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It is not ‘sad‘ to love God who created us.
It is not ‘sad‘ to want better for your children or to have moral values.
It is not ‘sad‘ for a young person to refuse to conform to a society that lives only for ‘the weekend’!
It is not ‘sad‘ to have an ambition to help others & share the gospel.

What IS ‘sad‘ is the thousands of people dying every day who are unsure of where they’re going, people living without hope. Lives ruined by alcohol and drugs from years of too much partying and parents encouraging their kids to drink. Broken young girls without good role models selling themselves short and guys more than happy to take advantage. People worshipping money & career, filled with greed and hatred. Countless addictions and illnesses including depression. A media society which promotes sex, murder, lying, cheating and stealing – THAT’S SAD!!!!.. and when someone refuses to take part in this almighty mess we persecute them and call them ‘sad‘.

I know a better life, I have hope and a future so you’ll never see me back round to the way I once was. When you know and understand the truth He changes you. He gives you a new heart and new desires, the ‘old life’ is no longer fun – it’s empty and meaningless.

If you’re fed up with the constant pointless grind of life or wondering ‘what if there is a God..’ I urge you to seek Him now before it’s too late. Get down on your hands and knees and beg Him for forgiveness and to save you. Secure you’re salvation!

I know where I’m going which is why I refuse to waste my life. Do you?

As a parent, I recognise how easy it is to take it for granted that I am able to have children , as I know that there are many people that cannot but I also know about the awesome reponsibility that I have to raise my children to know God and ultimately be saved. In an era where there is so much peer pressure and distractions for our young people, I have to readily admit that this is a challenge. For  me, it is especially difficult as my 11 and soon to be 16 year old do not live with me and their mum is not a christian so I have to try and influence from afar and when they visit.  I love this quote from Tedd Tripp

You must equip your children to function in a culture that has abandoned the knowledge of God. If you teach them to use their abilities, aptitudes, talents, and intelligence to make their lives better, without reference to God, you turn them away from God. If your objectives are anything other than “Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever,” you teach your children to function in the culture on its terms.

The Brady story below is a very touching one which explains how God in his sovereignty and providence used a devastating circumstance to bring about the salvation of a young boy and how the parents had ‘done their job’ in ultimately directing their son to the Savior.

May this encourage us as parents to prioritise what we input into our kids spiritually. I for one have been guilty of not doing this and intend to make it a priority for I do not want them to live to 70 and die without Christ.

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