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I have not been vocal on the topic of abortion on this blog (maybe I should be more) but after reading Anointed Vessels testimony, I had to make a post about it. After all the arguments about abortion, the bottom line comes down to the question ‘What is it?’


If someone discarded a piece of paper or just a piece of flesh from the woman, then there would be no need to have emotional/psychological issues or regrets later on in life. The reason that these feelings occur is because deep down, no matter how it may be justified, every woman knows that it is not just a ‘blob’ but an actual human being who has been killed.

Baby scan

To read Anointed Vessel’s testimony, please click here and I pray that it will bless you as it has blessed me but more importantly, encourage anyone who is thinking of getting an abortion not to do so. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KILL YOUR CHILD. I may not have gone through what you have gone through or know the emotional turmoil that you have to face, but please listen to someone who has.

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A few weeks ago in my church, I was involved in taking part in a parenting course which was very insightful and also exposed the cracks in my own parenting so I thought I would share the notes with you. Click on the session to see the notes

Session 1 – How do families work?

Session 2 – What do our children need?

Session 3 – Where do we set boundaries?

Session 4 – What is our long term aim?

Happy parenting.