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“If you are a Christian, God is not punishing you when you suffer. Jesus died for you, so your punishment has been paid. You will suffer because of your sin, sin of someone else, or consequence of the Fall. But, God is not punishing you. So, run to Him & not from Him” – Mark Driscoll.

Answer: Depends on what your definition of ‘wonderful’ is?

How would you do if you stepped on the scales?

Has your mind been reversed? I will let the video speak for itself.

This is a challenge to me also

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C’mon Alan, that’s a bit strong isnt it?

If you are a christian and you believe what Christ has done for you in that he has saved you from his wrath and you have no desire to help others to be saved also and to at least learn how to evangelise (as I know that this is a problem with a lot of christians), then you are heartless and selfish in that you would standby and not even warn others of the wrath to come. Look at the lyrics from Da Truth’s song ‘Go’.

Can’t be ashamed, of going against the grain
Got to pray— lest we fall into sin
You know the sin of not, speaking the truth in the word of God
‘Cause you’re afraid of losing a friend
Now if you saw your friend
About to get hit by a car
You would run and push them out of the way
Because you love him, you would shove him
To keep the taker from shoveling that brown dirt over his grave
Now if you would go to great lengths
To save a man’s life
‘Cause you don’t want to see them die on the road
Then tell me how much more
Should you tell him about the Lord
Because you care about the state of his soul
Now there is so much more
That I really wanted to say
But I chose to keep it simple and light
So keep teaching— keep preaching
The world they need Jesus
Much more than we need to be liked

Here is an analogy. If you were unable to swim but somehow was able to flash forward one year from now where you and another person (with nobody else around) were on a beach and you witnessed them struggling in the water but because you don’t know how to swim, you was unable to save them and they drowned.

Now you come back to the present day. What would you do between now and next year? Would you not learn how to swim? The difference is that you knew with a certainty that that person was going to be struggling in that water and would die if there was no one arund to save them. Well we know with a certainty that in the future, in fact today and evey day, 150,000 people will die and most of them did not think that it would be their last day.

Here is another example, if I had the cure for Aids but never told anybody about or if I sat down on the cure for  cancer and watched thousands of people die without muttering a word, would you not think that I was heartless and evil, and that’s just for a physical sickness. How much more would we, as christians, be heartless knowing that we have the cure for the spiritual sickness called sin, which has eternal consequenes in hell, but we keep silent?

Are we all called to the office of an evangelist? NO. Are we all called to evangelise? YES. Do we all know how to do it or where to start? NO. So like my swimming analogy, LEARN. Look at my message to christians, or try the tract challenge, or try the one-2-one challenge, or put a video up on the Facebook Appeal but whatever you do, DO SOMETHING!!!

If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them (James 4:17)

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