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Below is the follow up to Part 3 of the BET Interviews

When I heard it, it was such a shock. She was only 31 and had some kidney problems but she was always bubbly and friendly. As far as I know she was not a Christian and I dont know if she became one before she died. We take life for granted even as Christians. I never gave her the gospel as she worked in a different department but I hope that someone did in her 31 years.

She was one of the 150,000 people who died that day. Lets do everything in our effort to get this message out.

If you are not a Christian, today could be your last day. Death is not ageist. Click here to know how you can receive eternal life and have your sins forgiven.

Courtesy of The Passion For Christ Movement

B.E.T. Interview Part 1

B.E.T. Interview Part 2

B.E.T. Interview Part 3

Please also note that Blair Wingo of P4CM will be performing with Shai Linne and Tedashi next Sat 5 Apr. Click here for details

Here is the gospel in 6 minutes

And I think it’s appropriate in this season to share the video below again to ask the question ‘What can wash away my (or your) sin?

Below is the transcript to Blair Wingo’s poem ‘What if there were no More Excuses’ which can be viewed here

Blair Wingo

What if there were no more excuses?
You know how you say that turning from sin is a process
When the truth is you just want an excuse to take your so called precious time
So you throw out no bodies perfect to cover the guilt on your mind
Or how about this one… we won’t be holy until we enter glory
But then who is hell for?
You may feel like sin is warring within but Christ gave victory not to give in
Cause can’t enter heaven and not reflect Him
So… what if you had no more excuses
Because for a Christian, they just don’t make sense
Like knowing He’s coming back for a bride without spot
But thinking you can climb over the fence
But it’s just not true
So what if there was nothing stopping you
Like you’re told no to drink or smoke, and you got an excuses
Like technically the Bible doesn’t specifically say not to
Show me the exact scripture, and I’ll consider, matter of fact show me a sign
I mean Jesus turned water into wine
And God created weed, the Bible says I give you every tree,…so it must be fine
Or you’re told not to listen to worldly music
And you say we’ll I’ll just listen to r&b, the oldies or neo-soul
When you know they aint preaching the gospel
And when your done listening it makes you lust grow
Before you were cool, now your sentual
Dress provocatively so you gab the compliments of men
When truthfully your lacking Christs convictions
He doesn’t have your whole heart cause your seeking male attention
Don’t you see these excuses causes a dissention
Between you and the Father
And we love holding on to these excuses, that’s why we insist
To pass up all these scriptures that teaches us to be righteous
And find that one that we can bend, pervert and twist
Come on
But what if all our excuses were gone

What if there was no excuse
Keeping you in your sin
Stopping you from holiness
From letting Christ in
What if there was no excuse
But all of us began
To throw away these clichés like
We all gone sin

What if there were no more excuses
Like serving God is hard
Cause you trust in yourself rather than the Word of God-you know I’m pulling your card
Come on admit it
Don’t use the very Bible which says that we are to be holy, then say you can’t get with it
When He was bruised for it
The King of Jews was whipped
In order that the veil be ripped
Giving direct access through Christ-He is our holiness
Because the truth is if you got excuses, then you have got to beware
Because the truth is He won’t give us a temptation beyond what we can bear
So don’t use the scripture to hold on to your sin, come on don’t go there
Like Romans 3:23
We’ve all sinned and fallen short of His glory
But look at verse 24
It’s a compound
It shows that we have been set free
You see you’ve got to read some more
It says that we have been justified by His grace
A stunning transaction has taken place
Outside the court, the guilt of sinners pardoned through faith
You see the Sons death waved the consequences of sin
In a unique sacrifice of atonement
Which truly washes us from within
This is not pretend
He bought us back like Hosea his wife when she was prostituting in sin
So what are your excuses?

What if there was no excuse
Keeping you in your sin
Stopping you from holiness
From letting Christ in
What if there was no excuse
But all of us began
To throw away these clichés like
We all gone sin

It is written: without holiness, no one will see Him
And this holiness is reflectant on weather or not Christ is within
Cause if Christ suffered and died, bearing your shame
And you would never really live a life affected by the cross,
then He would have never came
If there is no change and we will always do things that bring Him shame
Then Christ could have never came
But He did so your could live
Delivered from things perverse
And I challenge those that don’t believe, you do the research
Search the scripture yourself
Come on; pull your sword of the shelf
And I’m not talking sinless perfection
I’m talking about being grateful
Because sin goes against His resurrection
Read Romans chapter 6 if in need of a cross reference
About the new birth that has been written candidly
Which verifies
Romans 7 does not nullify victory over sin in Christianity
He is explaining the sin the law produced inwardly
Says himself he is unspiritual-in slavery
Calls out woe, who will rescues me
Trusts Jesus Christ cause in Romans 8 he has the victory
Sowing to the Spirit, this cats been redeemed
Because He knows who the truth is
And Paul wasn’t trying to hold on to His excuses

What if there was no excuse
Keeping you in your sin
Stopping you from holiness
From letting Christ in
What if there was no excuse
But all of us began
To throw away these clichés like
We all gone sin

So ask yourself what are my excuses?
What, nobodies perfect…or God knows my heart…or I was born this way,
forget what the scriptures say,
but if were always going to sin, I guess its okay
No…these things are abominable, do you see how deep these excuses will go
What if you had no more excuses?
What if you had them no more?
What if you had no more excuses?
Laid open before the Lord
No more holding on to your temporal lusts
Ungodly relationships that mess up your godly trust
No more blaming others to justify why you cuss
What if you had no more excuses?
Didn’t fight each time the light exposed your sin
Like knowing you have to die to self, yet there is a war going on within
Because your flesh loves the path that it is on
But what if all your excuses were gone
What if I told you to lay down your favorite secular song, because it opposes Christianity?
If I broke down all your idols, your TV shows, your hidden vanity
What then, when you cant hide behind men?
No more blaming your pastor, for your sin
Pastors say you don’t have to live it, so you’ll go to the pit?
When we stand before God none of our excuses will be legit, He will spit
Us out of His mouth
Too busy looking for our season, can’t see the filth inside our house
It’s not in order, so we won’ t be ready when He comes
And I know what your saying…hold up, but I’m saved,
But I’m saying if you are practicing sin, then you are getting played
When 1 John 3:10 clearly states that you are hopelessly depraved
A child of the devil willing slave
But Christ set you free, but you choose to be chained

And I’m like that godly banshee, sending you a word, a poem, a fax
Based on facts to expose the gun the enemy has at your back
He is trying to take you out
And He uses your excuses to make you doubt
He doesn’t care about your finances
He will actually give you more, if it will lead you from the Lord
And we say take back what the enemy has stole
We focus on
money, what about your soul?
Submitting to Satans delusions, cause think about it if you wanted to send people to hell, how would you do it?
Wouldn’t you use and excuse?
A lie to keep men from the truth
Do I need to show you more proof?
So what if you had no more excuses?

What if there was no excuse
Keeping you in your sin
Stopping you from holiness
From letting Christ in
What if there was no excuse
But all of us began
To throw away these clichés like
We all gone sin

Still tempted but accepted the grace not to do it
Not to give in
Because we know that as a Christian we have died to sin
You see His arms were stretched
We were working for the enemy, the minimum wage is death
But the deep thing is Christ picked up our check
Saved us from the coming wrath
And I know right now, some of yawl are mad
But I’m going to tell it, to save you from this wide path
Because Jesus said if I am ashamed of His words, then He will be ashamed of me
And if I still fear men, then I’m not truly free
So I aint scared of none of yawl
Cause it’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God
So you do the math
And it’s crazy that Christians will persecute you
Make excuse to hold on to the evil things they do
Yet there are no excuses when you want God to bless you
Isn’t this true?
But I’m talking nothing separating your from the love of God
So why is what I’m saying odd, a foreign language
Because sin is contagious, your read the Bible but skip the convicting pages
From Adam to you, this is outrageous
When Christ the Lamb of God has already saved us
Would He have done all that…heal the deaf, deliver the possessed, and restore sight
And not give us the power to live right?
So you choose
The next time God convicts you
Will you hide behind your theology, or believe in the reality of the Bible
Will you serve the living God, or the American Idol?
So leave these excuses at the cross
Stop saying its someone else’s fault
Let Him clear your murky water
He is here to take away the prop keeping you from the Father
But you have to accept what the truth is
There is no reason now, not to live holy for God
Cause I’ve taken away all you excuses

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