you like them apples,

    P.S. Jesus said o yea of little Faith ,,,,you have not because you ask not. Look up Charles Spurgeon the Prince of Preachers in 1800s. His famous quotes read the very first one,, It would help if you study what Im teaching you you can not be born again till the Holy Ghost decendes upon you ask the Lord to send him. May God richly bless you.

  125. vincent gomez says:

    The books were removed in 1885 sorry, the reform in England started in 1689, my bad

  126. vincent gomez says:

    Hello Alan, I recieved no response so im assuming your reading this bible thing a differnt way,with differnt lenses of lifes prespectives,mind blowing.

    Alan may the grace of the lord Jesus Christ and the love of god and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, be with you, Amen

  127. Alan Higgins says:

    Sorry Vincent, I wasn’t blanking you. I am well aware of the Apochrypha. However, I did not want to get into a big discussion about it on my ‘About Me’ section as I like to try and keep comments in line with the topic. Apologies

  128. Russ says:

    Alan— I recently found your site. Thanks for providing the READ THIS BEFORE YOU DIE presentation. I am sharing it with my family.
    Although I’m involved with ministry at my church here in California, I am realizing that it’s easy to be deceived into thinking I’m “saved” when really I’m not:
    talking to HIM,
    Asking HIM to guide me,
    reading HIS word,
    confessing my sins to HIM, and
    adjusting my path to HIS will. Very Resp—R

  129. Good site and good work Alan – keep “contending for the faith once delivered to the saints.”

  130. Joe says:

    Thank you for the work you do on this site. Very edifying for all us….God bless you !

  131. Alan Higgins says:

    Thankyou all for your kind words

  132. sistertransformed says:

    Wow, you ability to be so candid is quite refreshing; like a sweet smelling incense. I is wonderful to see a man of color stand firmly on his convictions and share the truth of the gospel with the masses. Be blessed and I look forward to reading much more.

  133. Nubian Cutie says:


    Just recently connected to your website and some excellent responses and information. Keep up the good work

  134. Alan Higgins says:

    Thankyou very much. To God be the glory

  135. spicewriter says:

    You have help and will help many people.God is pleased.

  136. Hank Fox says:

    Well, you’ve attracted an atheist. 😉

    I was googling for some information on a prayer cloth or prayer shawl some evangelist was selling not long ago, and came across your Dec. 9, 2008 post, “Blinded by False Promises,” where you expressed dismay about things like prayer shawls and “MAD.”

    And I was going to say something friendly and witty here, but then I came across posts on your main page titled “The Madness, the Misery of Masturbation” and “Overcoming Masturbation” and I just threw up my hands.

    I’m glad I don’t have to spend a lot more time reading your blog, because I’m already sensing just another garden variety godder with a lot of mistaken ideas.

    To quote Robert Heinlein: “Masturbation is cheap, clean, convenient, and free of any possibility of wrongdoing — and you don’t have to go home in the cold. But it’s lonely.”

    To spread guilt on young people for such a simple, faultless private act … well, it’s one of the many infernal, disgusting things about Christianity, and religion in general.

    More destruction to visit on innocents. Are you people really NEVER satisfied with how much pain you cause others?

  137. Alan Higgins says:

    Just because nobody is around Hank, doesnt make it a faultless private act. Many people watch pornography in the privacy of their own homes and the end result is that they lose their families. Anyway thankyou for visiting my website. Take a look at http://www.needgod.com

  138. Hank Fox says:

    Okay, Alan, NOW I know you’re crazy.

    If you REALLY think masturbation is some sort of evil act, you need to seriously rethink a LOT of stuff.

    And just FYI, I think people like you, with your silly nihilistic ideas, are a MUCH greater danger to human joy and life than a harmless wank.

    I always like to think that people are redeemable and can come back into reason from the craziness of religion, but the evidence so far is that most of the people lost in it are truly lost.

    “Are you a good person by god’s standards?” What a crock of destructive nonsense.

    It would be nice to think that you yourself could be sane again, but more than that, I’d wish you could give your whole civilization a break and just refrain from spreading the crazy to others.

  139. Alan Higgins says:

    Hank, first of all, you are welcome to disagree with me but please can you refrain from obscene language on my blog please. Also if you would like to carry on with the masturbation debate, please can you do it on that post and not on this section of the blog. By the way, why do you believe that there is no God?

  140. dave says:

    I find this morbid obsession that christians and religious people in general have with what people do with their bodies in the privacy of their own space somewhat curious.

    I have some good friends, in same sex relationships, who express more love and affection for each other than I have noticed in many hetrosexual relatonships. I have many years experience in relationship counselling and have frequently had to work with much violence with hetrosexual couples. Indeed, as in my work in child protection, the the high incidence of sexual child abuse (with the attended physical and emotional abuse) occurs within “normal families”, compared to the neglible incidence of these issues within same sex relationships. It is ironic that foster parents ,who are in same sex relationships, have had the heavy responsibilty of bestowing heroic love upon and providing support for children who have been victims of these so called “normal families”

    I find Christians’ obsession with sexual matters as deeply unhealthy. It does not surprise me that enormous numbers of children have been abused within christian circles, of all denominations and brands of chritianity.

    In my view I think these issues give rise to the pertinent saying of, “people in glass houses not throwing stones”. The less christians have to say about moralising upon sexual matters the better, and save their advice for themselves.


  141. Alan Higgins says:

    David at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you (or I) think is right or how we feel but what God says. A rapist make think he is justified or even right to carry out his act but the law says something different. Gods law is the ultimate authority and it doesn’t matter if we agree with it or not. It still stands. Again, f you would like to carry on with the masturbation debate, please can you do it on that post and not on this section of the blog.Thanks for visiting

  142. dave says:

    Thought I was on the masterbation blog, as I was following on from the previous posts – very confusing. Consider me as being duly ticked off for not following the christian rules.

    I was not in the least bit surprised by your evasive response to my blog. Most christians swerve away from making honest responses when they are faced with their blatent hypocritical behaviour and attitutes towards the “world”. Please do not confuse the ugly act of rape with the beautiful act of sex in a loving relationship, whatever the gender of the participants.

    If, as Paul/Saul dictates, women should keep their heads covered, keep quiet, keep at the back and stay under the control of their husbands (Paul sounds like a good contender for the Taliban), it does not surprise me that christians propogate such an unhealthy controlling and oppressive attitude towards sexual behaviour.

    I thought the underlying principle of the law of your god was love, although I would not guess that given the behaviour and attitudes of christians, both individually and corporately.


  143. Alan Higgins says:

    Gods laws states clearly that no fornicator shall inherit the kingdom of God so even though you may think it is ‘sex in a loving relationship’, God views it differently.Are there hypocrites in the church. Most definitely but don’t judge Jesus or christianity on the actions of so called professing christians. That would be like your friend punching me in my nose and then me turning around and blaming you. Re Paul, your statement shows that you have no understanding of scripture at all but then again, you have only proved that the bible is true when it says that the things of God are foolishness to men because they have to be spiritually discerned, in other words you have to be born again and have the Holy Spirit residing in you. The ultimate question though is, where will you go when YOU die? To see, go to http://www.needgod.com

  144. dave says:

    So “real christianity” I wondered how long it would take for you to become aggressive when confronted with some uncomfotable truths about you and your kind. Where I go when I die is not something that worries me – so trying to put the aggressive frighteners on me like the Catholic Church threatens with Hell, whatever/wherever that is, has no effect upon me. As for your aggressive stance on so called “fornicators”, I have found myself having to support many people who have had guilt pressed on them by people like you, some of whom have taken their own lives in despair. I would thought that you would have some understanding of the effects and evils of discrimination – then again, given your evident lack of love and compassion for`some of your fellow human, I expect no such discernment.

    You also use one of the oldest tricks in the book – “I have special knowledge of God and threrefore you do not understand.” Thus, all awkard questions are ignored, or provoke aggression. I thought that above all spiritual gifts, including that of discernment, is Love. It is ironic that many christians fail to recognise this and are too busy wagging fingers and shaking heads. Some go much further, “Kill a gay for Christ”, sported on a car bumper. I suggest that you also ponder on the murder of Dr. George Tiller and the justifications by the prepretator.

    My ultimate question is what can I do for my fellow travellers while I am here?

  145. Alan Higgins says:

    Dave, I have given you Gods opinion and not mine. All I can ask is that you do not play russian roulette with your soul. I do not want anything from you but to be saved from the wrath of God.I do not want your money nor am I asking you to join a particular church. I will probably never see you. I can see that this conversation is not going anywhere so let’s just agree to disagree. God bless you

  146. dave says:

    So you slip away without answering any challange to your christian views. So far, you have not given me any opinion, neither yours or god’s.

    I worked for many years with adults who had been grossly abused as children by christians. I will leave you to guess their view of the christian god. Your shuffling of feet and evasive attitudes will not be my first experience of your type of christian, when faced with christians’ cruelty and hypocracy.

    I will leave you to your cosy holy club and self delusion. I think you need much more experience and understanding of the realities of the world, which may help you to modify your immature, accusative responses to other peoples’ situations.

    I pray that one day you will see the light.

  147. Laura says:

    “I worked for many years with adults who had been grossly abused as children by christians. I will leave you to guess their view of the christian god. Your shuffling of feet and evasive attitudes will not be my first experience of your type of christian, when faced with christians’ cruelty and hypocracy.”

    I was quite shocked and offended by this comment Dave and I think if you are going to make such generalised accusations you should probably back them up with some evidence.

    I see cruelty and hypocrisy happening left right and centre, however I am pretty sure this is not a problem exclusively in Christian circles. There are evil people in all walks of life and yes, I’m sure many of them claim to be Christians. Over all though I see many Christians doing amazing things.

    Please read the Bible if you have questions.. it will answer them all.

  148. Lee says:

    Hi, i love your site because its real and authentic. I’ve got a couple questions hoping you could answer it, short and simple or long and detailed doesn’t matter.

    1) What if Jesus, christianity, God in heaven, the bible, everything concerning christianity were not real? Where then does one go from there? This is a hypothetical question and just wondering about it

    2) How can one prove without a doubt there is physically and spiritually an individual, or entity living in the third heavens, or whichever heaven God is living in? Or does one have to base his religion on faith i.e. ‘I believe God and heaven is real because it is written in the bible, my pastor says so’ VS. ‘I believe God and heaven is real because scientifically it shows…/people have gone there before and recounted…/etc etc.

    Appreaciate all kinds of help… thanks heaps

  149. dave says:

    Hi laura,

    At least a christian with feeling. I notice that you also are pretty good at making assumptions. I have read the chritian bible (if that is the bible to which you are referring, as you do not make this clear) many times and other religious “holy” scriptures. May I also kindly suggest that you take some time to read the christian bible and you will not fail to notice that this unchanging god of “love”, “the same yesterday, today, forever”, frequently ordered the deaths and extermination of enumerable men, women and children and let us not forget unborn “children” when some of these women would have been pregnant. I wonder where SPUC was then? Think of the christian god’s orders for Jericho. By the way, it is now well established archeological knowledge that the city of Jericho would not have existed at the supposed time of god’s prescription for its obliteration. Think of the poor old inhabitants of “the promised land”, who had no idea that they – again men, women and children, living as normal families – were to be driven from their land and killed, by some tribe, self proclaimed god’s chosen ones.

    In case you failed to notice, unlike you, I have not merely observed “cruelty right left and centre” I have seen it and its effects up close and have had to support those involved. As`you may know, or not know, first hand evdence is stronger than heresay evidence (one of the first principles in the law of evidence).

    I am well aware people do good things and evil things, whether or not adhering to some relgious code or not. So what is so attractive about becoming a “christian”, if they are no different, especially the born again, happy clappy, bible thumping type? I think “thumping” is an appropriate word, given the type of god described and the the offensive unfeeling manner these happy slappies castigate people of whose private sex lives they disapprove.

    So if I am arrogant I must be in godly company.

    So Laura, thanks for your response, with feeling. Now I suggest that you consider the bible with the same care that I have over the years.

  150. Laura says:

    Hiya Lee!

    Hope you don’t mind me joining in with your questions!?

    My thoughts;

    Question 1 – To be honest I struggled trying to answer this really. I have such a deep faith and a personal relationship with God that there’s just no possibility in my mind that my faith could be just ‘make believe’. This kind of knowledge and security comes through seeking earnestly, learning, prayer and an active relationship as well as experiential evidence.

    I cannot know as much as I do about history and the Bible to even humour the thought that it’s all false.

    However, Paul does say that if Christ wasn’t resurrected we’ve wasted our lives.. so I guess that pretty much sums up my thoughts on that.

    Question 2 – To date I don’t think anyone has ever scientifically proven ‘without a doubt’ that the God of the Bible exists – and even if they did I doubt the world would sit up and listen. I don’t think God wants to be scientifically proven.. he’s given us enough evidence in creation itself ‘so that no man can claim ignorance’. Faith (which comes from hearing the Word) alone leads to salvation and following faith comes personal evidence.

    If it’s facts you’re interested in dig deep.. don’t just believe what you’re told, find your own evidence. If you honestly want the truth He will honour that desire.

  151. Laura says:

    “what is so attractive about becoming a “christian”, if they are no different”

    I true Christian will be different, dramatically different.

    Nearly a third of the population claim to be Christian, that’s approx 2.1 billion people! Infact I know many people who would call themselves Christians, some who even attend church and have never picked up a bible in their lives – nor do they intend to. I also know a couple of people who are involved in cults which are clearly not Christian but masquerade as such.

    So I think we can establish that not everyone who calls themselves a christian is one and if they’re going around abusing people and causing misery the evidence shows that they do not have a relationship with God.

    As for christians poking their noses into peoples private sex lives if you hadn’t noticed this is a personal blog. One which you chose to read and comment on – I think you’ll agree nobody here imposed that on you. There is such a thing as freedom of speech which the blog owner is exercising. You yourself have exercised that same freedom when posting your accusations. I dont think amyone here is guilty of ‘intrusion’.

    Re: Jericho & archeology http://www.answersingenesis.org/creation/v21/i2/jericho.asp

    Finally Dave there’s not much point going into my specific views on what God has and hasn’t done in history (especially the Bible). What I would say though is that if there is a God, who created all things, wouldn’t He be totally within His right to do with His creation as He pleased regardless of whether we, with our tiny minds, thought it to be fair or not?

    You disagreeing with God doesn’t make Him wrong.. nor does it make Him non-existent.. and if you don’t believe in a creator at all you must believe it’s all relative, else you’re contradicting yourself. So we’d both be right. 🙂

  152. dave says:

    Well Laura,

    Your your quick fire un-thinking reply does not in the least bit surprise me, nor does you lack of self awareness and logic surprise me – I have encountered many of your type of christian before. If having a tiny mind like mine also involves concern and compassion for my fellow human beings, past, present and future, I am glad I have a tiny mind. If having a tiny mind is not relishing in the thought of indiscriminant killing, especially on huge scales, then I am glad I have a tiny mind. I would like you to have been the person to break the news to the family of Dr. Tilling of his murder. Killing always comes down to the personal. Calling it the whole of gods creation to do with it as he will, does nothing more than dishonestly hide the idividual sufferings, obviously relished by christians.

    As`you are too intellecually lazy to give considred views, it would be a waste of my time trying to unpick your jumbled logic and sytax.

    I kindly repeat – take time and care to read thr bible and think before you speak.

    Kindest Regards,


  153. marlen roninson says:

    Thank you so much for helping God ,and helping me to see the Holy Lamb Of GOD!!!!!

  154. Joey says:

    Hi Alan,

    I had a very similar experience to yours growing up. I was raised in the church, but never grew spiritually. I have always thought of myself as a Christian, but my lifestyle and attitude indicated otherwise. I was always trying to run with the crowd and never had a desire for the things of God. Then one day, out of the blue, I asked myself, “Am I truly saved? Can I really call myself a Christian? If not, then what is a real Christian?” I figured since I didn’t have the answer, perhaps Google might, so I googled “Real Christianity” and found your blog. To make a long story short, I just wanted to thank you for creating this site and sharing your testimony. The information on this site has opened my eyes to the Truth. Apparently the more I know, the more I realize that I don’t know. I have much to learn.

  155. Alan Higgins says:

    Joey, Im glad that my website helped you. Your salvation is something that you want to be sure about and not gamble. You probably have seen the link already but look at https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2007/12/06/how-do-you-know-that-you-are-saved/

  156. J.B. Treece says:

    Hello brother,

    I graduated from a pentecostal university and was very often disillusioned by the false teaching. I must include though that there was much good teaching too. But over the years I have become jaded. I still go to church faithfully, but I often feel that God is far away or doesn’t exist. I still try to be faithful to what I believe the Scriptures teaches because I don’t have anything else to hope in. Your blog clearly defines everything I have always believed. Thank you for being so articulate. May God give me the depth of faith you have.

    Dear Mr. Higgins
    I hope you do not mind me contacting you like this and apologise unreservedly if you have seen this information before.
    I was an entrenched militant agnostic, a pro-evolution biologist and an enemy to all religion. I came to personal faith in Christ after the LORD effectively re-enacted Pentecost for my benefit!(Acts2v2). So I know that the Gospel is true and want others to know it as well.
    I have written my own Gospel “Tract” presenting the story and vital message.
    It occupies only two pages. Please may I E mail it to you?
    Be assured that I will do this only if you agree, otherwise nothing will be sent. Of course, there is no need to reply at all if you do not wish to!
    Either way, I respect your decision and wish you and your ministry every blessing.
    Thanking you greatly for your time and consideration
    Yours sincerely in Christ
    Shaun Benstead MSc(London)

  158. suzanne says:

    Hi Alan……been reading on your site and I must say it’s very encouraging.
    I am a 60 year old woman living in Newfoundland Canada and I too gave my heart/mind to the Lord when I was around seven years of age…….however….the teen years and living life got in the way of maturing as a follower of Christ.
    In the interim too I visited many churches and found that what was being preached/taught was ear tickling and really didn’t respond to the questions I wanted answered.
    It wasn’t till my dear mother died and I inherited her bible with all her written marginal notes and underlinings that I really began to study The Word. That was in 1996 that I started studying in earnest and it has been such a blessing but it is also disheartening to understand that there are so few church houses out there and so few pastors preaching/teaching the Word as we are instructed…….line upon line, verse by verse, precept upon precept.
    So many pick out a verse of scripture and build doctrines on it and it fits in nicely with this word/faith mess preaching another Jesus!
    So Brother Alan….keep contending for the faith and keep up this good work !

  159. Alan Higgins says:

    Thankyou very much Suzanne for your kind words. I can relate to you and to be honest it can be frustrating so many people being deceived by ‘another gospel’ but there are are a remnant of believers out there who will not just swallow everything that is fed to them but will dilligently search the scriptures for themselves. God bless you and keep ‘teaching the younger women’

  160. MaryMary says:

    Hello Alan!! I have been watching several sermon jams and love them!! Recently I have been watching quite a few from David Wilkerson and find them very heart wrenching!! I did read The Cross and the Switchblade many years ago and know about Teen Challenge, but recently I have read blogs about David being a false prophet….I know he made some prophecies in the 70s that did not come to pass and recently he has made more….I don’t really know what to think of him at this point….I would love to hear your viewpoints!! Thanks!!

  161. Mark Bloomer says:

    Hi Alan,
    Just want to say I appreciate you ministry here. You’ve done a great job. Keep up the good work and God Bless,
    Mark (meteorologist in Maine, USA)

  162. Alan Higgins says:

    MaryMary, I have heard of David Wilkerson but to be honest , I dont know much about his ministry so I am really hesitant to comment about him

  163. MaryMary says:

    Alan, I found this on youtube and thought you would enjoy it….I have watched it numerous times and just can’t tire from it….enjoy

  164. Alan Higgins says:

    Thanks MaryMary. My church played it a few weeks back. I love it also

  165. PilgrimZed says:

    Hi Allan,
    Thanks for your great work. I hope you’re personally blessed as you continue to bless us with your website’s content. I didn’t know in which part of your site to post this…

    I’ve been living in Bournemouth (studying Journalism)since 2004 (where I first came to know of your site). I’ve just returned to Kenya (my homeland). It’s been pretty exciting reconnecting with the worship-style back here.

    Now, yesterday we had a great speaker at the church who gave us a challenge. He said that we keep complaining about the corrupting influence of the Internet, TV, radio etc, but they are all here to stay – it is we who need to change. Basically we should learn to live with the fact that our present and future kids and young people will access the internet etc and come across “bad” stuff.

    The question is: Have we provided a better alternative of material they can find there? Fortunately for you, in the US and UK etc there’s the current trend of posting sermons and special music etc services online with video-content etc. But here in Kenya it has not yet caught on.

    Therefore, my question is: could you kindly give me pointers on how I could go about setting up a (initially basic) website which can handle video, audio, print etc content? Any ideas on websites that can give space for free (sorry, I’m currently doing two volunteer jobs while searching for paid work). I believe that (as the speaker said), our young people are going online and all they can find is nothing that would help them grow spiritually. I wish to be instrumental in doing this – kindly advice.

    Thanks for taking the time to consider my request.
    Warm (literally) regards,

  166. Alan Higgins says:

    PilgrimZed, it depends on what you want content you want but if its for blogging, then wordpress.com does the job and its free

  167. Pilrimzed says:

    Thanks Alan,

    I’ll check it out and see how it goes.
    I might just have a question or two along the same lines in future – is this the right place to post my queries?
    Peace, hope, and happiness.

  168. Mr. Black says:

    Hey Alan,

    This is my first time visiting your site. It is quite refreshing and encouraging. Thanks for your diligence in presenting the truth.

  169. Alan Higgins says:

    You can do Pilgrimzed. If it gets too much, I’ll let you know 🙂

    Thanks for your comments Mr Black

  170. Pilgrimzed says:

    Hi Allan,

    Just came across two articles I thought might interest you:

    – New research results on why young adults are leaving church: http://msahlin.typepad.com/faith_in_context/

    – 8 ways to lose an argument Online (and how not to):

    Thanks for your resources.

  171. Jide says:

    I came across your webpage while doing some research on Salvation.
    I found a wealth of good and important information on it.I am very encouraged .After visiting your site,
    I was very pleased to know that I was not crazy afterall.I am one of those people that challenge the false doctrines and all that prosperity teachings.Common sense issues have been turned upside down and spinned with spiritual overtones. “pastor worshippers”.Whatever the man say ” Is Gospel” It saddens me to see a lot of my brothers and sisters itell them You have to know God for yourself. I tell some of these so called “christians” that if they are not being good stewards of the little finances they have now,Why would God compound their problems and give them the Millions they crave.If you can’t manage $100 .Isn’t it suicidal to be asking God for a Million ? I usually get that “You must be Crazy ” look in response to that question. May God Continue to bless you as you continue to be a blessing to so many.Keep up the good work.


  172. Crystal Bell says:

    Bless You Mr. Higgins,

    I enjoy your blog for promoting Christian living. So many young Christians who want to live right are struggling because no one is talking about the issues that they deal with everyday. I don’t consider this a blog it’s a real place to find real answers. I wanted to share some three Christian artists with you who have impacted my life one is Prayz1 & Tha Underdogz from Philadelphia, PA [www.prayz1.com or http://www.myspace.com/1line%5D, Sean Slaughter [www.thehamsandwichwhow.com or http://www.seanslaughter.net] based out of Virginia Beach, VA who has his own radio show (over 100 shows on various topics that the church doesn’t like to talk about) and Mali Music, an anointed song writer and artist [www.malimusicnote.com or http://www.facebook.com/malimusicnote%5D. Check them out if you can I figured you would appreciate sharing different artists.

  173. Andrew says:

    Hi Alan,

    I’ve just came across your blog and I think that what you are doing is great. I admire you for the work that you are doing, by bring to the attention of Christians false practises that are being taught today, and thereby exposing these false religious leaders for who they are.

    I am myself am involved with ‘Healing and Teaching Ministries’ on the net trying to help people who have been victims of Cults or members of religious Sects – in the hope of helping them break free from false doctrines and help them again an accurate knowledge of the true Gospel of Christ.

    I can tell by the quality and informative nature of your posts that you have a gift from God, and a passion to spread the Word. I believe that God is blessing you and will continue to do so in the good work that you are doing.

    God bless,

    From Andy

  174. Li Marie says:

    Stay encouraged and strong in the Lord Bro. Alan!

  175. brefo says:

    Keep proclaiming Christianity in its truest form! God Bless

  176. thewatchern says:

    I just joined your readership and thank you for your excellent posts.

  177. Dana says:

    Looking to connect with Alan!

  178. oludascribe says:

    Hi Alan, nice work dude, Keep it up. Since you in London, maybe one day we can meet and have a chat. I need to meet more NO COMPROMISE, Christians who are grounded in the word, and not caught up in lukewarmness or substance-less “Christianity”. Those that are suffering from “decisionism” lol.

    Anyway, here is my Blog(s)

    Drop a line and maybe you can become a contributor there.

    Keep the fire Blazing Brother

  179. oludascribe says:

    Ma bad, that was meant to be

    Feel free anyone to drop a line at any of those sites

    God Bless

  180. CLS says:

    What a beautiful testimony, Alan!

  181. Roger White says:

    Dear Alan,
    Well done for this very good blog site and particularly for siding with Justin Peters and his ministry. He is a fine man of God and so are you, thanks to a great Saviour.
    Roger White, Aylesbury, Bucks..

  182. Chris says:

    God bless you, bro

  183. Christian Family says:

    Hello Alan

    We have really been encouraged by the work you are doing for Jesus Christ.
    With the world getting darker by the day, True Christians have to be the light that shines brightest, standing up for true righteouness, and proclaiming the truth.

    Be encouraged and continue to stand you are touching so many lives for the Lord.

    God Bless you

  184. Mike Buckley says:

    Good stuff Alan. You hit the nail on the head.

    There is much concern about the emergent church here in Canada and I am sure in the UK also. We are straying so far from the gospel it is frightening.

    I am adding your sight to my blog role. Keep telling the truth as long as you are able.
    Blessings, Mike Buckley

  185. michael says:

    My brother I just want to praise God for you and the truth you stand for.There are many that want Jesus as savior but reject him as lord. I stand with you in praying,loving and bringing the true Gospel.I know there can be times where it seems there are not many that will stand for the truth,so you are an encouragement and blessing for me.Many will share their opinions before Gods word and wont share Gods word because of opinions, so stand firm in the rock of Jesus Christ, and continue to love those with the truth.I am American and I am just broken over the prostitution of the gospel in this country and the millions that are decieved in believing they have a relationship with Christ because they prayed a prayer, or because a person told them they were saved, part of it is ignorance but alot is because of hardness of heart and no desire to truly know the living God, please continue to pray for those here standing up for the word of God and for those that have had darkened hearts and blinded eyes.
    Isaiah 7:9- if you are not firm in faith then you will not be firm at all.

  186. Alan Higgins says:

    Michael et all, thank you. Its comments like yours that make me know that it is worth while doing what I am doing and I do see it as a ministry so I realise that I have a responsibility to speak the truth in love and not compromise when it comes to the word of God. To God be the glory

  187. alan a higgin says:

    iam in the usa. god is the word but the world knows him not. but only through the word can man be saved

  188. wow, this website just motivated me even more, going back to basics and always ask yourself, “what does the bible say””

  189. Blessing(south africa) says:

    Hi Allan , i would like to thank you for such an inspiring website. I believe it is the Working of God that has enabled you to set up this website. I ‘m a youth leader in a certain church in Johannesburg and the teachings are based on the Word of Faith Doctrine. i’m in a situation similar to yours and i cant take it anymore of the heresy and i have decided to leave the church may you please advise me on the best way to do this . The Word of God has been twisted for so long by people bent on enriching themselves by stealing from the poor . I really need your help and prayers.

  190. Alan Higgins says:

    Blessing, do what I did. Deprogrammed my mind of all the WOF stuff that I learned, went back to the basics of the gospel and find a church that is Christ centered and not me-centred which a lot of WOF teaching is

  191. God's Child. says:

    My Gosh you have lot’s of comments. Thank you so much for creating this website. It will help me in the struggle of my masturbation.

  192. Lady Kinga says:

    He Alan,

    Your testimony i will read in all rest soon. And now i would like to say that it’s very cool what you doing.
    I have only one point, that disturb me along time, and that is, that in the song of Shai Linne but also more brothers and sisters, you can read that God is called “Jehovah”. and in my eyes that is the same like call God Beelzebub or something, because you got the “Jehovah witnesses” and I know for sure that almost al people will have that assosiacion not only me, when they read that. So, is there any biblical reason to call God that way, is that name from the bible and so yes, then also does we not have the responsibility also to look on what associations people have and because of them, not use that term?

    I don’t know if you know this, but I would like to have a respond anyways. Thank you!

    Much of Love,

  193. Alan Higgins says:

    If you look at http://www.biblegateway.com/quicksearch/?quicksearch=jehovah&qs_version=KJV you will see some places in the bible where God is called Jehovah which is one of the many names of God. I hope that answers your question

  194. To Whom It May concern,

    This is Rev. Robert Wright, Editor for http://www.Christian.com which is a social network made specifically for Christians, by Christians, to directly fulfill Christian’s needs. Christian.com has many great features aside from the obvious like christian TV, prayer request or even find a church/receive advice and to offer the ENTIRE christian community an outlet to join together. We have emailed you because we have interest in collaborating with you and your blog to help us spread the good word. I look forward for your response regarding the matter,


    God Bless

    |Rev.Robert Wright|Christian.com|
    |1 International Blvd.|Mahwah, NJ 07495|

  195. Think Learn Think says:

    Hello, Alan. You have a rather impressive blog here.

    I was wondering if you would mind giving me (a non-believer) a simple reply on a straightforward enough question. I’ll try to be as clear as possible and I’d really truly appreciate it if you gave a equally straightforward and concise answer.

    I am curious. Why do you follow the Christian Faith, and not, for instance, the Muslim, Judaic, Hindu or Buddhist faiths? To name but a few.

    What reasons do you have for disbelieving those faiths, each of which are equally legitimate, that could also not be applied to you’re own faith?

    Bear in mind that each of the faiths named also have believers just as devote as you, who all also hold strong convictions of personal interactions with those various Gods and Deity’s.

    How is Christianity different in your eyes?

    I question this as a means of learning more about all faiths and religion in general and this just seems like a obvious question that I’ve rarely seen asked, and even more rarely answered.

    Also, may I point out that that, while answering this question, quoting from the bible to show that yours is the “Only True Faith” is redundant. I could easily pull a essentially identical quote from pretty much any other sacred text from any religion. Doing so would be pointless.

    So, what makes Christianity (or your version of it) “correct” in your eyes, and everything else “wrong”?

    My thanks if you answer this.


  196. Alan Higgins says:

    I started a series about this very question (which to be honest I haven’t fully concluded) but I think it will answer some of your quetsions. Please see https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2008/05/10/is-christianity-true-an-introduction/

  197. Think Learn Think says:

    Yes. I have read through this series. Nowhere, at all, do you provide an answer to this very simplistic question. I have decided to tackle some of your arguments individual mistakes in the relevant posts, but could you also please just provide a non-wishy washy political answer to my original question, right here? It really shouldn’t be hard if you actually have a answer.

    I’ll help you start.

    “I believe that all other religions and their texts and their “accounts of revelation” and their non-faking completely believing followers are wrong


    That my religion, with my equivalent text and equivalent “accounts of revelation” with equivalent (although more numerous) followers are correct BECAUSE…”

    If you actually have a legitimate reason of any kind. I can honestly not see any way you wouldn’t be able to easily insert it into that answer using a few sentences. The only way I personally would try to deflect this question would be if I actually COULDN’T answer it. I believe it is totally fair to say that if you do not answer this question you essentially admit that you have no reason at all for being Christian, instead of, say, a follower of Buddhism, other than it happens to be the most influential religion going around, in your part of the world. If you disagree and think this is unfair, please explain in detail how this is not fair, and why you refuse to give a good explanation for your faith.

    So exactly what is you’re deflection going to be? Are you going to direct me once again to some page where this question is “dealt with” by spreading the equivalent of “I don’t have a answer” over two pages (Part 2 and Part 3)

    Unless you mean to say that your answer to the above question is really “So what sets Christianity apart from the rest? You will see that all the other religions basically rely on man trying to reach out to God by various religious acts to obtain some kind of favor or salvation. Christianity says, you can do NOTHING and it relies on the act of God reaching out to man.”

    If this is your final answer (and I sincerely hope it’s not) could you please explain how this is true in any way?

    I really can’t believe that you think Christianity is true and everything else is false, because Christianity doesn’t ask you to do anything. (Which is blatantly false. Practically every page of the bible tells you to do something, usually to please God). Every Christian priest, minister, brother and Nun worth their salt will attempt to try to get you to do something or other to be a good Christian and please god. Where do you get this idea that they actually aren’t?

  198. Think Learn Think says:

    My apologies, for not reading part 4, I didn’t notice it was there. I will read it now, and will attempt to update my argument if needed.

  199. Alan Higgins says:

    Just to clarify where I say the last point. When I say that with Christianity we ‘can do NOTHING and it relies on the act of God reaching out to man’, that basically means that any good that we do will not get us into heaven so in that sense ‘we can do nothing’ because it relies on the work of Christ and not our own. That does not mean we sit and twiddle our thumbs but we do the good works AS A RESULT of being a christian and not to get us into heaven. I hope that makes sense

    As you want a simple sentence, here we go

    “I believe that all other religions and their texts and their “accounts of revelation” and their non-faking completely believing followers are wrong


    That my religion, with my equivalent text and equivalent “accounts of revelation” with equivalent (although more numerous) followers are correct BECAUSE…after examining the evidence of the bible, I find it to be true. If it is true then the others by definition must be false because christianity is mutally exclusive.

    If possible, if you wish to discuss further points, please do so on the relevant posts (which I know you have done)


  200. Younique says:

    awesome! thanks for sharing this … the beauty of writing is your words are read in places you’d pbly never go and carry a depth you may ne’er know!

  201. Hi Alan,

    I’ve been told Europe is pretty much in spiritual darkness. I must admit I don’t often pray for missionaries and christians alike in Europe for their evangelical outreaches. But I hope you may be continually strengthened by our Lord; that the Spirit may continue to enlighten you; may this blog be a joy to God.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog.


  202. missy says:

    i stumbled onto this website.
    i have been out of church for some time.
    i have had lots of stuff happen to my family i have faith but i have things that i wonder about and it scares me.
    just tell me will i make it to heaven.
    the devil has been feeling my head and my sister tells me i should start praying again and i have please help me i come from a penocoastal church i just need to find myself

  203. Alan Higgins says:

    Missy, I cannot tell you that you will make it to heaven. However I would advise you to look at https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/a-message-to-non-christians/ and https://realchristianity.wordpress.com/2007/12/06/how-do-you-know-that-you-are-saved/

    • missy says:

      got your e mail read the chapter i look at you because maybe god put me on this site for someone to minister to me
      maybe to lead me back to him i have been praying and seeking and wondering i could use a friend

      • Nikaela says:

        To Missy,
        Just keep praying and don’t let yourself try to mentally reach God,
        don’t be scared just have faith and don’t be scared because if you accept Jesus as your saviour then you are saved. Just reach out to God in your own personal time, Call out Abba Father, God, I need you and just, all you want is his everlasting love so let the holy spirit come over you.
        Remember it’s not mental perseverance that works, you’ve got to have faith and reach out to God, because you are his child and he loves you like he loves everyone of us. God will answer your call, just reach out to him. Reaching out to him in faith is saying to yourself, God does love me, God will reach out to me, and that is what faith is.
        Once you have a personal relationship with God, YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS: faith without works leads your spirit to a perish.
        So when you need someone to lean on God is ALWAYS THERE, please remember that. But God doesn’t say that now you know him, you can do what you like, how you like and when you like, because you know him, you need to develop obedience to him with whatever he asks to to do (good works), the more obedience you develop to him the more clear things will become to you and the closer you become to God. And remember its not about YOU, and YOUR self-righteousness its about having obedience to God.
        I pray that this helps you, in the name of Jesus, Amen.
        From your godly sister, Nikaela. (We are related in the kingdom of God because we are both children of God).
        God Bless.

        • Nikaela says:

          Oh my goodness, I am not lying to you Missy, maybe me being on this site helping you is from God, after I just posted my comment, I was looking when you last posted your comment to see if you had recently posted it to see if you would be checking back on this site, and you posted something three days ago. It’s amazing isn’t it, three days later, it’s like maybe you have been feeling suppressed by the devil and you know three days later everybody found out that you can’t keep a good man down.
          God bless.

        • Nikaela says:

          Oh my goodness, I am not lying to you Missy, maybe me being on this site helping you is from God, after I just posted my comment, I was looking when you last posted your comment to see if you had recently posted it to see if you would be checking back on this site, and you posted something three days ago. It’s amazing isn’t it, three days later, it’s like maybe you have been feeling suppressed by the devil and you know three days later everybody found out that you can’t keep a good man down.
          God bless.
          P.s: I feel the internet has become the most common way to communicate and people say it is a major disadvantage because of all the bad influences on the internet, but I think that if people make more websites like this, we Christians altogether all around the world as a congregation could make a change and a positive Christian influence on the internet.

          • Nikaela says:

            I have one more thing for you, Missy, don’t listen to thought of doubt in your head, don’t even try to make sense of them, because any thoughts in your head that doubt the word of God are false, deceitful and misleading. So read the word, if you need a fresh look on the truth.
            God Bless.

    • missy says:

      you know i’m gonna share my open life with you.
      i’m 43 and i come from a family of 8 other kids five brothers and three sisters. i married a non believer a once morman.
      our religions don’t match up. my husband is no longer a morman but he see things so different and he is unsaved that might be one reason i left the church. i have one son who is a blessing to me i put him throught private schooling because i wanted him to have the tools and christianty and know god.
      he is now 16 teen and i’m very thankful he is growing up to be a fine young man who has his hearth in the right place.
      my mom and dad brought all the kids up in church and i love church so much i went all the time i guess when you get older and start having kids and stuff you tend to get away from your roots.
      in the past 15 teen years of my life i have had more pain and problems then anyone person has had. some blessing and some tradeys.
      when my son was born i was 27 i was sick and and was unable to care for myself my family did alot of helping so my husband could keep working. when my son was only 5 years old he and my husband were in a horrible head on 5 mins from our house they were on there way to see me at the hospital it was my worst nightmare my husband was injured with upper chest injurys but he was going to live my son was in bad shape he broke his back and lost part of his colon he was flow to the hospital and i was releashed to that hospital to be with him the doctors gave him a 10 percent change and my heart was breaking we had a virgil and a pray change going non stop he made it through surgery and we had to wait to see if he would come out of the coma after four days my son woke up his back was braced up but god answered he look at me and told me that he prayed moments before the crash that god would save daddy and him.
      the doctors couldn’t believe all the trama he was awake my son told the doctors god was with him.
      my son even told the doctors he would walk again and on mothers day my son proved just that.
      a long year of therapy but before that accident when my son was 18 months he spend almost most of his baby years in the hospital he was diag with a rare heart problem i was in the hospital with him but i had just under went back surgery and again i was taking care of my sons needs it took him five years before he was free of this diease then the accident.
      my son is my blessing and ever bit of my faith.
      i do believe in faith but i find myself some times doughting things. i have been sick all my life i have like my son cheated death 3 times i had a illness in 2002 that almost took my life but it was my son and my dad who pray and told me i would be okay and i made it through it only to have all of it return again 9 surgerys later i’m here just like my son.
      my dad died in 2005 and i was grief striffen and so depressed my best friend my dad who taught me about god and life was no longer here he died a terrible death it still haunts me but dad knew the lord and was never afriad.
      five days before my dad died i had a vision that i shared with a pastor god show me my dad being carried away by four angles he was in a white robe and heaven was waiting for him this help comfort me and i was able to grief less but the pain was still so fresh. i went in for surgery because i was having lung surgery and i saw my dad he was so happy and he told me i will always been with you in spirit do not loose your faith that kept me going until my mom lost her will to talk after my dad died i began to question god and why was things happing to our family. my health went down now i’m on an oxgen tank and am so mad because i shouldn’t be like this so young my family is falling apart my three brothers went there way my two sisters one has cancer the other one has other problems my mom doesn’t talk or walk anymore so i am so tired of all the health issues and family problems i think that god has been speaking to me and maybe that how i ended up on your web site.
      i do believe in god and i do have faith and i have decied to attend a local church tommorow and i’m very excited about going i need to hear the word i need the healing and the strenght and i need god back in my life please keep writing me i enjoy anyone who will spend time with me my son seams to be the only one i can talk to my husband is different we kinda live sep lifes in the same house.
      thanks for you time.

      • Nikaela says:

        Dear Missy, just keep praying and never give up hope because God is real and he loves you. God is not making any of these things that are happening to you. Things will test your faith, but when you have a burden or a hurt you need to come to the cross of Christ and Jesus will take it from you because he took the fall. The most important thing to remember about Christianity is you’ve got to have faith because things are going to test you. Don’t try to figure them out yourself, you need to pray to God and don’t ever give up faith because God is real. I’ve solely seen his works. If you need guidance, just pray to God, keep reading your bible, and if you haven’t already seen it, I suggest you watch the movie The Pilgrim’s Progress or read the book if you prefer to.
        Your story has touched me, I will be praying for you tonight. I just want to pray for you now, that God will give you strength, and any hurts inside you or any physical hurts, I pray that he heals. I also pray in the name of Jesus that God gives you guidance and clear thinking. Amen.
        I wanted to remind you Missy, that without reaching out to God and renewing your mind and faith things will continue to clog up in your brain and your mind. He can’t come into your life until you call out to him. You can’t have guidance from his word, unless you read his word and so forth.
        God bless.

      • Mrs. Jones says:

        Hi Missy – you don’t know me, but I was really struck by your tragedies and you have to know that as soon as you accept Jesus Christ with all your heart and soul, that you are challenging the devil and he is going to try to make your life miserable. DO NOT LOSE FAITH. Don’t loose your eyes on the prize that is Jesus. Remember how he and his disciples suffered persecution? That’s how the devil messes with people. So what should you do? Equip yourself with the word of God concerning REBUKING and BINDING the devil and his evil spirits. Remove things from your home that may offend God: idols, books, witchcraft, santeria, charms, videos. Check your childrens rooms. Go to church to be cleansed and sanctified. Most loose faith because they don’t seek the word of God day and night. The Lord tells us to pray in season and out of season. You don’t have to carry the burden alone. The name and the blood of Jesus makes demons scream and run away. Also repent of any wrong doing like questioning God. His angels will assist you. God Bless you and your family.

        • missy says:

          thank you for spending time with the word
          let me tell you i have been back in church for a month and i love going my husband loves it too.
          scense i have been back i have had so much crab coming and going and boy am i being tested but i got my faith back and have been praying over my home and family and even my dogs. the more i pray the devil throws more at me but i have learned to give it to god and not to dewell on the past.
          i wish other people would find god but i’m glad he gave me another chance and i can live for him.
          praise god church has been so wonderful for me and i know god will bless me as i give to him.
          please keep in touch

  204. l like you vedio that was good

  205. missy says:

    So glad you email be back.
    You now i got up sunday morning and went back to church it was a long time my husband a past morman even went and i was surprised at him when he told me he enjoy church and wanted to know if we were gonna come back.
    I love hearing that and of course we will planning on returning to church again this sunday.
    God has been really testing my faith and the devil sure love to mess with with me.
    I have been getting up in the moring with a smile on my face just thanking god i’m alive and pleading the blood and rebuking the emeny and yes i have to fight back.
    You know last sunday i couldn’t wait to get to church and i was alittle disapponted when church was over because i know god wanted me there and i enjoy every minunte that i was there.
    I have a new least on life and i know god loves me and he has plans for my life and i pray harder then ever and i believe that by faith my finances will be better my health will get better my marriage will get better and i believe it.
    You see what god is doing he open your web site to me bacause i would have never dreamed of looking for something like this but because of you he is using you to minister to me and i thank god for that.
    Please keep in touch with me manys lifes will be saved because of your website and your work with people thank you for letting me write you right now i’m broke but so very blessed because god is going to bless me so much and i can’t wait for sunday because i will be at church again.
    thank you and keep praying where two or three are gathered
    in pray the chain will not be broken praise the lord

  206. Alan Higgins says:

    Missy, glad to be of help. All glory goes to God. Its encouraging to know that my blog is helping people. Stay in the word, prayer and fellowship

  207. Mrs. Jones says:

    Hey Alan – Thank you so much for posting this simple, but beautiful website and for being an ambassador for Christ. I’m really proud of you. I am a wife and a mother who has brought up three beautiful children in the admonition of the Lord. Please continue to reach out to teenagers who are going through depression, drugs, suicide and unfortunately practicing the occult. I am trying to spread the word by currently writing a book about my experience in heaven. I also PLEAD to all of your visitors to go to Mary K. Baxter’s website http://www.spiritlessons.com/Mary_K_Baxter_A_Divine_Revelation_of_Hell.htm and READ EVERY CHAPTER.
    It is her actual encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ who takes her on a 40 day trip to hell, so that she can write a book and tell everyone in the world that hell does exist, that you are fully aware of your separation from God, from love, from hope, from your family, friends and you feel everything that is happening to you. Once you are in hell, there is no repentance and no turning back.
    Thank you, God Bless and for all – accept Jesus Christ!

  208. Franklyn says:

    I relate to making the Study of the Word your own. I too found much error in what I had previously been taught. I find that when talking with “Most” professing belivers, they do not no what or why they believe what they do. Mostly a jumble of teaching recieved because they liked the Preacher or the message but no checking things out themseves. Bless you Bro. See you on the way up.
    Bro franklyn

  209. Dorell Singleton says:

    Thanks so much man, for being truthful in sharing the Word!!! I can really tell that it has truly set you free!!! I pray that as I grow, pray and study the Word for myself that I become more free myself!!! We have to study the Word for ourselves!!! Thanks brother!!! Grace and Peace be with u!!! Hey, please keep me in your prayers Alan, and I will do the same for you! Its not easy being obedient to God all the time. It goes against our flesh but it is for the best. I just need strength and courage brother in Christ!!! Thanks!

  210. missy says:

    read your email.
    be open you know when you talk about god and the wonderful things he does some people will walk away and not care they don’t want to hear about god.

    i kow because i don’t care when i go out shopping or to the doctor i always say god will heal me or i stop a person and tell them waht god has done in my life.

    so don’t be afriad to be open some will walk and maybe one person because of you might be saved.

    i have been enjoying my life going to church and because of my faithfulness in pray my home sold after being on the market only 3 weeks now i can move forward.
    god knows what i need and he always come through.
    i will keep you in my prays.
    god bless

  211. EnerGy says:

    This blog is deep ha ha he tactics of false prophets n preachers have amazed me. I have to be so carefull who i listen to.


  212. Hello Alan,

    You are correct:
    And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)

    The problem is that the trinity is not the truth but Roman Catholic mythology.

    Please consider Are YOU a Catholic – after all? available at: http://www.logoslogic.info/AreYouACatholic.html

    In Christian love,

    Robert Schmid

  213. James Chambers says:

    Kick some ass!

  214. Matthew says:

    Thank you. Attempting to bring Christianity back to unadulterated truth is seemingly an impossible feat. My heart’s truest desire, to allow the truth to become unbridled in the heart of man. To see His blinding light cast out the darkness across the Earth. There are times when I feel lost in a sea of bondage and depravity, even within the walls of the churches I frequent. I would like to be a part, in some way (big or small) with what you are attempting to accomplish. If you feel led, maybe we could discuss further. I want to get the word out in a larger format and would like some direction/wisdom as to how to begin. Once again, thank you.

  215. Alan Higgins says:

    Matthew,when you say that you ‘want to get the word out in a larger format’ what exactly do you mean?

    • Matthew says:

      I would like to be a part of or create a blog, like the one you have formed here. I’m only familiar with blogs in terms of reading them, however, I have an intense desire to write and need a format such as this to express.

  216. Alan Higgins says:

    Matthew, you can setup your own blog via wordpress.com. It is very simple and you dont have to design how it looks like as there are many predefned themes that you can choose from

  217. hyacinth mcdonald says:

    Dear Alan

    It is intresting what you doing in christian work and finding out what all the preacher in the world is saying, well you know what i want to share what i expereice , my 2 years in ruach minstries , now that i have left , as i return back to Church of God of Prophecy my home church that i grew up 20 yrs ago, anyway i had bad expereince at John and Penny franics , i really thought they were nice couples but real truth they are not they are playing jerk and hyde, as single mother with 2 children i was so kind to people by giving out easter eggs at Easter and christimas sweet at the door way people hug me and smiling that never recievied, the reason why i want to give is to show bishop John francis how to be kind and nice to people because he preach bash and sometime he tell people off, so while i was kind to people John franis look very cross with me so he set up with one of usher to bulling me and my children, by phone call and one cleaner later said to me that bishope john did not like that, i reply if john dont like let him say at my face! and i send a letter to him and the Police officer at brixton against john for bulling and abusevise against me, so i left that church, so now i know the Real John Franis and Penny Franis, i really want the people to know the truth about them,

  218. hyacinth mcdonald says:

    sorry about email needed to correct my email thanks and God bless.

  219. John says:

    Only one thing I would ask you to correct:
    In your message to non-believers (and I’m thrilled to hear someone preaching repentance), you called Jesus the only Son of God. This is a bad, bad no-no. He is NOT the one and only Son. He is the Only Begotten Son of God. To wit: Genesis says that the sons of God married the daughters of men; Job says there came a day when the sons of God presented themselves before the Lord; Solomon is called the son of God (as a shadow of Christ as King); Luke calls Adam the son of God. I am a son of God, per the promise of Scripture (we shall have power to become the sons of God).

    If Jesus is the ‘one and only’ then it is impossible mathmatically for anyone else to be His son as well. When people read the mistaken “rewrites” (ie, new versions) of the Scriptures, and take the mistakes as truth (because they don’t know Him), they are not only denying their own relationship with God, they are also claiming HE denies them.

    Consider: I have 2 adopted brothers. If I say that begotten equals ‘one and only,’ then I am denying my brothers as such. If my dad says begotten equals ‘one and only’ then he too is disowning my brothers. But they ARE my brothers. And we ARE all his sons, no matter how we came to be so.

    We need not get into the Greek for ‘begotten’, but we can. The Greek word breaks down into Only and Begotten. That word begotten refers to Jesus’ all-important humanity from birth. Saying ‘one and only’ is not only mathmatically incorrect, it is incorrect translation of the Greek and leaves out that wonderful declaration. But most importantly, we shall give account for every idle word that comes out of our mouths.

    ANY and EVERY version (shall we say perversion?) of the Bible that so makes this mistake needs to be trashed with all due haste. Please correct this error in your “Message to Non-believers.” Thank you.

  220. John says:

    Re: your commentary on public rebuke –

    Dude, WELL SAID and AMEN. Thank you for addressing that!

  221. Tom says:

    Hi Alan, I am currently working with Christian Pop/Rock artist, John DeGrazio, who has just released his third album, Stronghold, and I would love to send you a copy to check out for your site.

    John is an accomplished singer/composer/producer and a two-time ASCAP Award winner. He has a number one hit song to his credit, has worked with many major label artists, played in the Dove Award winning group Burlap to Cashmere, and toured with Jars of Clay, DC Talk, and Jaci Velasquez.

    For more info on John DeGrazio, check out the following sites:

    Please email me back and I’ll send a copy to you!


  222. Hello,
    I just started a blog called truechristianityokc.wordpress.com
    How do I get traffic? How did you get so much? my email is truelight@afo.net

    Thank you,
    God Bless

  223. All I can say is wow.

    Repent and Trust In Jesus. You evangelize almost the same way I do. Thewayofthemaster.

  224. PilgrimZed says:

    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for your continued good work. Here’s a post I came across and thought you could share out with others. It emphasizes the importance of caution when choosing to teach the Word and the Will of God…
    May God guide your teaching of His will.

    The Bible warns both the spiritual leaders and whoever assumes the responsibility of teaching others/expounding the word of God to be very careful lest they teach heresy or become a stumbling block to others.

    Jesus is on record to have issued a very stern warning. As you read,please note His tone and language.

    “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Mathew 18:6).

    “Jesus said to his disciples: “Things that cause people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come.It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. So watch yourselves.” (Luke 17:1-3)

    ” Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”( Mathew 5:19)

    “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in mens faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.” (Mathew 23:13)[

    It goes without saying that those of us who aspire to be teachers need to be careful what we pass on unto the people. Unless we are very clear on that which we believe and its impact in our lives,we must be careful not to confuse others.

    When the Lord of the universe finally returns, all the teachers of God’s word will be called upon to account for the lost souls. In a book “Great controversy” by Ellen G White, we are told that a time is coming when the people will turn to their spiritual leaders and condemn them for deceiving and misleading them. But by then,it will be forever too late.

    Expounding God’s word is very heavy responsibility. We just want to make sure that we understand the consequences of misleading others. Let us humbly heed the words of the Master”Be careful!”
    (The website I got this post from is http://www.pastorbirai.com)

  225. PilgrimZed says:

    Hi again Allan,
    Just wanted to inform you of a guy who seems to have a similar passion to reveal the unvarnished, unadultered, Truth like yourself.
    Have you heard of Christopher Hudson? He’s a guy who abandoned a great career getting paid to write scripts for music videos and movies and gave all his talent to God.
    After a long struggle of brokeness it finally paid off (not financially but spiritually) with him getting over 6million hits on short Christian videos he posted on Youtube for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. I hope you’ll spare a moment to watch at least one of his online videos. I hope you’ll be blessed as I and my friends have been. Godspeed.
    Watch this http://www.youtube.com/user/TheForerunner777#p/a/D6BADC1A8E160100/0/3udI1ltCZ4s
    And this: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheForerunner777#p/a/D6BADC1A8E160100/0/3udI1ltCZ4s

  226. Bryan J. Paynther says:

    Bro, i came across your sight somehow (all GOD!!!) and i havent been able to stop reading! i’m reading stuff you wrote in 2008 and im like “wow, this is needed in the body of Christ!” KEEP DOIN WHAT GOD HAS YOU DOIN!!!! My family and i will keep you lifted up in prayer!!!

  227. Paul says:


    Good Site. I have been looking around for this answer. I’m not sure if you have talked about this. How are we supposed to keep the sabbath day holy?

    Thanks again,


  228. Great site please the flame burning

  229. Ten’s of thousand Members of Bible Study Space Networks, would like to invite you to:

    Prosperity Gospel Boycott Campaign: Dangerous Doctrine, By Pastor Justin Peters

    Bible Study Space Group : Heresies The Prosperity Gospel,

    Here is a list of people on the Boycott.

    Dangerous Doctrines of the Prosperity Gospel.

    Kenneth Copeland
    Creflo Dollar
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    Join us on Facebook

  230. nicholas996 says:

    What’s a born-again Christian?

  231. Le-ahm says:


    I have been born again for 2 years know and looking for advice. I have been attending a church for more than a year know and realized that the gospel that is being preached is the prosperity gospel and I don’t know if I should look for another church or should I stay? Please give me advice on this matter.

  232. Mykel Trahan says:

    @Alan Higgins, Please get in contact with me ASAP.

  233. Nat says:

    Hey I just wanted to say thanks and that i have found that this site lines up with what i should belive and what my fam. belives but im researching how and why i should and seeing this will help alot so looks good and thank you again

  234. Raul Correa says:

    Man of God, keep the good fight going! Never be discouraged because the journey is hard but we will over come because He is with us. See Gal 6:9

    God bless from South Florida, USA.

    “Seek Truth Kill Sin”

  235. Don says:

    Alan, God called us to be disciplers not entertainers and sometimes I think preachers are entertainers. They may call it preaching; they may call it discipling, but if it doesn’t produce real growth, then I don’t know if it counts. This is one reason why I created my blog a couple of years ago. It became an outlet for me to disciple. It is also why God allowed me to write two books. The Kingdom needs more disciplers. Keep up the blessed work!

  236. mis says:

    i went back to church 2 years ago and i can’t tell you how much better my life has gotten and how i have fallen in love with the lord i love church and i go it has been hard at first to go back but once i went back i find i can’t get enough of the lord. i still believe god will one day heal me from this diease that i have and set me free from it.
    if you need the lord he is here just let him in.
    my life just gets better knowing the lord.

  237. tiandni says:

    I like your blog… I use the same one, for similar purposes…

    my testimony


  238. Stian Dahl says:

    Hey. Read your entire message to non-christians, and it left me puzzled. Why would you go on and on about how we all sin, and will be punished, when we non-believers don’t think that is true anyway?

    You can scare the people that are in the middle, trying to chose a side, into a religion. But if you try to scare someone that has already chosen what they believe in, it probably won’t have any effect at all. And even if you manage to get some weak-minded morons over to your highly implausible belief, then fine, you can have the idiots, they belong in a religion.

  239. chudai says:

    Hello there, simply was alert to your blog through Google, and located that it’s really informative. I am gonna be careful for brussels. I’ll be grateful should you proceed this in future. Lots of other folks will probably be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

  240. shah says:

    hi brother alan
    i am 32 years old swedish persian guy i become a christian for 7 yearsgo and i was a afghan origin and was a muslim before……

    now all my close relatives and family hate me i cant visit my mom and brothers
    now the never accept
    even if the could the would kill me because i converted to christianity
    what i can do

    best regards

  241. tomana says:

    The Lord is good. He puts things for us to read (long before-hand sometimes) so it shows up at just the right time. I thank the Lord for your willingness to obey in putting up this page Alan. I’m in the USA and I have also observed the things you gently mentioned in your BIO above – I was sent off to Catholic church when I was a lad and didn’t come to the Lord until I was in my 40’s. But since then, life has definately not been the same. Up until then I had no clue what sin was so I thought I was a pretty neat fellow after all but as the Holy Bible says, “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”.

    To answer a question just asked in here …


    Hey. Read your entire message to non-christians, and it left me puzzled. Why would you go on and on about how we all sin, and will be punished, when we non-believers don’t think that is true anyway?

    end quote

    Just because someone doesn’t believe something is there doesn’t mean it isn’t. It says in the Holy Bible, in the book of Romans:

    Rom 1:20
    For the invisible things [Spirit] of Him [God] from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they [all humans] are without excuse

    People say they want proof that God exists and according to Romans 1:20, God gave every single human being that very proof. Whether or not we will accept that truth is really the issue, not whether or not God exists. A person can’t find God for a reason similar to why a thief usually can’t find a police officer … it’s because they probably ain’t looking very hard

  242. Anji says:

    Hello, Alan! I found your blog LONG ago as I was starting my blog up and I took note of it because I liked the paint splashes. I was trying to hire someone to build a site for me but I ended up making a free blog on blogger. Now that I’m looking at it, our blogs look kind of similar! It wasn’t intentional…I just picked one of the templates 😉

    We have a lot of parallel topics. We actually both posted the 180 movie around the same day! I am not sure what day I posted it because I had to reload all of my posts on November 27.

    I just wanted to stop by to say hi and to add to all of your encouraging words! Stay strong in the Lord–even if you reach ONE it was worth it but I know you are reaching more than just one!

    I was also wondering if I could do a guest post someday. I’m not sure if you are married or have kids (or even if you allow guest posts) but my husband and I are really passionate about helping people to make God the foundation in their marriage and in the roles as parents. Please reply to anji@ourlifeonchrist.com, don’t comment on my page right now because my comments are not working for some reason!

    In his love,

  243. Bakundukize Dieudonne says:

    I love U so much, continue to show to all the world the truth of the Gospel in its purest and simplest form. I am a Rwandan and evangelist, and I am very happy for your website has been very inspirational to me.The world needs men like you. Your website will save too many souls. May God bless you.

  244. vincent says:

    it is all about JESUS not you

  245. Gina says:

    I sense pride and unlovingness on this website.

  246. Andrei says:

    hei man, i have one question, are you christian orthodox?

  247. Andrei says:

    well i got that, but by some articles that i read you re from Jehovah’s Witnesses or i am wrong?

  248. Hey Alan, word of encouragement from me…I have been a Christian for just about 13 years.
    I do appreciate not only your willingness to speak the truth, but also that you seem to be very consistent with your message, seeing that you started this around 2007. It took me quite some time to realize the Truth. Not my truth, But God’s Truth. This is what is changing lives my brother. People like you willing to listen to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and speak the Truth about the subject’s a lot of Christians find objectionable, such as false teachers. Keep it up, and know I for one will be remembering you in my prayers.

  249. Hi, I’m still working on my blog but now following you because I find your blog very interesting! God Bless. 🙂 PP.

  250. Has anyone recently seen John Hagee book about Israel? Apparently he’s stated that Jesus wasn’t the Messiah. Also, Billy Graham who’m my Pastor used to read about is part of a Masonic society. These two Crusaders are quite legendary, I’m a little shocked by it. Thanks.

  251. John Hagee is known for his, how should I say, (bizarre?) views.

  252. Timothy says:

    Thank you Alan, this website has really opened my eyes to a few things; your use of scripture (in context) is really great.

    Just from reading, the LORD has used you as an instrument for bringing people to Him. Thank-you.

  253. William Avery says:

    I just found your site today Alan, and have been blessed by the material thus far! Oh yeah, I book marked this one baby!!! Be blessed and continue to do the work of God!

  254. Pilgrimzed says:

    Hi Alan
    Just thought to drop in a word of encouragement at this time.
    May the reason for the season feel your heart too with boundless Joy and peace.
    May the Love of God manifest Himself again in your life in this New Year.
    Thank you for being part of a memorable 2012 and looking forward to sharing 2013 with you.
    All the very best,
    With brotherly and Christian Love,

  255. Kanna says:


  256. Rizzyvoe says:

    Hello. Alan! All I can say is that we are truly kindred spirits, probably because we share the same Father. I’m starting to write my blog…FINALLY…after 3 years and was excited and a little deflated to see that many of the topics God have implanted into me to share are already here on your blog! I love it and look forward to reading through every inch! @rizzyvoe

  257. This amazing article, “About Me Real Christianity” reveals that u truly know just what u r communicating about!
    I personally entirely agree. Many thanks ,Domingo

  258. I really like what you guys tend to be up too. This kind of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve added you guys to my blogroll.

  259. John says:

    Hi. I’m from NZ, and I’m blessed by being a member of a gospel centred church. The message you proclaim is the same as I hear each week from our preachers. It is always a delight to find the true message of our Great Lord proclaimed. It seems to me that we need to establish and maintain contact between like-minded ministries, where ever they are established.

  260. Hira says:

    Hi i,m here in Auckland nz can any of you tell me what ,and where hell is and is it a literal place and who goes there ???as for me i don,t believe there is such a place i believe good and bad people go to the same place the ground when God takes the breath of life from us we die and God likens that to sleeping then one day God will call his elect those living and those who are a sleep the rest of humanity live and dead will be judged at the great white throne at the end of this age and will go through a process of learning i believe God calls it righteousness and notice it what He says the whole world Will! Learn

  261. Wally says:

    Hi how are you?
    I have been reading your site and just yesterday my eyes were opened. I know God was telling me all along about these False prophets but I really was not heading his word. Lets be honest I was being lazy, But yesterday I saw something in a Joyce Meyer teaching that was the light bulb I should have seen a long time ago. She was preaching with bible in hand but never did a word from that bible did she teach.
    Why have I never seen it? I have also learned from 2 biblical teaching Pastors one in a non-denominational church and another in a Baptist church.
    God is more real then I ever believed him to be. And he has been preparing me, all along the answers were there, his word revealed all the truths I needed. I just had to decide to give it up.
    I would like to start a blog as well, I want to tell the truth and I don’t care if people like me.

  262. Erik Peterson says:

    Thanks for your blogging. You have some real insight and it is based on scripture. You tackle so many subjects that alot of people do not want to talk about, or even think about. Reading your blog has recently become part of my growing in my knowledge of scripture, and growing in my relationship with God.

  263. booklovers1 says:

    Amen to your tagline!!

  264. brywieb says:

    appreciate your heart and your blog, my brother! Peace!

  265. Hello there brother. Like what you are doing here. Keep your focus firmly fixed upon Christ (Heb 12:2-3). Feel free to visit my site as well. We are also giving away FREE copies of a newly released eBook called, Realities of a True Christian. Feel free to share with all as you see fit.

    Peace and blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord,

  266. Dear Alan, I also am a writer with a true Christian blog. Here is the link of my Christian blog and you are welcome to visit my blog to give me some pointers. Thank you.

  267. novusanima says:

    I have not read enough here to know exactly what is being spoken here, however, I look forward to looking into some postings more in-depth in the near future, hope to learn more (as always) about the things of The Lord and His Word.

  268. N8Brown says:

    Thanks to God for moving in your life to inspire you to put this out so others can read and enjoy. Thanks for being obedient and sharing the Gospel.

  269. SEO says:

    Have you ever thought about creating an ebook or guest authoring on other websites?
    I have a blog centered on the same information you discuss and would love to have you share some
    stories/information. I know my subscribers would value your work.

    If you are even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

  270. wayne spiker says:

    May I say that (to me) the meaning of “Christ Centered” means that anything, even if it’s a good thing, that takes the place of Christ as the central focus of our worship is contraindicated. The preacher, the sermon, programs or liturgies can all displace the need to “practice the presence of Christ” and we can rather unintentionally “quench the working of the Holy Spirit” by good intentions. There should never be one Mouth at the center of weekly worship speaking to row after row of ears. Where is the rest of the Body and how does it function. When we gather each and every one of ushas something to add to the functioning of the ekklesia and we are stifled, strangled and suffocated by one man’s vision, agenda or mechanistic service and liturgy. Oh, what I would do for an “open” service where the Holy Spirit moves his people in each and every service, meeting and gathering like a family meeting at a family reunion which needs no guidance to intercourse. Doctrinal correctness is important but is it the only consideration? Can we not meet as a Church and have some errant beliefs? Who really does the teaching? Why have we American Christians infected the rest of the world with meeting at our time, on our day, in the same way, at 10 or 11 am with three songs, one supplication, a predetermined sermon then a sending them on their way to await the next week where we will gather and be known only by what row and seat in that row we occupy. Let’s get rid of every manmade ritual and encumberance and get back to the Bible which doesn’t prescribe our present forms of worship and community (in fact except for the nation of Jews and even Messianic Jews, there is no callings for Gentile believers or prescription of worship and gathering). Sorry if it sounds as though I’m ranting and verbose but we are limiting ourselves and I’ve seen it in every church, denomination and method I have experienced, we made ritual where none existed, law where there was no law, man made and not God ordained. In the proper understanding these things may be okay but when we discount those who don’t hold to our man made ways, how grevious this must be….
    Like what you’ve done here for the most part.

  271. S Lane says:

    I really enjoyed reading your article about what happens when we die. I am a Christian. Unlike you I have been in church most of my life. My mom took me and my brother to church every Sunday. Even when I was not going to church I longed to be in a church somewhere. I have read other articles about what happens when we die. I have also heard many preachers preach about it. I must say that I think you said it best. I thank you.

    I am also a gospel soloist and I enjoy gospel music. May God Bless You in all that you do and continue to do. j

    S Lane

  272. i read your mission statement; and i have to say that i am very refreshed. its very hard to find people who identify themselves as Christian that actually divide the word of God, as well as study it! I pray that God’s will be done in your life; and so it will. if you ever need another writer or article i study almost every minute i get since i am a student, so i will be glad to help in any way you may need. God bless brother.

  273. Franca says:

    Can you please let me know where all the blogs have gone about Tom cook? He is a minister in Barrie and is definetly not doing good things. I’m very concerned as my mother lives in his building and he is a registered sex molester. Can you please help as I would like to have any Info bring posted on this man. I’m very concerned about my mothers safety and the safety of others too?
    Please help

    • Alan Higgins says:

      Franca, that post had nothing to do with Tom Cook but Todd Bentley. If you want to talk about Tom Cook (who I have no knowledge of), I would appreciate if you do not use my blog as a platform. Thanks in advance

  274. Peter Dennis says:

    Thank you for the information on your site it was very encouraging. I am looking for any opinios information on David Hathaway basically one of our congregation has been contacted by phone and has given credit card details and signed up for a conference it all seems very pushy and money making looked at his website and came away disturbed by some of the statements on healing etc
    Thanks for the good work you do

  275. endroid says:

    Dear blog-maker!

    The point is not the “christian-bubble” and not that how many bad christians and bad pastors are exists. The questions is not that how many religions are exists. The question is who is God! God is exist and He is the King of the Universe. He is the Highest Level of Life! And His Son Jesus saved those who believe. He saved us from eternal darkness. By the END everybody will realize that. Today many people are atheist, many of them just hate God and they hates the Bible to. Many people proud of their sins. They even say to other people to do sin and be proud of it…..our planet is full with satanic people and looks like no one fear God. But one day everybody will SEE Him. For some it will be too late. But some will be happy. God is soooo Real. That’s why I’m talking about Him freely and naturally. I think many people could already hate me just because of these lines. It’s not a christian-bubble on me, but I can make difference between spiritually-dead worldly people and believers. For me NOT everybody is the same! And one day YOU will realize that God will do the same thing….He will separate the lambs from the snakes.

    • I think the point of the site is to shows rappers and pastor’s who don’t waste the stage they have been given with a message that itches ears and just comes for the inspiration of the hearer but he is pointing to the people who actually preach Christ and him crucified and make the most of the message they promote. They do not seek their own Glory but the Glory of Christ and him alone.

  276. Hey man, like your site. I have been searching the web as to what is going on with Jahaziel and why he left the faith and turned his back on beliefs. I have read because of incest, rape and murder in the Bible, which is there but doesn’t denote from God’s glory and his ways. There is still not a better explanation on the planet than Christianity and Christ. Just confused and want to know more details. Love Jahaziel’s music and want to see him return to the sheepfold.

  277. joanne klinger says:

    I am so thankful to Father God for your sharing this website with the entire church. Could you do me a favor ? do sign me up on your end, perhaps, I’ve signed up with twitter, and the website. I hope. I m looking for the e-mail notification as well. my e-mail address : joanneklinger@yahoo.com. thank you and bless you, brother, joanne klinger st Louis, mo usa

  278. This is a message I came across tonight while reading the KJ bible on my ipad..it is so relevant for todays deceivers of Gods word ie tv evangelists whose aim in life it seems is to pick the pockets of those who have confessed their love for Jesus….if they dont repent God will judge them harshley…In Christ Frank

    2Peter 2:1-19
    2 Peter 2
    2 Peter 12 Peter 3

    2 Peter 2King James Version (KJV)

    2 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

    2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

    3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

    4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;

    5 And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;

    6 And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly;

    7 And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked:

    8 (For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;)

    9 The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished:

    10 But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.

    11 Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, bring not railing accusation against them before the Lord.

    12 But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption;

    13 And shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time. Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you;

    14 Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children:

    15 Which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who loved the wages of unrighteousness;

    16 But was rebuked for his iniquity: the dumb ass speaking with man’s voice forbad the madness of the prophet.

    17 These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever.

    18 For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error.

    19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.

  279. Ariel says:

    Hi You might be interested in the new book: Abba’s House, Dr. Ron Phillips and The Silence of the Spirit. It is written by someone who suffered intense abuse at the hands of a mafia-style preacher who took over a Baptist church and converted it into a cult through vicious means. It’s now a mega church in Tennessee, USA called Abba’s House. It used to be Central Baptist Church in Hixson, TN.

  280. newone says:

    Hello sir Alan, I love your blog, it has helped me very much! May I know your email? If you don’t mind I want to discuss something via email.

  281. newone says:

    Thank you sir Alan. I have emailed you.

  282. newone says:

    It’s this right?

    It says ‘mailbox not available ‘.

  283. newone says:

    Okay, I think there’s no dot after Alan. I’ve sent the email.

  284. Anthony says:

    I like

  285. black says:

    I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Blog Award found on http://rogertharpe.wordpress.com

  286. Jeanine says:

    I just want to send a hug….I have never seen such a wonderfully articulated description of what happens immediately upon death for both the Christian and non-Christian (Hades, Gehenna, etc). I was having a chat with a friend about this tonight and I found your article via a google search. I have been saved since 1986 and this was a great refresher! God bless! Jeanine from Colorado

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